Simple Lovely Email

“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable

Create. Send. Connect It's super awesome to create emails with Mad Mimi coz it's simple!

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  • Be Fierce, Look Yummy

    If you want beautiful, mobile-friendly emails, then let Mad Mimi guide your design. Using Mad Mimi's exquisite ultra-clean interface and thoughtful style-design approach, you’ll be able to cook up the best-tasting emails on the block.

  • Form and Function: An uplifting two-part harmony

    Mad Mimi has spurned the outdated concept of cluttered layouts and embraced a creative concept where you only use what you need. Guiding you gently into a streamlined serenity that looks flawless in all email environments. Use styles to show your plumage and Modules to house your content and you’ll be ready to send an exquisite email in minutes.

  • Convenience and cloning

    Save your customized styles or clone your work to never lose that design masterpiece. While some email services are built with designers in mind, Mad Mimi is designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a professional designer or the technical equivalent of a finger-painter, you’ll find Mad Mimi easy to use and easy to love.

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