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  • One Of The Best

    Mad Mimi has been one of the best companies I have EVER encountered, and I do a lot of work on the web with lots of different companies

    Mary Shomon, New York Times Bestseller: The Thyroid Diet
  • The Greatest Email Marketing Client

    I'm never leaving Mad Mimi ever! The greatest email marketing client and the customer service is unmatched. Thank you so much Dean.

    Anastasia Wright, Imperial Marketing Group, LLC
  • Blown Away

    THANK YOU so much for your help!! I have a tear in my eye from your incredible customer service, absolutely blown away.

    Barrie Kaufman, Fables by Barrie
  • Phenomenally Pleasant and Productive

    Y'all are the best. Was just saying to a co-worker, that don't you wish every time you had to go to a tech support/help desk/contact us online, for that matter just in life itself, it was as phenomenally pleasant and productive as Madmimi?

    Amy George, Wild Mammal Care of Alabama
  • A Life Long Client

    I have used Constant Contact and iContact and have had nothing but frustration with the lack of ability to integrate into a website. With your API and stellar customer support you have a life long client with me :)

    Heather Peterson, Girl Charlee Fabrics
  • You Came Through Again

    Mad Mimi, you came through again! Not surprised but ever so pleased. Susan made two videos for me explaining how to set up webforms. In a matter of minutes I had it up and running.

    Liza Cowan, Pine Street Art Works
  • So Easy

    Thanks so much for all of your help. I can't tell you enough how awesome all of you are. I didn't know what I was going to do about this situation because our little venue relies on these letters, but Mad Mimi took care of it. You and your team have made it so easy for me.

    Tracy, Heights Live!
  • The Best Service

    Seriously Rylan that screencast is AWESOME – what a fabulous way to interact with your customers! You guys give the BEST service – thank you SO SO much!

    Angela Millar, Griffin Healthcare
  • I Love Your Customer Service

    I love your customer service. I don't have to wait hours/days to hear back from you. I'm so excited that i found you guys. I love everything I've seen so far and I've already had people viewing my promotion - so exciting!!!

    Jaleen Lessard, Sweet Life Photography
  • Long live Mad Mimi!

    The best part about Mad Mimi is that everyone is a real human, passionate about what you do. Hurray! to you and your colleagues at Mad Mimi. Never fail to impress. And always at lightening-speed. Long live Mad Mimi!

    Sameer Hasan, Ethica Institute
  • Functional Design Harmony

    Newsletters used to take hours to design - Mad Mimi has brought together the left brains & right brains of our company in functional design harmony. We LOVE the ease to create beautiful campaigns, love the instant customer service, and love watching the click-through stats update minute to minute!"

    Shalom Stark, Shalom Israel Tours
  • Never Ceases To Amaze

    Fast, vibrant, intelligent, efficient, friendly, the staff at Mad Mimi never ceases to amaze.

    Chad Muller, Bambi Magazine
  • Mad Mimi vs Zappos

    On customer service, MadMimi gives Zappos a run for the money.

    Aaron Price,
  • An Experience Second To None

    Before even signing up to become a customer, I experienced pretty much the best and fastest online customer service ever, with emails being answered mostly within minutes no matter what time of day. My questions were also answered by addressing my specific case in a screen cast, a video, solely recorded for me. Outstanding customer service from all staff I have dealt with! Thank you so much for an experience second to none.

    Jana Schuberth, Love Work Now
  • I Wish You Guys Ran Everything

    I'm writing (again) because the level of customer service at Mad Mimi simply AMAZES me. I don't know any other company in the world that even comes close to you guys - from how swiftly enquiries get answered (virtually immediately!) to the personable, friendly approach of all your staff, to the high level of expertise they all demonstrate. Today I've had contact with both Kate and Mira. Both fantastic. I wish you guys ran everything (but especially my bank and telephone company!!!).

    Madeleine Harper
  • Thank You For Being Awesome

    Hi Dean, I don't normally reach out to service providers, but you really earned it with MadMimi and by providing incredible customer service, the lowest prices and the easiest-to-use interface for sending emails I've found, you really stood out amongst all of your competition. To sound totally cliche, I've tried the rest, and found the best with Mimi. Thanks to you, Dustin and the rest of your team for just being awesome!

    Tyler Norwood,
  • Mad Mimi is by far the easiest

    Mad Mimi is by far the easiest and most user-friendly newsletter tool online. Support and customer handling is vital for any business, and I firmly believe, after experiencing your first class customer service, that this is a vital business differentiator. I love your product

    Petter Tancred
  • The progress screen is super cool

    The progress screen is super cool. Watching people click on links... the simplicity is very appealing.

    Amol Sarva, Peek
  • The most fun we have had since google

    Mad Mimi has to be the most fun we have had since google. Your guys' service is awesome, from the chat to the personal intelligible emails. Simply an awesome experience and by the looks of it our mail-out is already doing great!

    Ryan & Luke, Imago Weddings Cinematography
  • The BEST customer service I've gotten anywhere

    Mad Mimi provided the BEST customer service I've gotten anywhere, for anything, anytime lately. And their logo is super cute too.

    Lexie Longstreet, Savvy + Co. Real Estate - Charlotte, NC
  • SO EASY to make a gorgeous campaign!

    I think the best part of using your program is the fact that it is SO EASY to make a gorgeous campaign! It really only took a few minutes to get that custom theme set up... and I LOVE that it matches my website! I could go on and on! I know a bunch of other scrapbook kit club owners who are paying a ton for Constant Contact... then again, maybe I don't want them to be making beautiful campaigns too!

    Stacy Raml, Zany Zinnia
  • This is sensational

    I have used many e-mail marketing programs over the years - and worked on building them... and this is sensational.

    Jack Viner, JVDimensions
  • I am SO glad I found you guys!

    Thanks again. Seriously, I am SO glad I found you guys! I actually tried 12 different email companies and wasted a *$%($-load of money on bad service and design!

  • I am speechless

    Are you kidding me? I am speechless, and that doesn't happen often. I am totally blown away that you would take this much time on my coupon...and then if that wasn't enough, you wrote me a tutorial!!! I am blown away at your customer service skills! The coupon is great, lovely, awesome...where do I stop? Thank you so, so very much. I really appreciate your help. Watch for my coupons!!!

    Karen Taylor, A Scarlet Thread
  • Mad Mimi was a natural choice.

    The move to Mad Mimi was a natural choice. The service is very competitively priced, but what really sets Mad Mimi above others is its quality.

    Nik Fletcher, Realmac Software
  • I was able to setup and send within about two minutes of signing up

    Mad Mimi makes setting up and sending the company newsletter a much less cumbersome process. I was able to setup and send within about two minutes of signing up.

    Mashable review, 2008, Mashable
  • Will you be my Valentine? Seriously!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mad Mimi! Will you be my Valentine? Seriously!

    Erin Ivey,
  • They should have written the book on customer service

    Mad Mimi consistently goes above and beyond. They should have written the book on customer service.

    Seth Trachtman,
  • My audience just raved about my newsletter

    Your themes are soooo easy and flexible, my audience just raved about my newsletter and how much it fit me. I did it all just by clicking a theme I liked and VOILA!

    Anitra Kerr, Anitra's Place
  • A service that is awesome

    I have been looking into auto responders and ways to handle e-marketing. I checked various services like Constant Contact, AWeber and iContact. All very good at what they do. And the prices are not that bad either... but if you are looking for a service that is awesome, check out Mad Mimi.

    David Medina, David Medina Photography
  • If Constant Contact is the Microsoft of email marketing, think of Mad Mimi as the Google of the medium

    As opposed to feature-rich, somewhat complex software (some might use the term "bloated"), Mad Mimi is lightweight and extremely quick and easy to get started with.

    Adam Ostrow, Editor in Chief at Mashable, Adam Ostrow
  • Beyond anything I think I’ve ever seen for any technology vendor

    I pitch Mad Mimi to clients, but this goes way above and beyond anything I think I’ve ever seen for any technology vendor.

    James Durbin, Durbin Media Group

    In the past 15-minutes, I was able to browse through your site, sign up for a free account and create a sample email with a custom header. UNBELIEVABLE! Where have you been for the past year?

    John Luciano, Advisor Exchange, LLC
  • We Love Mad Mimi!

    We Love Mad Mimi! It is such a godsend.

    Picada y Vino, Picada y Vino
  • SO EASY and what I see is finally what I get

    Currently we've been using Exact Target. Sure, it delivers to our 3000 person email list - but the templates look like they're from 1994 which make us look silly. Then, comes Mad Mimi! SO EASY and what I see is finally what I get. Easy to edit, add, send, track, etc. And your site is fast too. And the monthly? Perfect! Thank you for a great service.

    Dan Ablan, AGA Digital Studios, Inc.
  • Got to say Mad Mimi is a great product

    Got to say Mad Mimi is a great product. We've have used half a dozen systems, sent a few million emails over a few years and this rocks. Good luck.

    Neil Patel, Property News Today
  • This beats Constant Contact any day

    It’s a pleasure to work with Mad Mimi, it's the perfect way to set up a newsletter. This beats Constant Contact any day.

    Andrea Thompson, Homsho New York
  • Madly in love with Mimi

    I gave the mad woman a run for her money and I must say that I love her! I think you're really onto something here - and I am confident that our artist and music promoter community will feel just as impassioned...

    Lior Shamir, We Are Listening
  • Le support? Exceptionnel!

    J'utilise Madmimi car gérer ma newsletter, ma liste de diffusion et mes coupons de réduction sont un jeu d'enfant maitenant. Plus de perte de temps, j'en gagne avec Madmimi. Le support? Exceptionnel ! Mes questions trouvent leur réponse en moins de deux heures, souvent dans la demi-heure. C'est simple, c'est le meilleur service internet que j'ai eu l'occasion d'utiliser jusqu'à présent.

    Nicolas Tranchant, Viva Latina
  • You guys have the best of both worlds!

    First, I am not really a technical, or artsy person. I’m just a normal business guy trying to take advantage of the digital world we live in to increase my company revenues. I’ve tried other bulk e-mail services and their template building process was complicated, and seemingly quite inflexible. To be honest, I had all but given up on bulk e-mail, which for me, was disappointing because the industry I am in, thrives on this type of activity. Then I found Mad Mimi, and what a surprise !!! Not only is the template building process incredibly easy (I don’t need to know any HTML code), the level of support you offer is bar none, the best I have ever experienced. You guys have the best of both worlds, an incredibly yet very powerful campaign builder, and world class customer service and support, WELL DONE!

    Andrew French, Asia MTM
  • Mimi Grows With You

    When we first started with Mad Mimi our email marketing program was in its infancy. Over the years Mimi has helped us build professional looking promos and offers more great features all the time. Mimi has helped us become proud of our email campaigns!

    Mike Newton,
  • Thanks MadMimi for making it easy for us to market and promote our business, we couldn’t do it without you.

    I was recommended to MadMimi through our web designer and I was so impressed by the ease of use. I started using the program before the changes a year or so ago. All the updates have been great, MadMimi is so easy to use and it’s a great way for us to run promotions. I love the fact that MadMimi has up to the second progress updates on who is accepting, clicking and sharing our newsletters. I would recommend MadMimi to anyone, it’s been invaluable to our business and has helped our brand grow. We often receive emails back from customers when they receive our MadMimi newsletters saying how much they love our promotions and marketing! Thanks MadMimi for making it easy for us to market and promote our business, we couldn’t do it without you.

    Susie Rourke, Ezyline
  • Mad Mimi to me is the Fisher Price of Mass Mailing and I say it in a very positive way: it has bright colours, easy to use functions and all the functions one could need.

    In a world where we deal with a lot of online services I find it worthwhile to write positive feedback when something actually works perfectly for us.... The client service is exceptional with friendly relaxed helpful staff who is always ready to just take my problems and solve them directly rather than point me to some long winded guide. And that is true at anytime of the day which can't be said about many companies... The recent addition of webinars is a bonus, I'd love it if they were more in line with European hours as they tend to happen in the middle of our working day over here. MadMimi to me is the FisherPrice of Mass Mailing and I say it in a very positive way: it has bright colours, easy to use functions and all the functions one could need. The fact our opening rate is over 30% is proof enough to me that MadMimi is the right service for our business.

    Dylan Flynn, Just Provence Ltd.
  • Mad Mimi is great.

    Mimi makes it quick and easy for me to send dozens of emails each month to several different groups. When I started using it for my small business customers and employees commented on how professional and good looking the emails were. The interface is easy and intuitive. The features are useful and numerous. I get huge bang for my buck. Any time I've had a question or needed help the Mimi support staff has been AWESOME! I wish all my customer service experiences were as nice as those with Mimi. Thanks Mimi!

    Ben Warner, Yang's Martial Arts Association Boston
  • Truly, it is unparalleled.

    I wish every company I did business with had your level of customer service. Truly, it is unparalleled.

    Jessica Pantermuehl
  • You guys provide the best and the fastest support I've ever seen.

    You guys provide the best and the fastest support I've ever seen. As soon as my list grows, I will gladly go pro and stay pro for life :)

    Andrew Eksner, Lenticular Travel
  • "I just created the coolest promotion!"

    Love, love, love, love, love, Mad Mimi!!! I just created the coolest promotion THANKS TO THE EASE OF THE WEBSITE AND THE SUPPORT! Thank you for taking the time to address my challenges! :) Theresa

    Theresa, Nebo School District
  • That's what I'm talking about!

    Unhappy with another mailing service I switched to Mad Mimi Saturday night. In an hour's time, I started from scratch, corresponded with Matt, and he helped me send 874 messages. FREE! That's what I'm talking about! Thanks Matt! Thanks Mad Mimi!

    Babette Orama, BabCo

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