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How Did Big Corporations Create a Brand with One Person at the Epicenter of their Marketing?

August 2023 2
Aug 6

Mr. Benja found during his experience that many people wanted to attach a “face” to his various business endeavors leading to his creation of the online presence of Mr. Benja

Mr. Benja did research on big corporations and reflected on how a large percentage of them have created this brand with one person at the epicenter of their marketing. Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta), and Bill Gates (Microsoft) are all names that can not only be identified as notorious individuals but as the embodiment of a brand. In an era where your online presence can be easily identified along with your career, this trend in marketing is seen in businesses and brands worldwide.

A personal brand consists of the values, traits, and attitudes that are presented to your audience to cultivate relationships, collaborations, and partnerships. It combines your lived experience and personality so that you can create a presence online and within your industry.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of a personal brand. Personal branding also allows you to establish your reliability with consumers to gain their confidence in your product. The relationships that you establish with consumers are also much more long-lasting when they can attach to a personal brand. Not only will you gain the trust of the consumer, but it will allow you to separate yourself from other competitors in your market. Even for everyday products that will provide the consumer with the same functionality, consumers choose brands that they can more easily identify with due to that product’s successful marketing strategy.

Aug 7

First impressions are extremely important. This is what consumers and potential partnerships will forever have in the back of their minds when they engage with you or your company. Most companies and clients use social media to identify whether they would like to work with a particular candidate. So, this requires people to take advantage of their online presence to ensure that when they are talked about in these rooms, there would be nothing on their social media that would not instill confidence in anyone doing business with them.

You must first look within yourself and see what you would like to tell others about yourself. What is your story? Which aspects of your personality would you like to share with others? What strengths and weaknesses do you have? What about you is influential? When you can create substantial answers to those questions, you must make a branding statement. These one to two-sentence statements highlight your goals and begin to name what it is you specialize in. It is almost like an elevator pitch that you can share on all your social media bios.

Next, you should establish what your company’s goals are. When those goals are identified, it allows you to leverage your branding to influence your goals. This requires extensive research and development to find what the trends are, and how to establish your brand as a “different” alternative to what is currently seen. If you would like to work within a specific industry, you must create content on your page that reflects the values of someone who would like to bring in a different perspective.

Aug 8

Once you have begun to create content that reflects your professional goals, you must then consistently create content that reinforces your goals. This will attract more traffic to your social media, and people who you would like to be recognized will engage with your content regularly. Always remember that while a personal brand exists in the social media realm, it should also extend to how you behave professionally in real life.

Lastly, you should remember that your brand is not a version of you that just displays all the traits that make you marketable. Your brand should exemplify the very best version of yourself that you aspire to become every day. Always remember to be genuine and honest.

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