Mad Mimi


GET from with 3 parameters:

Your Mad Mimi username
Your Mad Mimi API Key (api_key)
A query or email
(Optional) raw - If true then search suppressed members too

The query parameter can be any search criteria you can use in the interface. A common use would be to use this function to get all of a member's details by sending the email address as the query. If you know the exact email address of the audience member, the email parameter can be used instead of query. email will return results much faster.

Sample output


  <member suppressed="false">
    <created_at>Tue Apr 20 14:30:25 -0400 2010</created_at>
    <company>Mad Mimi</company>

Note, the output will contain a maximum of 100 members. All the members custom columns will be included. The lists section will contain the names of all the lists the member is part of.

Adding to a list

You can add the results of the search to a new or existing list by passing an additional add_list parameter with the name of the list.