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Hello Dear Ones!

Well here we are one month into 2017 already. I just finished a January of "Monk Mornings", which involved, among other things, not turning on the computer until at least noon. I hope your new year, and winter season, is going well.

So much is heating up in our outer world these days. People being moved to action, or inaction. I am continually amazed at the many ways one personality can impact the minds of an entire world of people. (A gentle reminder of how we all, as one person in our own world of influence, can make a big difference.)

My contribution (okay, concern) is how well we are taking care of our inner world during what are such turbulent times for so many.

So here are four offerings to support you in being strong, beautiful, and courageous as you carry on. In the spirit of love and peace.

My very best. And take good care of you!


Heart Rhythms-Feb 17-2A

Click for details about Heart Rhythms, including a video testimonial

Registration fee: $60

There is space for up to 12 women.

Please register and pay by Friday, February 10 to hold your spot.

E-mail heather@heatherpentz.ca to register >>>


Exploring Matters of the Heart

How's your heart doing these days?

With all that's going on in the world, and Valentine's Day coming up on February 14th, it feels like it's time to offer another Heart Rhythms workshop.

I am so pleased to be able to invite you to my home for this workshop. I am now living in a lovely spot for a retreat, about an hour from Halifax. (Detailed directions will be provided to the women who register.) My property is in a wooded area, surrounded on three sides by a lake, and there are no nearby neighbours. Perfect, eh?

Read more >>>


Debee DiMenichi

Opportunity for Free Coaching

Sunday mornings
10:30 - 11:30 AM (NS time)

Phone: 712-770-4160
Access Code: 755796#

During my Martha Beck Life Coach Training, we coached our "coaching buddies" and got coached using The Work of Byron Katie. Briefly, this is a method of working with limiting and stressful beliefs that can help wiggle their hold on us, and create some space for other less stressful, more life-giving thoughts that may be just as true or truer than the original thought.

Since my life coach training course ended, I have continued to regularly listen to coaches use "The Work" on Inquiry Power Hour. This is available for Martha Beck Life Coaches twice a week. I place a high value on listening to good coaches coach people using The Work, and to get coached by them myself. It helps me to become an even better coach on may levels!

Debee Dimenichi is one of the coaches who facilitates Inquiry Power Hour. She has coached me several times, and I love her gentle yet effective way of using inquiry to help others.

I tell you all this because Debee has started a free weekly coaching session on Sunday mornings called Sunday Solace. It is open to non-coaches. You can call in to listen as she coaches others (often on matters that we all have in common), or you can ask Debee to coach you.

Debee lives in Georgia, USA. If you're not familiar with conference calls, the process is quite simple. You dial the number, and will be asked for the access code. Once you press in the code on your computer or phone, you enter the conference. Debee takes it from there. It's not video. You use your computer or phone mic and speakers. (I use a headset with mic.)

NOTE: Since we are in Canada, and she is in USA, you will be charged a toll if you don't have free calling to the USA. To avoid that, I use Skype. Since I do a lot of calling to USA, I paid a little extra for a USA number. So when I call, it is a USA to USA call with no toll.

So if you're looking for a great opportunity for some self-care and relief from thoughts that are causing you suffering, check out Sunday Solace with Debee.


Click for 37 minute video

If the world is a scarey place for you these days, this might help.

How are you coping with the predominance of anger, rage and injustice that's flooding our senses and lives since the election of the new US president?

I offer this link to a video of Byron Katie helping a woman who, like many of us, is "justifiably" struggling with President Trump and those who elected him. The session was part of a New Year Cleanse with Katie in the USA a few weeks ago (when Trump was President-Elect).

It's a 37 minute video, and well worth watching to the very end if the topic is of interest to you. The format may seem a little strange if you're not familiar with The Work, but you'll see how it unfolds. In the first part of inquiry, there is a delving into the scarey thoughts, followed by "Turnarounds" which flip the beliefs to the opposite and other phrasings.

May it bring you some peace of mind if you're suffering with this, too.


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Inspired by pets-A

A regular series featuring articles inspired by pictures of pets sent to me by readers of my newsletter. Send your favorite pet picture to heather@heatherpentz.ca >>>

Pilgrim in Snow-A


Meet Pilgrim.
Or Pilly as he is affectionately known by his moms.
He has a brother named Cowboy, and is a good buddy of one of my dogs, Zola.
Hard to tell from the picture, but take my word for it: he's a Havanese breed.
Yes, he's small.
But mighty.
With an attitude to match.

I just love the nice creative stretch these pet picture columns offer me. This one is too good to pass up - I'm really going off on the projection scale.

Let's make Pilly a prospective coaching client. Or not.

Sometimes separating the facts from the rest of our stuff is a good place to start. The facts are objective. That is, simply stating the situation or circumstance without attaching any story, opinion or judgement. (Note to humans: If we're caught up in an emotional situation, just stepping back to do this can be helpful in distancing ourselves from our immediate stress.)

Out of those facts could come all kinds of reactions or responses. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. And results that produce a new situation.

I can feel this getting complicated, so I'm going to shorten it up.

Scenario One for Pilly:

The facts in Pilly's case, if he were to share them would perhaps be: I have long hair. There's a lot of snow outside. The temperature is mild enough to create balls of snow in my coat. I was out in the snow and my dog hair is now full of snow.

And out of those facts...

OMG that was so much fun. I know I look a mess, but it was soooo worth it. Bring it on. Bring it on. I love winter. I love snow. (Thoughts)
I am one happy, worn out little dog. (Feelings)
Runs to door and scratches at it to go out again. (Actions)
Pilly is having a pretty good day. (Results)

So we have Pilly with a bad hair day, thrilled to romp and play in the snow. He comes inside feeling that happy kind of exhausted. Curls up in front of the fireplace and starts the arduous task of licking the snow off of his coat, but not before posing for an ever so cute picture. (Outcome)

This Pilly needs a nap, not coaching.

Scenario Two for Pilly:

Situation hasn't changed. Pilly has long hair. There's a lot of snow outside. The temperature is mild enough to create balls of snow in his coat. He was out in the snow and his dog hair is now full of snow.

And out of those facts...

I can't believe I have to go out in this kind of weather. Not fit for a dog. I hate winter and everything about it. My beautiful coat is a mess. I'm a mess. (Thoughts)
I feel awful. I'm cold and wet and feel unkempt, out of sorts, heavy/weighed down and miserable. (Feelings)
Doesn't want to eat or play. Hides under bed and doesn't lick his dog hair or try to clean himself. (Actions)
Pilly is having a pretty bad day. (Result)

So we have Pilly with a bad hair day. Pilly is not a happy camper. Stressed. Miserable. Just wants to go and hide and curl up in a ball and wish for better days ahead. Maybe dream of summer. To make it even worse, someone is taking a picture of him looking like this. (Outcome)

This Pilly could benefit from some coaching. Although he may never love winter, when his predicament gets carefully examined, there are plenty of thoughts, feelings and actions to explore in a kind, loving way. Reflecting on how his thoughts affect his feelings and actions ... and ultimately his results ... may inspire him to make some changes at any one of those levels.

Caveat: In my opinion, this is likely to happen only if he is motivated to change, and has at least some vision of his desired outcome. A strong why that will carry him through the rough spots. If he just wants to stay under the bed and wait for summer, coaching probably won't help.

Did I mention Pilly is a very good sport? Thanks Pilly. You're a great inspiration!

Certified hi-res

I welcome the opportunity to bring valuable personal wellness tools and inspiration to women who are experiencing big shifts in their lives.

Whether these shifts are imposed by the hand life deals us, or freely chosen as a natural part of growing and evolving, it is a great pleasure to be of service to strong, beautiful, smart, courageous women.

Curious about life coaching and finding your own way to wellness?

E-mail me at heather@heatherpentz.ca >>>