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Upcoming Events & Ringing in the New Year

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Hi Wine Lover,

The Shall We Wine team is excited to share our monthly newsletter. Our goal is to introduce you to our favorite wines, winemakers, varietals, wine regions and places to buy and drink wine.


The Shall We Wine Team




Here's to more wine and fun in 2019!

Thank you for the love and support, especially to those who helped keep the the momentum of the Glitter & Goals End of 2018 Challenge alive through the holiday season! Each new person reading Searching for Cloves & Lilies: The Wine Edition is another life inspired.

2019 will be more of speaking things into existence. Searching for Cloves and Lilies and the idea of pairing wine and poetry was initially met with confused looks.

But a national book tour and some new friends later the Shall We Wine tribe has expanded into a think-outisde-the-box wine pairing bunch! Amazing! It's a testament to how seemingly different mediums can be more intertwined than you think. Challenge yourself to see likeness, positivity and common ground. You never know what the challenge will reveal.

Let's keep inspiring new readers in 2019!



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Save the dates. On your mark, get set, go! Hitting the ground running in 2019 and Shall We Wine has a few exciting events up our sleeves for the year already. Excited to announce we have teamed up with Uncommon Ground for a series of events:

Wednesday, February 13th - A Pre-Valentine’s Wine & Words
A special selection of love poems and wine pairings with Regine T. Rousseau

Sunday, May 26th - Samples & Samples with Derrick C. Westbrook
A Samples & Samples event in honor of Lauryn Hill’s Birthday, pairing wines with her music

Wednesday, August 14th - Food and Wine Cocktails
Our friends from Coquetel Spirits will partner with us to create unique wine inspired cocktails, paired with a delicious three-course meal.

Saturday, October 19th - Bubbles & Birds
Featured sparkling wine pairings for the fried goodness that is fried chicken!

Sunday, November 10th - Veterans of Music
Veterans Day weekend we honor Chicago Veterans of Music with a music & wine pairing event.

More details to come! For the latest and greatest, be sure to follow our social media - it will be the best way to keep up-to-date with all the happenings!




Tired of hosting the same kind of events and looking for something to make them different?

Shall We Wine also plans experiences for corporate events! We work with our corporate clients to create wine, beer and spirit-focused experiences. These experiences include: wine dinners, wine tastings, team building "cocktail" exercises and more!

Just some examples of the upcoming themes we’re hosting:

15 Wines for Under $15

Mixology Class

Bourbon Basics


If you missed my guest segment on AE WheelHouse, here’s your chance to watch it in full! AE (Ambitious Entrepreneurs) WheelHouse features all kinds of entrepreneurs and industry shakers in the game. I popped in to talk about Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition, having a medium which helps the everyday consumer understand wine in a big picture, and some wine recommendations under $8 (yes, $8)! I can’t leave out that 2018 Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 coverboy Derrick C. Westbrook also sat down with AE WheelHouse to talk about everything from his career path to where he’d suggest to take a wine tour. This was fun!

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Langlois-Chateau Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé

There is no denying the pink stuff is in demand. Over the last decade, the buying habits of the consumer has shifted focus from reserved for summery seasons only to bar staple. Moreover, the sparkling options used to be buried in wine lists among other sparklings but now you see restaurants with Rosé-focused sections of their wine lists, some even dedicating entire events to Rosé!

Even for the Champagne enthusiast the mindframe of "Champagne or Bust" is confining. There are overlooked, high-quality, sparklings -- from Sekt down to Cava. Many of which can be just as terroir-focused. Crémant is one of those categories. While not as strict as Champagne region rules, wines donning the Crémant name still must adhere to a list of standardization requirements.

A variety of Crémants are available throughout France, but Crémant de Loire is our "Drink This" focus this month. This particular one is a Rosé spotlighted as the ending wine featured on my 30 Drinks, 30 Days Challenge: Langlois-Chateau Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé, an elegant and structured Brut Rosé primarily made of Cab Franc with some Pinot Noir. Majority of production from the Langlois-Chateau estate is devoted to Crémant. (They were so boss with sparkling that the Bollinger family invested in them in the 70s).

Works great as an aperitif or paired with seafood (hello, lobster!), cheesy phyllo puffs, or fine paté.

Cool Fact: While the word "Chateau" sometimes can be involuntarily dropped from descriptions or conversations for ease (much like the word "Domaine"), there is a reason for the hyphenation of Langlois-Chateau, and why the Chateau comes in as the 2nd part of the word, rather than the 1st. It is the fusion of the surnames of the couple Edouard Langlois & Jeanne Chateau who founded the family company Maison Langlois-Chateau.

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So you know us for our pop up events, but did you know that our consultants host mini pop-ups every weekend at your local wine shop and/or grocery stores? Next time you're tasting wine at Binny's, Whole Foods, Mariano's or your local wine shop, ask the consultant if they are with Shall We Wine.

Sounds like a fun gig? We are hiring wine and spirit enthusiasts. Send your resume to and follow the link (in photo) to apply.

Learn, Drink, Repeat!
The Shall We Wine Team

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