Coach Summit Riders

Coaches from across the region enjoy the trails in Eagle.

Larry Hannah

Cheyenne Mountain Head Coach Larry DeWitt joins Hannah Frei, alum and new Coach.

Director's Note

The late Spring precipitation will provide a lush green landscape and fantastic early summer riding.

There are two more Summer Level 2 Coach Clinics scheduled to support your tremendous work to prepare your teams for the 2019 season. It is extremely rewarding to see many alumni return as coaches. This is a testament to the incredible impact you have on youth.

Please read below to stay informed about the upcoming season.

Feel free to reach as questions arise. We are indebted to your integral role in supporting the program.

Keep spinning and grinning,

Kate Rau
Executive Director


May 2019 - Contents

1. Level 2 Coach Clinics – Grand Junction June 8th & Golden July 20th
2. CPR & Wilderness First Aid Course Work
3. Is Your First Aid Kit Up to Date?
4. Pre-Season Training Limits
5. Get Your Team Race Ready
6. 10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award
7. 2019 Rule Updates & Petition Process
8. Scholarship Opportunities - Alpine Bank College and More
9. Mandatory Reporting Guidelines
10. Sponsor Discounts
11. Calendar
1. Level 2 Coach Clinics – Grand Junction June 8th & Golden July 20th
2. CPR & Wilderness First Aid Course Work
3. Is Your First Aid Kit Up to Date?
4. Pre-Season Training Limits
5. Get Your Team Race Ready
6. 10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award
7. 2019 Rule Updates & Petition Process
8. Scholarship Opportunities - Alpine Bank College and More
9. Mandatory Reporting Guidelines
10. Sponsor Discounts
11. Calendar

Level 2 Coach Clinics – Grand Junction June 8th & Golden July 20th

Mark your calendars for Summer Level 2 Coach Clinics. These clinics are specifically designed to earn your NICA Coach License Level 2 certification. Sessions will cover: Risk Management, Practice Management, Colorado League Rulebook, and On the Bike (OTB) Skills 101.

Level 2 Coach Clinics are scheduled for:

June 8th Grand Junction
Register HERE - Deadline June 5th

July 20th Golden
Register HERE - Deadline July 12th

A limited number of Scholarships to attend the Coach Clinics are available.
Grand Junction Scholarship Application Deadline - June 3rd
Golden Application Scholarship Deadline - July 8th

CPR and Wilderness First Aid Challenge Course for Recertification are offered at the Golden event ONLY.

A minimum of 6 attendees is required to host these classes.

GJ Golden Marketing Piece

CPR & Wilderness First Aid Course Work

Do you need your First Aid / CPR or WFA certification? Perhaps your certification has expired.

Front Range CPR a long-standing Colorado League partner, offers numerous CPR and Wilderness First Aid courses throughout the region. Contact Vince Secor with any questions. He will happily discuss his courses with you and customize courses for your team.

There are many First Aid/CPR and Wilderness First Aid programs throughout the region.
These providers are listed below.

Front Range CPR and Wilderness First Aid
REI Class Schedule
Wilderness Medicine Institute First Aid Course Schedule

To help offset the cost of these courses, please take advantage of the generous scholarships for CPR and Wilderness First Aid trainings provided by the 2nd Chance Fund Scholarship.

These funds have been made available to the Colorado League community through the support of Mountain Island Construction, Team Evergreen, and the Bailey HUNDO.

CrashPackCamelBak 1024x1024

Crash Pack: First Aid Kit

Is Your First Aid Kit Up to Date?

As you prepare for your first pre-season activity, you may be asking yourself one of the following questions.

1. When did I last check my first aid kit?
2. When should I replace my first aid kit?
3. Do first aid kits have an expiry date?
1. When did I last check my first aid kit?
2. When should I replace my first aid kit?
3. Do first aid kits have an expiry date?

Many items in your first aid kit have expiration dates or can become damaged due to frequent use, moisture, or exposure to the air. Therefore, it’s important to properly maintain your first aid kit and replace any medical supplies as needed. Consider taking a few minutes to inventory your first aid kit. Be sure to restock used items and replace expired ones.

Here is a list of 10 basic items that we recommend you have in your first aid kit.

1. Up-to Date First Aid Manual & Emergency Phone Numbers
2. Antiseptic Wipes
3. Antibiotic Ointment
4. Sterile Gauze Pads of Different Sizes
5. Adhesive Tape & Bandages
6. Splint
7. Elastic Bandage
8. Tweezers
9. Scissors
10. Non-Latex Gloves
1. Up-to Date First Aid Manual & Emergency Phone Numbers
2. Antiseptic Wipes
3. Antibiotic Ointment
4. Sterile Gauze Pads of Different Sizes
5. Adhesive Tape & Bandages
6. Splint
7. Elastic Bandage
8. Tweezers
9. Scissors
10. Non-Latex Gloves

Pre-Season Training Limits

Teams and clubs may begin limited pre-season team activities on April 1st. The team, coaches, and riders must be registered in the Pit Zone in order to participate in and conduct team activities.

Eight (8) is the maximum number of pre-season activities allowed from April 1st - July 31st. The Fall Pre-Season Event Form must be submitted 5 days before the event.

All who participate in a team event must sign a Liability Participation Agreement.

The following pre-season activities are permitted

1. Bike Checks, Equipment Inspections, & Bike Fit
2. Mechanical Workshops
3. All-inclusive Fun Rides
4. Skills Clinics
5. Adventure/Camping Trips – Must have a ratio of 1:3 coaches to student-athletes
1. Bike Checks, Equipment Inspections, & Bike Fit
2. Mechanical Workshops
3. All-inclusive Fun Rides
4. Skills Clinics
5. Adventure/Camping Trips – Must have a ratio of 1:3 coaches to student-athletes

Only scheduled team sanctioned pre-season events are covered by Colorado League insurance. No other events will be covered.

The regular season commences on August 1st.


Get Your Team Race Ready

We have several partners who support our mission. These companies provide excellent products and service at an exceptional value.

Thank you for supporting those that support your Colorado League!

Team Apparel - Primal Official Sponsor
Primal has supported the Colorado League as a Gold Level partner since 2010. Primal continues to step up as the Colorado League's official apparel partner for 2019. Primal offers preferred pricing as well as low minimum order quantities to accommodate teams of any size.

They have a fantastic custom program for teams. They provide excellent customer service, free design work, and manage your apparel project from conception through delivery making the experience fun and easy. Primal has an online team store ordering platform for convenient payment.

Custom design and information is summarized HERE.

Products and prices are listed HERE.

For more information please contact your Account Executive or Custom Account Specialist at Primal. If you have not partnered with Primal for your team's custom apparel in the past, please submit your quote request HERE or call 1.800.275.6953.

Colorado League members receive 30% off online orders with discount code CLHSMTB. Discount does not apply to custom orders.

Team Tents & Wind Blades – Strike Visuals

Strike Visuals has been a Colorado League partner since 2017. They offer team packages for custom tents, tablecloths, and wind blades to make sure your team’s school and culture are represented.

Colorado League team packages are HERE. Contact Strike Visuals today to get started on your custom equipment.

Email or call 801-725-2988.

Feedback Sports

Repair Stands, Tools, & More – Feedback Sports
Feedback Sports has supported the Colorado League since 2017. Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback Sports has been dedicated to creating products that support cyclists and mechanics around the globe since 2004.

Keep your riders' bikes running smoothly and team pit organized. Feedback Sports offers exceptional products. Tools, Trainers, Storage Systems, and More!

Team Program information is summarized HERE.

Colorado League member receive 30% off online orders with discount code COMTB2019. Please include your team name in the order notes.

Golden Pick

10 Trails, 10 Years – Golden Pick Award

In celebration of the Decade of Dirt, each team is encouraged to get outside and participate in a trail building project in your community. Let's rally to accomplish the goal of at least 10 teams to participate in trail work activities on at least 10 trails.

The Colorado League will calculate the following formula:

Average Volunteer Hours = (Total Team Hours)/(Total Registered Racers)

Total Team Hours = The grand total of all volunteer hours performed on public recreational trails by all registered riders on your team as of October 1st.

Total Registered Racers = The total number of racers registered with your team as of October 1st

Individual registered rider volunteer hours are accepted. Do not include volunteer hours performed by non-registered riders (i.e. coaches, family members, etc.).

Please be sure to submit your team’s total trail building hours from April 1st – October 1st in order to be considered for the Golden Pick Award. For more information about the Golden Pick Award and to submit your hours, please click HERE.

The winning team will receive a $500 donation from our friends at Roadhouse Hospitality.

2019 Rulebook Cover Page Final

2019 Rule Updates & Petition Process

The Colorado League rulebook has several changes for 2019. The primary updates include:

Category Petition Criteria

The percentage for the JV category was updated:

▪ Boys from top 10% to 5%
▪ Girls from top 20% to 15%
Boys from top 10% to 5%
Girls from top 20% to 15%

Category Petition Process
Riders may petition to change categories. Please carefully review the Category Petition Guidelines prior to submitting a Category Exception Petition Form.

Review the 2019 Category Placement Table below.

We are very proud of those “Legacy Riders” who have raced in the League for 4 years. These riders will be recognized with a special race plate and will receive a Legacy gift at the end of the season.

Please confirm your Legacy riders below.

2018 COHSNORTHCON eagle podium-3800-X3

Gaja Wilson, Battle Mountain Varsity and Talus Lantz, Boulder, Varsity earn the Slingshot Award.

Slingshot Award Calculation

The Slingshot Award is given to a male and female with the largest advancement in individual standings within their categories AFTER the first race. The Slingshot Award can only be earned once per season.

Slingshot Score: [Raw Improvement Score]/ [Field Size] x 100.

The number of starters in the rider's category at the current race.

Raw Improvement Score = [Lowest Finish] - [Highest Finish]

The lowest rank finish for any race in the current season. A "Pulled" race result meets the definition of a Lowest finish. A "Pulled" rider is ranked in their category field. DNF's and DNS's do NOT count as a Lowest Finish.

Highest Finish: This is their highest rank finish for any race in the current season.

Lowest Finish is 80th in race #1 and Highest Finish is 25th in race #3. Field Size: 92

Slingshot Score: (55/92) x 100 = 59.8

80 - 25 = 55 Raw Improvement Score = 55

State Championship male and female Slingshot award will be calculated by the largest advancement from a racer's call up position based on the percentage of their respective field size.

All 2019 updates are listed HERE.


Mandatory Reporting Guidelines

All Coaches are considered Mandatory Reporters. You are responsible for being attentive to the well-being of the riders on your team. An informative training video is HERE.

Situations that warrant a report include observations and/or concerns:

▪ Neglect
▪ Abuse
▪ Harm to themselves or another
Harm to themselves or another

Please report to this hotline: 1-844-CO-4-KIDS

Sexual Misconduct, Abuse, and Inappropriate Behavior Reporting

The following reporting procedure is required to provide information in the investigation of a complaint of sexual misconduct, abuse and/or inappropriate behavior.

These situations may, but not limited to, the following:

▪ Between an adult and minor
▪ Between minors
▪ Between adults
Between an adult and minor
Between minors
Between adults

The report form and procedure are detailed HERE.

In any of these situations, be sure to:

▪ Recognize
▪ Respond
▪ Report

Applications due June 1, 2019

Scholarship Opportunities - Alpine Bank College and More

Alpine Bank believes all high school students should have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

This year Alpine Bank is offering 2 - $500 college scholarships to those high school students who will attend college in Colorado and will participate in a collegiate cycling program.

Scholarship applications are due by June 1, 2019. Apply HERE. Funds will be distributed upon proof of enrollment and participation in the college's cycling program.


Sponsor Discounts

Companies that support the Colorado League offer discount HERE.

Available discounts include:

Roll Massif Sunrise to Sunset 12 Hr. Mountain Bike Race Series
Bailey HUNDO/HUNDito
Leadville Silver Rush 50 & 15 MTB
Feedback Sports
Honey Stinger
Optic Nerve
Primal Wear Inc.
Saris Sports Racks
Today’s Plan
Yeti Cycles

Check out additional coach benefits provided by NICA sponsors HERE.


We are planning events for 2019. Keep an eye on the website calendar.

2019 Colorado League & Partnering Events

June 1 Sunrise Sunset EROCK| Castle Rock, CO
June 2 Beti Bike Bash | Lakewood, CO
June 6-10 Gowdy Co-ed Ciclismo MTB Racing Camp Curt Gowdy | Laramie, WY
June 11-14 Stone Temple Co-ed MTB Camp Curt Gowdy | Laramie, WY
June 15 Bailey HUNDO/HUNDito 10th Anniversary | Bailey, CO
June 15-18 Granite Ridge Girls MTB Camp, Curt Gowdy | Laramie, WY
June 17-22 Fort Lewis College Cycling High School MTB Camp | Durango, CO
June 19-23 Stone Temple Co-ed MTB Camp Curt Gowdy | Laramie, WY
June 23 Boulder Bike Swap Boulder, CO

July 7 Silver Rush 50 & 15 | Leadville, CO - NEW 15 mile version! | Leadville, CO
July 11 RackStarz Industry & Community | Boulder, CO
July 15-20 Fort Lewis College Cycling High School MTB Camp | Durango, CO

August 10 Sunrise Sunset Winter Park | Winter Park, CO

2019 Race Schedule (pending permits):
Race #1 August 25:
North - Frisco Bay Invitational, Frisco
South - Chalk Creek Stampede, Nathrop
Race #2 September 8:
North - Showdown in The Boat, Steamboat Springs
South - Cloud City Challenge at Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
Race #3 September 22:
North - Granby Ranch Round-Up, Granby
South - Snowmassive Chase, Snowmass Village
Race #4 October 5 – 6 Haymaker Classic, Eagle - Conference Championship
North - Saturday, October 5
South - Sunday, October 6
Race #5 October 19 – 20 Durango Mesa Pursuit - State Championships
Junior Varsity & Freshman - Saturday, October 19
Varsity & Sophomore - Sunday, October 20



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