With close to 800 certified coaches anticipated for the 2020 season, we want to begin the process of offering CPR/NICA Approved First Aid Certification offerings.

First off, please take a moment to understand our requirements in Wisconsin on the link here Please understand that we are not requiring full WFA for any coaches on any teams in Wisconsin since all of you are within 1 hour of definitive care. With that said, as a league, our goal is to offer CPR/NICA Approved First Aid Combo Certifications throughout Wisconsin beginning in January through the end of April. This offering sort of makes "Basic First Aid" obsolete since it generally is cost prohibitive compared to NICA Approved FA.

Please know that the CPR/NICA Approved Combo Certification is a 1 day class that runs from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Our Certifier can take a maximum of 15 participants but he needs a minimum of 10 to hold the class. We are no longer offering (CPR Only).

Lastly, in an effort to keep costs as low as possible for coaches, we have lowered the course cost from $115 to $90.

Current Schedule (This may be subject to change if we do not hit minimum partipants)
January 4 - Marquette
January 8 - La Crosse
January 25 - Madison
January 26 - Madison
February 8 - La Crosse
March 7 - Marquette
April 4 - Wausau
April 5 - Sauk Prairie
April 18 - Madison
April 19 - Madison

Please sign up here

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