Mad Mimi

Transactional Mailing Status


Possible output

ignorant - Initial status of an email attempt. If you get a 200 API response, you will never see this status. NOTE: As of 1 November 2011, you may receive this state when a transactional mailing is queued (see Changes to Transactional Mailers API).
sending - This status is only set for the split second between when we start sending and finish sending an email attempt.
failed - This is the status you would see if you got a non-200 API response.
sent - Email attempt was successfully sent, but nothing else has happened yet.
received - The recipient has opened their email.
clicked_through - The recipient has clicked a link in their email.
bounced - The email bounced.
retried - We have resent a bounced email.
retry_failed - The bounce retry bounced.
forwarded - The "forward to a friend" link was clicked.
opted_out - The recipient clicked the "unsubscribe" link.
abused - The recipient clicked "Report Spam" link in Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.