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Welcome to the first edition of Single Track Times! We will use this newsletter to keep you updated and informed of all happenings within the Florida Interscholastic Cycling Leauge (FICL). A huge thanks goes out to all of those that have helped us become a league, and for those of you that are new, we are excited that you are now a part of this mountain bike journey. All student-athletes in grades 6-12 will be grateful to have your support!

Maxwell Gledhill, Florida League Director


Mark Audette, Ernie Reyes, Namrita Kumar, Maxwell Gledhill, Ken Newman, Jemma Coleman, Mario Ayala

League Management and Founders

I want to take a moment and recognize the many people that have made FICL a reality. There is not enough space in this newsletter to list everyone, or all that they have done or will continue to do, but the following folks are the reason we have a league today! Luis Aguilar, Mark Audette, Mario Ayala, Lucy Barr, Melanie Beland, Mark Cesal, Jemma and David Coleman, Namrita Kumar, Mark Levy, Steve Mace, Kenneth Newman, and Ernie Reyes. You all rock...and roll.


FICL Match Maker Map

FICL Dirt Tour! Learn how to form a team, become a coach and more about NICA.

We are looking to schedule interest meetings around the entire state where you can come and get the dirt on FICL. Please spread the word about our league to friends, colleagues, and family and refer anyone to us who might like a meeting in their community. Our Match Maker Map is really starting to show where the interest is so we will definitely visit all of the high interest regions. Thanks to Duval Charter Shool Southside and David's World Cycle of Daytona for hosting our first Dirt Tour stops! Please check our website at floridamtb.org frequently and click the Events, Calendar section for updates on our tour. Email our league director at maxwell@floridamtb to set something up.

Upcoming stops include:

November 17th in Tampa at Oliver's Cycles from 6:00 - 7:00 PM

December 1st in Orlando at Kyle's Bike Shop from 5:30 - 6:30 PM.

December 8th in Stuart at Beyond Bikes from 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Charter Member Shirts

Charter Member Campaign Launch

We are very excited to announce our Charter Member Campaign. We've designed some Charter Member Edition gear and we'll be producing these items in limited numbers, so don't wait too long or you could miss out! Now is your opportunity to support the next generation of cyclists by making a tax deductible donation of $50 or $100.

Our Charter Member t-shirt says what many of us may be thinking "I wish they had this when we were in school" and it will feature our logo screen printed on the front.

The ball caps will feature the FICL logo on the front.

$100 gets the shirt, $50 gets the hat, and if you're into matchy matchy outfits, you can get both for $150! We've got ladies and mens adult sizes. Shirts and hats will be ready to go by mid November and available for pickup at any future FICL events including all of our interest meetings. If you can't make it to pick up, no worries, we will mail it to you! Please share this campaign with your family and friends - we'd love to run completely out of these limited edition items and support the next generation of cyclists!

Click HERE to become a FICL Charter Member.

Bikers on the trail

Jared Davis in red helmet

Spotlight on Jacksonville area club, Bikers On The Trail

For the last two years middle and high school students in the Jacksonville area have had an opportunity to experience local singletrack, and build endurance and skills as part of the Bikers On The Trail mountain bike club. Run by Jared Davis, the club originally started with students from his own school, Duval Charter School at Southside, but has now increased to include kids from all over Jacksonville. Students and parents meet weekly on Saturdays during the fall season and what started with a modest 5 riders now includes 60 members from students to parents as well as volunteers from the local SORBA chapter.

FICL: What has the experience been like starting and leading a school mountain bike club?
JD: Very rewarding! It's not been easy by any means, but some of my happiest moments last year came from watching kids tackle a trail feature they'd been too scared or frustrated by all season. Seeing that growth and then having those riders come back stronger and more confident this season has made all those early Saturday mornings worth it!

FICL: What activities or events do you participate in?
JD: Last year I trained our riders so they could compete in the Florida Championship Series by Gone Riding. They compete in the Novice Men and Women categories. We also join our community's seasonal biking events for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Full Moon Rides with our bike shop sponsor, and this year we're working on getting the kids up to a mountain biking summer camp!

FICL: What advice would you give another adult looking to follow in your footsteps?
JD: Ask! The worst you're going to hear is no. I took a lot on myself the first year and slowly learned that the parents and our local chapter wanted to be a part of this. I have parents who donate financially, I have parents that ride with us and donate their time, and I have community members who help spread the joy of biking by getting us into different events around our city. It might just be a club you start, but trust me, it's more like a movement. People will get behind you if you ask for help.

FICL: How have you seen mountain biking impact the kids you work with?
JD: The biggest impact is their self-confidence. Most of the riders I started with are kids who didn't know they could be good at a sport. It always seemed to them like the only way to be athletic was to be good at football, baseball, or soccer. When they realized anybody can be fast on a bike--it's changed everything for them. Mountain biking is also a weird mix of an introverted, individual sport as well as a community-driven extroverted experience. You can go out and put miles in by yourself and reconnect with nature, or you can chase a friend down some single track and give each other dusty high-fives at the end. That duality is what makes it the perfect inclusive sport for kids in today's world. I consistently have 15 to 20 riders each Saturday morning at 8 A.M, and once they've been out with us, they never complain again about missing out on sleeping in, haha!

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