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Coaches News September 2014

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Race #2: Jail Trail 2013 | Frosh/Soph Girls


Jail Trail Updates
Volunteer Power Needed
Category Number Ranges
Deadlines for Race 3 & Category Petition Reminder
Feedzone Advice
Electronic Timing and DNFs
Outside Mechanical Assistance
Send Updates
Series Schedule

Jail Varsity TW


Just a reminder Jail Trail Infield is limited in space - please CAR POOL. Also, for all cars that do park in the infield - once the races start - they cannot leave the infield until the end of the day.

We will be open for registration at 4:00pm on Sat. Sept. 20 at the trail infield.

Pre-Ride on Sat
This will start at 4:00pm and end at 6:00pm. Last rider on the course at 5:15pm. There will also be pre-ride Sun. morning before the race.

We will start adding call-ups for each category after Race #1. These will be posted at Registration.

Check the weather before race weekend and advise your student athletes re clothing suggestions.

Trail Map
We have removed a mile of trail from the standard jail trail course. This brings it down to the 4 mile lap. A course map has been loaded to the Jail Trail Details on the website.


Team Tents
First come, first serve.

Coaches - PitZone opens at 7:00am on Sunday Race Day.

Team Tent Area has been mapped out and will be assigned first come, first serve.

Tent Spacing will start with a 20x10 per team. We will take into consideration team size if there is need for more than one tent space.
* No Tent Stakes
* No Vehicles in Team Tent Area

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Spots are still open!

Join the Race Crew and volunteer your time at a race this year. Helping with scoring, handing out water, course marshal and the popular "sweep" position - all are important and we need 60-80 people to make these races work.

Suggestion: If your son or daughter is racing, volunteer to help when your child is not racing. Be a part of the excitement and still be able to watch your son or daughter race!

How to Sign Up:
1. Go to the Volunteer Page on the site.
2. Review the positions available.
3. Click on the VolunteerSpot Image.
4. You will be taken to a different website where you can sign up to volunteer!

Thank you - we appreciate your support!


These number ranges will be posted at the Registration Tent during the Race Weekend.

Middle School
Male Div 1 1000 - 1049
Male Div 2 1050 - 1100
Female 1200 - 1250

Male Div 1 800 - 899
Male Div 2 900 - 999
Female 700 - 799

Male Div 1 500 - 599
Male Div 2 600 - 699
Female 400 - 499

Male Div 1 200 - 299
Male Div 2 300 - 399
Female 100 - 199

Male and Female < 100

Race #3 - Game Haven Deadlines

Race #3 will be coming fast on the heels of this race. Please be aware of the upcoming deadlines for the next race.

Thurs. Sept. 25:
Final deadline for submitting category placement petitions. These need to be turned into Josh via email before 10:00pm.

After the 3rd Race, there will be no further category change petitions accepted.

Tues. Sept. 30:
Online Registration Deadline for Race #3 - submit before Midnight.


FeedZone Volunteer | Margot Barry | Minnetonka


Please share this information with your racers, parents and volunteers.

The Feedzone is a restricted area where coaches, parents, or other volunteers can hand racers food and drinks. Student-athletes will be penalized for accepting food or drink outside of the feed zone.

The Feedzone is not a spectator area. Please let your coaches know that the folks in the Feedzone should be those actually there for “feeding.”

Other Reminders:
Student-athletes must not accept items (such as tools, gear or parts) inside the feed zone, or the outside assistance penalty will apply.

In the event of rain or cold weather, clothing may be handed over in the feed zone only. Clothing may not be handed over anywhere else on the race course.

All hand offs must be conducted hand-to-hand only. No physical contact between student-athletes and feeders is allowed. This will be considered as outside assistance.

Feeders must wear a shirt, jacket, hat, vest or jersey that identifies their team. Adhesive nametags are also accepted.

Each team is allowed a limited number of feeders in the feed zone. The number is based on the number of student-athletes that are competing in the current wave.

5 student-athletes or less: 2 feeders
6-10 student-athletes: 3 feeders
10+ student-athletes: 4 feeders
20+ student-athletes: 5 feeders

Full Feedzone Rules can be found online. Pages 30-31.

buck2014 acycle


I was asked by a coach at the last race why we were not just using the electronic timing system to determine (Did not Finish) DNF’s and skip the need for the athletes to report when they dropped out of a race. It’s a good question.

The answer is one of racer safety. We want to account for the whereabouts of each athlete at the end of the race. A list of non-finishing athletes at the end of the race sends us scampering to find out where the racers are to ensure that they are not still out on the course, potentially having been missed by our volunteer sweeps.

With over 40 teams and 500 racers and up against the time constraints of reporting race standings, this is proving to be a near impossible task and a delay to posting results.

PLEASE HELP US OUT! If a racer drops out of the event for any reason, they must report their DNF status to the chief referee, located at the timing tent.

Tim Walsh | MN League Referee

Outside Mechanical Assistance

There are a number of unique aspects of mountain bike racing compared to road bicycle racing. Many mountain bike racing rules were designed to minimize the impact of big teams who were able to provide additional “on course” support personnel. These teams could gain a significant time advantage over smaller teams or individual racers without “on course” support.

Rule 4.7 (see below) defines the use of outside mechanical assistance during NICA races. Rule 4.7 allows assistance to be given, but assesses an equalizing time penalty of 5 minutes per occurrence of assistance. We all want the racers to be riding safe equipment and have the ability to continue the race, but racers must be primarily self-supporting.

Part of the mountain bike racing ethic includes the self-reporting of outside assistance and is also defined in Rule 4.7.

Please work with your racers to ensure all outside assistance is reported to a Course Marshal or to the Chief Referee prior to the end of the race protest period.

Flat tires and mechanical problems should be repaired by the racer, and the racer must carry their own tools, tubes, etc. If outside assistance, parts or tools, are required, a five-minute penalty will be assessed. The student-athlete must report an occurrence of outside assistance before the end of the protest period that precedes the award ceremony. The student-athlete must report to a Scoring Official, Course Marshal or other Race Official. If a student-athlete does not self-report the penalty may be doubled.

Tim Walsh | MN League Referee

armstrong info

Armstrong Info Meeting

Send Updates

Please do share your team updates and activities with Libby Hurley at

Pass on any upcoming team info nights, SingleTrack High Showings, fundraisers or registration nights.

Pass on team numbers and achievements that can be included in our SingleTrack Times. We have over 50 media writers on our email list - and they are always looking for new story ideas!

Or, post them to your social channels and be sure to tag MN Facebook or Twitter! Questions, on this - please send Libby an email


Please add these dates to your calendar today!

▪ Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014 - Race #1 - Salem Hills, Inver Grove Heights, MN
▪ Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 - Race #2 - Jail Trail, St. Cloud, MN
▪ Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014 - Race #3 - Game Haven, Rochester, MN
▪ Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 - Race #4 - Mt. Kato, Mankato, MN - NEW Location
▪ Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014 - Race #5 - State Championships: Whitetail Ridge, WI
▪ Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 - Season Awards Banquet

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