19 April 2016 Crazy for Ewe this week ▪ Knit for summer now▪ It's sweater washing time▪ Dont's miss Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton▪ Nymphalidea - April

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19 April 2016

Crazy for Ewe this week


We're back from retreat this week, relaxed, refreshed, and inspired. The highlight of the trip was our visit with Stacy Charles and an in-person look at his beautiful spring line up as well as a peek at some really special fibers and garments in his line for fall 2016. Great stuff you're going to love. Seems early, but as Stacy pointed out Saturday, hand-knitting is part of the fashion industry with manufacturers and designers working a full year in advance. That cycle puts retailers working 6-10 months in advance, and consumers working three or more months in advance. It's why there's a great selection of sundresses and bathing suits now, but there will be slim pickings if you wait till your beach trip in July.

For knitters, this advanced cycle makes good sense. Even though it's barely spring, summer sweaters are what should be on your needles continue reading


As we move into warm weather, remember to wash your sweaters and accessories carefully before you put them away for the season. When you pull out your sweaters next fall, it's no fun to find that stains you didn't see have darkened in storage. Or worse, find that critters have had a wonderful buffet on your favorite sweater. Save your precious garments from either of these nasty surprises.

Get a bottle of Eucalan and use the soak and spin method. If you've had good luck with the handwash cycle on your front-loader, that's great. I always recommend you wash a swatch to make sure the fabric can stand up to your machine's motion. A mesh laundry bag keeps your sweater from getting tangled and twisted out of shape. Eucalan's gentle, low sudsing, no-rinse formula means you can get your sweaters clean and fresh without hassle or worry. you and your sweaters will still look great!.

Cornelia Hammilton

Mark your Calendars for May 13 and 14, because Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton is coming to Crazy for Ewe. She's doing a lecture on Noro Friday night, a class on her new technique Freefall into Open Space Saturday morning, and a yarn-tasting and trunk show Saturday afternoon.

For anyone in the free knitting world who doesn't already know, Cornelia is the designer who literally wrote the book on Noro. She's created dozens of patterns for Noro yarns (Bettna, Klaralund, Kolsva and more), and she is one of the only people outside of the Noro company ever to be allowed inside the factory. During her recent trip to Japan she had incredible access to Mr. Eisaku Noro, founder, owner, and artistic genius continue reading

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Our April First Friday project is Nymphalidea, a beautiful shawl that brings to mind a butterfly's wings. Our sample is worked in two shades of a subtly self striping, softly marled yarn. If you missed us on First Friday, it's not too late. Stop in the shop and choose your yarn, and get the pattern here. You'll also want to download the Extras file which is a compilation of modifications and improvements various Ravelry users have made that you might like to incorporate in your Nymphalidea.

It's a beautiful statement scarf that makes a perfect third layer.

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