Simple Lovely Email

“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable

Add-ons Extend Mad Mimi with autoresponders, integrations and additional features

  • Webforms

    Create sign up forms to allow people to subscribe to your audience lists. Webforms are a great way to build your list up organically and Mad Mimi's webforms give you super simple HTML to paste anywhere on your site. You can also create a custom welcome note, use your own landing pages and customize the fields you need.

  • Drip Campaigns

    Create a series of emails ready to roll when a subscriber signs up. So how does a drip campaign work? You create the promotions and set the intervals (1 day, 5 days, 1 week). The moment someone signs up, Mad Mimi starts dripping the promotions to them as planned.

  • Signup IPs

    This add-on will ensure that the IP addresses and timestamps of signups and confirmations are stored along with the contact details.

  • Display Names

    Set up display names on one or more of your lists so that when people unsubscribe they can select to remain subscribed to certain lists.

  • Promotion Tweaks

    Tweak where common items are displayed in your promotion.

  • RSS to Email

    Bloggers rejoice! You can convert your latest blog posts into a gorgeous Mad Mimi promotion and automatically send it to your list. You can specify daily/weekly/monthly frequency and have total stylistic control of your theme. Activate your RSS feature and enter your blog's URL. Easy as pie, yum.

  • Google Analytics

    Mad Mimi integrates with the Google Analytics (GA) installed on your website. You just type in your domains and Mimi thoughtfully writes the variables onto all URLs in your promotion. In GA you can then click on Traffic Sources, then Campaigns and you'll see your promotion stats in there. It can take 24 hours for the stats to show up.

  • Multi-User

    Ever felt the need to give everyone in your organization a linked Mimi account and copy promotions between them easily? If so, Mad Mimi's multiuser platform now lets you do just that. Your parent account can clone promotions to child accounts in addition to tracking, editing and giving child accounts colored labels.

  • Mailer API

    Sending transactional emails can be a hassle, and it's too easy to get your IPs blacklisted in every major network. With the Mailer API, you can send welcome letters, password resets, account activations, purchase orders and more, and let us take the pain out of it. Starts at only $10 a month when you upgrade to a Pro account. Check out our developer documentation, and email us if you have any questions.

  • Stats Sharing

    Sharing stats is great when you want to let others see your email metrics. Once you activate this add-on, you'll see a share button appear on your stats pages. You can securely share your stats with anyone using a unique URL.

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