July 2017


I'd bet most of you own an insulated travel mug - embellished with a company logo - to take coffee on your commute. Check that mini calendar on your refrigerator - a gift from the local realtor or insurance agent, perhaps?
As marketers, we tend to focus on the 'wow factor' of newer technology: digital ads, social media, mobile apps and videos. But low tech means of communicating about a product or service are making a comeback.
The 'retro' approaches described in Jennifer's article are appealing in their simplicity. They are comfortable, friendly, and relatively easy to execute. Consider going 'retro' in your next campaign.


Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
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If you’re looking for something new for your marketing mix, why not consider something … old?

Yes, it’s 2017, and yes, we live in a digital world – a world filled with artificial intelligence, social media, mobile apps and, of course, the cyber security threats that come with all things digital. But amid all the online channels, email marketing, webinars and data-driven campaign options there remain some old-fashioned marketing strategies and tactics still actively applied. And the reason is simple: Experienced marketers continue to employ some traditional channels because while they may not be sexy, they still produce results.

We’re all inundated with marketing messages from an array of digital media, such that much of it has become white noise. People in many audience segments are more responsive to traditional, more personal outreach than they are to digital efforts. Even those who may be early adopters, (read more)

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About the Author
Jennifer Marsnik is a senior account manager with Edge Marketing. She specializes in helping clients develop and implement strategic PR and marketing plans that support their overall business goals. Jennifer is a life-long Minnesotan who tolerates the long, brutal winters only so that she can readily feed her obsession with Minnesota Twins baseball.


Sign spinning: performance art, sport, or marketing tactic?
The best sign spinners, or "human directionals" in the lingo of the outdoor advertising industry, are equal parts clown, athlete and actor. For six hours at a stretch or more, they spin and throw their arrow-shaped signs like batons, strum them like guitars, paddle them like canoes, ride them like horses — anything to grab the attention of commuters and drivers.
Check out the 2017 World Sign Spinning Championship Highlights from Las Vegas.

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