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Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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Available in 3 sizes. Pick the size that's right for you.

Do you suffer from skin irritation and rashes caused by under breast sweat?

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads are disposable pads for the relief of under breast sweat and breast rashes designed to be worn with or without a bra. They are ideal for medium to larger breasted women with a B cup or larger.

Persper-eez is not only perfect for hot days but any day you want to be dry and confident. Whether you're heading out to exercise, putting on formal wear, getting ready to make that business presentation, are a pregnant woman experiencing breast growth, or you care for a senior with under breast sweat problems, Persper-eez is right for you!

Here's Another Way to Wear Persper-eez

We’ve heard from a couple of women that they are attaching the pads directly to their bra, laying the bra down on a flat surface and attaching the pads to the bottom edge of the bra, then putting it on. Let us know if you’ve tried it too. info@persper-eez.com.

Be Smart about 2019 (and Beyond!)

The start of a new year can create excitement and anticipation (there’s so much potential for the coming months). But there can also be a bit of apprehension as well. So often we tell ourselves that this year we’re going to get focused and make changes. This year will be different. Unfortunately, most of the time the busyness of life takes over and nothing changes. It can be frustrating, even make us angry at ourselves or at life.

Most people have heard about S.M.A.R.T. goals. And most forget what the letters stand for, so here’s a refresher to help you be realistic and successful as you head into 2019.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic / Relevant
T – Time-Bound

Identify the who/what/when/where/why of the goal(s) you want to accomplish. Perhaps you want to add more business to your portfolio, so you’ve decided you’ll need to make more 1:1 contact with new potential clients. That’s vague. Instead, make a list of exactly how much business you want to add (either in clients, dollars, product, etc.), who you’ll be contacting, when you’ll contact them, how or where you’ll make contact (via email, phone call, office visit), and why you’ve chosen those particular people or businesses. Be as specific as possible so you know exactly what you’re aiming for and how you’re going to get there.

When we say, “I’m going to lose weight this year,” we can’t really measure that. Is five pounds enough? 25? 100? You defined the goal as specifically as possible in step 1. Now identify how you’ll measure it, so you know you’re on track and when it will be accomplished. Will it be by the number of sales calls you make each week? How many pounds you’ll lose by the last day of the month? We can’t measure vague ideas so give your goal some boundaries.

We’d all like to cross off every goal at the end of the year, put every idea in motion, pat ourselves on the back for dotting every i and crossing every t. However, life has a way of derailing even the best laid plans. Make sure that you’ve set a goal (or several) that’s possible to achieve. How much time and energy will it really take to accomplish it? Can you afford to put that much toward it considering all your other responsibilities, dreams, and goals? Rather than set a bunch of goals and not achieve any, focus on one or two that you know you can accomplish with focus and determination.

Realistic / Relevant
Dreaming big can take us places, but sometimes that’s right off the cliff of unrealistic expectations. Are your goals something you can be specific about, that are measurable and achievable, AND realistic? If you want to be the #1 tennis player in the world but are only at the beginner level, it’s not realistic to think you’ll accomplish that goal in the next year. Or five. Perhaps you want to be the #1 salesperson in your company. Great! But clearly identify the steps you’ll need to take, and allow for unforeseeable issues such as family illness, other work responsibilities, etc. so you can achieve the goal in a realistic timespan. Is your goal relevant to how you live your life? If you want to eat healthy but a hectic schedule driving kids around means you’re rarely home to cook healthy meals, it might not be a relevant goal for this stage of your life. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting goals while wearing rose-colored glasses.

Some ideas people consider a goal are really more of a hope or wish, like someday you’ll go to Italy. When you’ve set the parameters of your goal in the previous steps, you’ll also need to set an actual deadline. If it’s an audacious goal, the dates should be incremental, so you know what you need to accomplish when for each step toward your goal. “I’ll go to Italy sometime in the next five years” is not time-bound. Set time-bound goals for saving enough money, learning to speak Italian, and planning the trip, with a deadline of going to Italy in the fall of 20XX.

So go ahead – dream big! Set audacious goals! Climb outside your box and go for it! Be SMART and you’ll have a fantastic 2019.

Our contributing writer, Stacy Monson, writes for local and national publications on a variety of topics from healthy living to Alzheimer's Disease. She is also a published author of numerous women’s fiction novels dealing with real-life topics such as identity, relationships, loss, and redemption. Get your copies today at AMAZON

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