Simple Lovely Email

“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable

Delivery & SecurityGreat relationships with ISPs and a stellar reputation ensure your emails get delivered.

Delivery & Security
  • Relax, Mimi's Got Your Back

    Mad Mimi provides top notch infrastructure as a foundation for a successful promotion. Our experts focus on maximizing your delivery behind the scenes so you don't need to give it a moment's thought.

  • Authentication At Its Highest Levels

    A healthy relationship with ISPs backed up by the most up-to-date authentication tools ensure that your promotions reach your subscribers. DKIM, SPF records, Sender ID, multiple IPs and feedback loops are only the start. We make it easy to conform to best practices with comprehensive bounce handling, unsubscribe links and double opt-in.

  • Safety

    Mad Mimi uses SSL to keep your information safe and secure during transactions. This is the same technology used by banks and large e-commerce sites to prevent eavesdropping, tampering or forgery. Our network and data center is an industry leader in redundant data configurations, physical security, power backup, and high-end network routing equipment.

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