Preserving Ancient Art Forms and Folklore Traditional cultures and indigenous systems connect us to our past lives and provide tools for our survival


Preserving Ancient Art Forms and Folklore

Traditional cultures and indigenous systems connect us to our past lives and provide tools for our survival. If these practices and traditions are not preserved, we run the risk of loosing our history and folklore as new generations emerge.


The fundamental elements of indigenous cultures include but are not limited to lands and languages, spirituality, social institutions and traditional knowledge. These elements are not isolated to far off lands. Our spiritual and social practices link us to connections beyond our individual and collective demographics. These technologies help to bind our spirits, humanity and our history.

The Living Well continues to create strategies to transfer knowledge while being a conduit for social connections, healing and economic empowerment.

Social relationships are directly linked to social health determinants which are defined by the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels.

As a Center for Social and Economic Vibrancy we understand that our role is to build an eco-system that will disrupt the status quo for people who are marginalized by place of origin or zip code. We recognize that we are all connected to those who are at the greatest risk for survival. We are fervent in our mission to provide healing possibilities while organizing to make plain that we will resist policies and practices designed to undermine our gains for civil rights, religious freedoms, access to health care and education.

Right now in Baltimore City, budgets are being cut at the expense of our children. We must take a stand politically and also invest in our institutions who are dedicated to building and staining communities. We must include our children voices in forming new rules for engagement. We must reflect our higher selves in our daily actions towards one another.

Thank you for continuing to breathe life into our organization. No membership fee is required to join our team of doers. Your contributions in any form will be directed to those individuals and organizations that are working toward building a brighter future for all.

Looking forward,

Maurissa Stone Bass, Director


Feldenkrais -A Potent Method for those who are interested in employing their own neuro-plasticity to create change and be more effective – in all domains of action.

A demo class of the Feldernkriais Method will be offered on:

Date: March 4th
Time: 11 am - 3 pm
Cost: Free
Wear loose comfortable clothing



A Super Sister Circle

Join transformation Diva Stephanie Safiyatou Edwards as she brings BALTIMORE GIRLS back to our healing space once again to illuminate Souls. Take time out for revolutionary self care to exhale in authentic Baltimore Girls style. Release, Refresh and Rejuvenate our senses as we will laugh, cry, sing and shout.

Date: March 5, 2017
Time: 3 pm - pm
Cost: Free Come
Bring: Your Authentic Self



Blight is a major issue in many Baltimore neighborhoods. The prevalence of vacant and dilapidated buildings as well as empty lots and debris fields in Baltimore, are the result of urban flight; employment outsourcing; and disinvestment and institutional racism. The impact of blight on people and communities is profound. Property blight in communities may lead to preventable environmental health disparities and when untreated, are experienced as trauma which diminishes population health and wellness outcomes.


Local and state government in Maryland have determined that demolishing a large number of structures in the city in some cases without a plan for immediate re-purposing ( to the benefit of the existing community) is the best way forward despite available evidence that large scale demolition can create or worsen existing public health issues. Demolitions by the state and city contractors are occurring regularly now. We have witnessed, documented and reported a number of cases of unsafe demolitions being performed by contractors procured by Baltimore City's Department of Housing and Community Development. The consensus of city staffers that we have spoken to is that this issue wont be addressed unless we residents raise our voices to deafening levels. Let's do it!

Check out #FightBlightBmore and #AuditBmore on Facebook and Twitter for more examples of the unsafe conditions present at many of these sites. We are asking that concerned parties sign the petition in support of demand the that the city and its contractors maintain safe conditions at their demolition sites. Also, please share this information with others.


Singing Circles

Bridge divides, Connect communities, and Heals the soul.

We are requesting your presence for an important Community Sing. We will be singing songs of Resistance to strengthen our freedom fight. We also will be filming a Healing Trauma Transmedia campaign as a resource to heal community trauma.

Please come out and share your voice in song. No Experience Necessary.

Date: March 16, 2017
Time: 7 pm - 9 pm
Cost: $5 (donation)


What's your beef?

Our Resist, Engage, Activate was a full on honest exchange about what is driving us to action. We discussed our ability to come together and join a platform that will impact change.

We recognized that building relationships are central to engagement. We appreciate the opportunity to engage the knowledge and direction from Social Activist Brittany Oliver.

If you want to join a cause or participate in future Listening Circles, please contact us at admin!



The Leaders of Beautiful Struggle Asante Party was a huge success. They exceeded their goal of growing Sustainers to support their important work in the City.

You can also support this Grassrooots Think Tank by committing as little as $2 per month. Please skip one Starbucks and redirect your resources to become a Sustainer.

Who are Community Sustainers?

Our social network includes hundreds of individuals committed to the empowerment and self-determination efforts of Black youth, families and communities in Baltimore.

Community Sustainers are individuals and organizations that support the mission of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle via recurring monthly financial investments in our work.

Unrestricted financial capital to fund the operations of our grassroots organizing work is made possible by our Sustainers who contribute each month to LBS.


Monthly New Moon Yoni Workshops for Women

​​Women will set intentions, learn yoga, belly dance, yoni breathing, and meditation. These practices create a safe environment for release of trauma in the mind and body, decreased stress, improved womb wellness, a sense of community, and overall sense of well being. It encourages vaginal weight lifting and other pelvic floor exercises. These exercises help women to balance hormones, decrease menstrual problems, prevent incontinence, and heal after having children.

Sunday, March 26, 2017,
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30pm
*Cost: Online Advanced $20, Drop-In $30*

Well Slayed

Your Next Event

When entrepreneurs and organizations come to us with a desire for TLW to host and create experiences and conversations for the community, we are on board to help make it happen. Models Most Wanted created an amazing extravaganza of Fashion, Comedy, Music and Poetry for a crowd of over 250 people.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you to to achieve your vision for creativity and expression in one or both of our Studios. For more information about possibilities and prices, please contact us at or call us at 410.212.5953.