Registration is open for the Leaders' Summit! Get in while the price is nice! Hopefully you all got the Single Track Times update with details about

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Registration is open for the Leaders' Summit!


A couple of us from the league participated in the GA Leaders' Summit - learned so much and excited to share the knowledge and experience with all of you!

Get in while the price is nice!

Hopefully you all got the Single Track Times update with details about our upcoming Leaders' Summit, but it bears repeating! On September 10-11, 2016 at Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro NC folks from all over the state will come together to learn how to bring the Interscholastic Cycling Revolution home to their communities.

Registration is now open at the discounted rate of $125 for a weekend of fun, learning and fellowship. For more information or to register go here

I know $125 is nothing to take for granted, but it will certainly be money well spent as you will gain a lot of important and useful information to get you moving confidently as the season gears up. Attending both days of the Leaders' Summit will net you 9 Professional Development Units (meeting the requirement for a Head Coach License). At the summit you will participate in both Risk Management and MTB 101: Learn the Skills to Teach the Skills - which are required for some of the license levels.

Spread the word, the Leaders' Summit is not just for coaches! It is for everyone who will be working with kids and providing team level support. It provides the opportunity to learn all about the North Carolina League structure and processes, how to start a mountain bike team, how to work with their schools, issues related to liability, and the unique intricacies of working with high school and middle school cyclists. It is the perfect environment to get charged up for the coming season!

The NC Leaders' Summit is brought to you by the CAN'd Aid Foundation. The CAN’d Aid Foundation is shakin’ things up in the world of non-profits through national do-goodery programs: Towns, Tunes, Treads + Trails & Love Yur Mama.

Let's make some noise!

We are really starting to see people across the state take hold and get things going on a local level and we LOVE IT! More and more people are getting connected, and we are starting to see teams popping up. If you are committed to setting up a team, or know of one forming in your area please let us know so we can throw it on the map. Right now we have 5 teams committed on our map, but from conversations we've had across the state I'm thinking there are AT LEAST 7-8 more out there at this time.

Every week at school I have more and more kids asking me about the team, and if there is really going to be racing next year - the more visible we can be now, the faster the excitement and the league is going to spread. And trust me, if your cross town/county rivals see a team at your local high school you better believe some students and families will start making noise to get one at their school. I trust we will see more pop up right after our Leaders' Summit, but I'd love to see more teams on that map even before that!

For those ready to have conversations with their area schools here is a resource I've put together to help guide you through that conversation: School Administration Presentation

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have before or after any contact you have with a school. I am more than happy to help facilitate a conversation!


Local bike shops can be a great resource to help get the word out about your team. Drop by and introduce yourself and let them know what you've got planned. See if they would be ok with you posting fliers/info about the team with your contact info at the shop - or if they would be willing to spread the word as they work with families and younger riders that come in.

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