The COVID version of school here at PICL HQ's district started last Monday and has already moved from in school, to out of school, and goes to hybrid today... Some of you are also back to school working to navigate it and some of you don't yet know what school looks like in fall '20, but you're being told that you're starting in a week or two. It is all a bit crazy!!

This week's newsletter gets a little long with registration rolling, our first event just a few weeks away and some of the changes that come with it, TTC in full swing, our next survey - FILL IT IN, and more! Lots of clicking to do -- get after it!

Tea leaves 1

At least they don't look like this...

PIAA's decision to consider Gov. Wolf's recommendation... put us into a sort of limbo for a minute as we had to figure out how we would respond to whatever happened. Then it all kinda didn't happen...which was great...but delayed other important work on the season! Of course the tea leaves still aren't easy to read, but we're feeling pretty good about Granite, Fair Hill, and....(wait for it!).

With all of this, you might feel like....


Well, we're still rolling, Jim, so calm down! In the words of one of one of our greatest Renaissance men...errr, turtles...


We're still green dudes!!

We are thankful, proud, excited, hopeful, and a bunch of other gooder words about how you, all of the PICL teams, are handling all of what we are confronted with right now.

We see it in the photos and hear it in the conversations. We see it in how teams are handling the few COVID contacts that are occuring. We saw it this past weekend at the first Local Dirts of the season. You're proving that what we have is special. Our bikes and this sport give us a way to roll through this that most sports can't offer --- it is like we're riding unicorns! With laser beams!!!


Wait. I don't think that's a unicorn. What is happening here?

Okay, hop off your unipaca a sec and let me talk at you....

You keep doing what you're doing. We know that teams are working with us to manage this situation incredibly well and keeping our riders, coaches, and families safe.

Events are on. We're full steam on the prep. The information you're after on where and when for Granite is here. Fair Hill's plans will be finalized by the week after Labor Day.

And, we're making a change -- tis the season and all --

Web crop 1 1

What's that Lizard doing? Looking for to rolling some Allegrippis with us!


Oct 17-18 is something brand new for PICL as we grab the brakes and point the wheels at Lake Raystown and a weekend of camping and Adventuring at the amazing Allegrippis trail network.

The change is due to camping considerations at Johnstown. We love us some Johnstown and we'll be headed back next fall, but in order to provide appropriate onsite camping considerations this year we must move to campground facility.

We're cooking up a format that offers Mild, Medium, and Spicy adventure options so choose your favorite flavor and eat up. More information coming to your favorite PICL info source soon.


Aerobars not required

Let's talk Rassin'

That's Greg Lemond and an iconic photo from the history of United States cycling, taken as he rounds the turn on the Champs-Élysées en route to the closest ever victory in the Tour de France. He won through success in an individual time trial (ITT) on the final day of the race.

PICL riders get to do ITTs this year at Granite and Fair Hill. While you won't have aerobars on your rigs (seriously, they're not allowed! bonus gnar points for some original late 90's Oakley shades though) you will be starting out one at time and racing the clock, just like Greg did in '89.

Success in ITTs is all about your ability to stay focused on propelling yourself to the finish, while not knowing how any of your competitors are fairing on course. You are racing the clock and so are they. We sort the times at the end. This is different than lining up wheel to wheel with someone else, and we're excited to see our riders get to do these in 2020! More about how Granite Hill will work can be found on the website and flyer here .


League Registration -- Despite the worldwide pandemic, we broke through our previous registration record and now have over 800 student athletes and 525 coaches registered in Pitzone for 2020! Uh-maze-ing!

Haven't jumped in yet, but ready to join in and register for the season? Check out the registration page and the FAQ linked there

Event Registrations -- We have three PICL events in the plans for this fall. Riders will register and pay per event. Registration will open for the events about 2-3 weekend in advance of each one, so that we have the best possible read on the COVID situation at that point in time. Events will cost $25-$30.

Granite Registration - Pitzone / Info Flyer / Granite Campground - Get a site for the weekend!

Event Overviews and Changes - As you know, due to the COVID kerfuffle we are instituting a number of changes to the events this fall. Please check this link to find out more about these changes to registration, merchandise sales, parking, egress, gatherings, etc.

Online Coach Summits this Fall! - Free online coach training to help you achieve L2 and L3 coaching levels. There is limited space available and you must sign up in advance. More on the site!

Teen Trail Corps - One of the things that has not changed (okay, much...has not changed much...) is TTC! We are still racking up the hours on Pitzone (we're up over 1600 hours recorded already!) and will be awarding TTC leaders jerseys to our most prolific trail magicians at the end of each month this season.

HOT PICL SURVEY! - Nothing better than clicking buttons. Hit this survey and tell us where you're at and what you're feeling. THIS IS A NEW ONE, HIT IT!


This past weekend we had two Local Dirt events AT THE SAME TIME! Teams rode at The Osterling's farm in Marysville, Pa and at our long time venue in Johnstown. Props to Hershey, West Shore Comp/Cumberland Valley, Johnstown, PGH East/Plum, Northwest PA Comp for bringing those together and bringing the fun! The kids and coaches had a blast with this new format of riding and racing. We were working on local dirt long before 2020 took a header, and we are looking forward to others this season and some for 2021. Louis is your man on the spot for local dirt, so get in touch with him to start the process.

Front - Relish-100

Dont forget to check out the PICL Store of AWESOMENESS and grab some sweet schwag at the Online Store.

And, stay tuned for this year's T and season poster -- these will be available pre-order only via our site. More info next week!


Keep Rolling Forward,
The PICL Crew (and our llamacorn)

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