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12 June 2018

Knit lace - stay sharp

Drift away

Boo Knits Drift Away

There are all kinds of knitting and all kinds of knitters. I, for one, am primarily a relaxation knitter. I tend to knit boring fabrics in simple shapes because I don't have to think about it. I don't knit as a mental challenge, but rather to clear my mind of stress, be calm, and let my brain work on things I need to sort out. That's fine, but it's not good for me to do only that kind of knitting. In the same way that different exercises strengthen different muscles, different kinds of knitting projects strengthen different knitting muscles. You don't have to be good at it. In fact, messing up is important because mistakes are where the learning happens. When everything is smooth sailing, we don't have to think about what works and what doesn't or why. Especially with lace. With lace, stitch markers are your friend, but they can only tell you something is wrong, not what is wrong. When you find your count is off, you're forced to analyze it a little bit. Two few stitches, and you have to think, Did I miss a yarnover? If so, continue reading

Upcoming Classes and Events

2016-12-17 12.15.21

Beginning Knitting

Every Friday morning at 11 we offer beginning knitting. If you or someone you know would like to learn to knit in a small group setting, this is the place to be. For more info and to register

Drift away

Drift Away -- Boo Knits Lace Shawl I

The easiest pattern in Boo Knits' In Love Collection is Drift Away, and that's where you'll start your Boo Knits journey. In this class you'll learn the tabbed cast on, as well as a simple hack you can use instead. You'll also learn the 2-row 6-stitch increase and the lace pattern. [More info and to register](

2017-06-09 13.11.22

Bra Salon Trip

Mark your calendars for our next trip to the best bra salon I have ever experienced - a la mode Intimates. You deserve a great bra. A good bra will make your handknit sweaters and accessories look better, of course, but more importantly, a great bra will make you feel better. A quality bra that fits properly takes the pressure off your shoulders, neck and back, and improves your posture. A good bra will make you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds thinner. Your clothes will fit better and hang better too. Especially your sweaters. If you look great in your sweaters, that's a win for both of us, which is why you're invited to join us on a fabulous excursion to an honest to goodness bra store for a presentation on bras, how they should fit, and what they can do for you. Friday, July 20th Click here for more info and to register

beaded close-up

Sweet Dreams - Boo Knits Lace Shawl II

My favorite pattern from the Boo Knits' In Love Collection is Sweet Dreams. A Tudor arch motif and pointing spires give it a Medieval look, but beads and field of stockinette keep it crisp and fresh. While the pattern looks complicated, it's a marker-friendly 12-stitch repeat. In this class, you'll learn the tabbed cast on, and you'll be using Boo Knits' 2-row 6-stitch increase that automatically incorporates additional stitches into the lace pattern. In class we'll be working a small swatch of the pattern so you have a chance to practice every step, including the picot bind off and blocking.
For more info and to register
Saturday 28 July

Brown Banded Lizard-296x230

Studio Visit - Andrea Uravitch

I am thrilled to announce a wonderful opportunity to meet the very talented, Andrea Uravitch, visit her studio, and hear her speak. Ms. Uravitch is a renowned artist whose work is shown in the Smithsonian Museum's Renwick Gallery of American Art, the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and The Museum of Arts and Design, to name just a few. This is crochet like you've never seen continue reading and to register
Friday 17 August

Featured projects

Splash Scarf shop sample

Ice Cream Party Scarf

June First Friday - Ice Cream Party Scarf

This project is so much fun! Happy colors, clusters of sprinkles and easy knitting. It's everything you want to welcome the warmer weather. It's a perfect summer accessory.

Come see the sample and get started on your own. Takes just two skeins. Stop by the shop and choose your color, or Order your kit online here


Maras Copycat Cardigan KAL

For those of you still waiting on this yarn, my apologies. I spoke with Berroco Friday, and this lovely Italian yarn missed its ocean connection and was delayed. I'm doing my best to reverse engineer this gorgeous cardigan from Peruvian Connection. My version uses Amy Herzog's Curlew as a base, with a few changes. Bring yours and knit along most Saturdays at 1:30. If you're a little late to the party, no worries. I've uploaded my notes to the website here to help you along

We're expecting a fresh shipment of Medina from Berroco any day, and I'm typing up my note so you won't miss a thing. Click here for more info and to see the colors - they're all coming - I promise!

395 Davit-1

Davit, this cute criss-cross back top, is probably my favorite piece from the collection - clean, modern, and wearable, it's the kind of garment that's comfortable in a casual day setting, or a little more dressy for evening. Terrific in white, wouldn't it also be spectacular in black - or maybe red!

395 Breakwater-3

If you're more of a tee-shirt type, you'll love Breakwater, a fresh take on tees. With a clever side to side construction and a flattering vertical lace inset, Breakwater is a perfect summer go-to top.

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