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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost: Worship at 9:30 am

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The Gospel for this Sunday:

Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

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Create In Us Clean Hearts

Jesus protests against human customs being given the weight of divine law, while the essence of God’s law is ignored. True uncleanness comes not from external things, but from the intentions of the human heart. Last week Jesus told us “the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” Now James says God has given us birth by the word of truth. We, having been washed in the word when we were born in the font, return to it every Sunday to ask God to create in us clean hearts.

Tailgate Sunday! Return to Fall Schedule

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September 9

Worship at 8:00 and 10:30 am

Church and Family Fellowship is sponsoring “Tailgate Sunday!” Wear your favorite sports team colors to church. Snacks starting at 9:00 am. Questions or if you would like to help on that day, call Nancy Pike 608-332-4370 or

Fall Schedule

On this day we also return to our fall schedule. Worship at 8:00 and 10:30 am. Sunday School and Confirmation at 9:15 am. Adult Education at 9:30 am. Centering Prayer at 9:30 am.

Sunday School & Confirmation Registration is Open


Christian Education Begins September 9

9:15 am Sunday School and Confirmation
9:30 am Adult Education
Sunday School Registration Forms are available under the Jumbotron and online at Please complete and return to the church office, or give to Ann Ahearn.
Confirmation Registration, please email Sam Lee at

Rides to Worship Needed

van with people

Are you able to give someone a ride on Sunday Mornings? There are a few parishioners and visitors who would like to join us at Sunday worship but do not have transport. We would like to develop a list of possible drivers and their preferred service area. Call the church office and speak to the front desk volunteer to sign up, or email Chris at

Please Contribute to the Pastors’ Emergency Fund


Sunday, September 2

The Worship Mission has designated the first Sunday of each month for donations to the Pastors’ Emergency Fund. Donations are used to assist with security deposits, rent, or other bills. Most recipients simply need a $25 gift card to Woodman’s for gas or groceries. Pastors’ Emergency Fund envelopes are included in the offering envelope packets for those who have them. There are also designated “Pastoral Emergency Fund” offering envelopes in the pews in the sanctuary. Simply put your name on the envelope and place it in the offering basket. Loose cash from the offering on the first Sunday of the month will go to the Pastors’ Emergency Fund. You are encouraged to make donations to the Pastors’ Emergency Fund at any time.

Volunteers Needed!

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With the beginning of the school year on the horizon, our need for volunteers for children and youth ministry is growing! Are you able to help our youngest members grow in faith? We are looking for volunteers for the following:
- Sermon activity time leader (10:30 worship)
- Play time volunteers (9:15-9:30 on Sundays)
- Nursery assistants (10:30 worship)
- Chaperones for youth events & field trips
- Substitute teachers (9:30-10:20 on Sundays)
Help is also needed with behind-the-scenes work, such as periodically cleaning the toys that kids use, refreshing supplies in classrooms, etc.
If you are interested in helping with any of these volunteer opportunities, please be in touch with Pastor Katya (, Sam Lee ( or Ann Ahearn ( It takes a village to raise our children!

Church Directories

Directory Cover 1

Our new photo directories are available at church following worship and in the church office during the week. A suggestion of $5.00 per book to help defray the cost of printing will be requested.


See you at church!

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