BroadCast 2016 Exhibition & Event Keystone Gallery at Keystone Art Space 338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031 Exhibition dates September 8-19, 201

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BroadCast 2016 Exhibition & Event

Keystone Gallery at Keystone Art Space
338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031

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"Project Amaranths albus" by Dana Fritz, tagged tumbleweeds returned to the desert

Exhibition dates
September 8-19, 2016

Open daily 11am-5pm
and by appointment

September 10, 2016 3pm-6pm
Spoken Word organized by Gloria Enedina Alvarez 4pm-5pm
Music by Kelly Marie Martin 5:30pm

Margaret Adachi, Jerri Allyn, Karen Atkinson, Harold Balazs, John Baldessari, Joan Bankemper, Cory Bluemling, Anne Bray, Ben Buchanan, xtine Burrough, Diane Calder, Libby Clarke, Robbie Conal, Jill D'Agnenica, Margaret Ecker, Samantha Fields, Diane Fine, Jack Lewis Forkey, Dana Fritz, Todd Gray, LouAnne Greewald, Micol Hebron, Robert Hirsch, Rev. Myoshin Kaniumoe, Niku Kashef, Dennis Keeley, Deborah Lawrence, Bonnie Lee, Helen Lessick, Monica Lidman, José Lozano, Thomas McGovern, Kathryn Miller, Sean Miller & Connie Hwang, Susan Mouchette, Beverly Naidus, Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa, Sheila Pinkel, Liese Ricketts, Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Susan Silton, Pamela Wells, Michael Yamamoto, Jody Zellen

Artist Groups and Collectives
Auntie Em, Barbie Liberation Organization, Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, DS Institute (Caitlin Foley, Misha Rabinovich, Zach Dunn), Ear Meal, Freewaves, League of Imaginary Scientists, men of the world, Poetry in Motion, Repohistory, Ron Finley Project with Toons One, SeedBroadcast, Students of Wildwood School and Central High School Mar Vista Gardens, Yes Men

Spoken Word and Music
Gloria Enedina Alvarez with Learsi Marie Martinez, Laura Alvarez & Evan Hartzell, Rod Bradley, Peter J. Harris, Beverly Lafontaine, Kelly Marie Martin, Alicia Vogl-Saenz


BroadCast is a collection of unique and peculiar works of art created for the public, strangers, and the unsuspecting. The word “broadcast” was originally used to describe the method of scattering seeds into a field or garden, and here, the artists scatter their art objects, entering the public realm with a spirit of generosity, risk, or anonymity.

The artworks exhibited include a range of formats that are distributed in a variety of manners--some pieces surreptitiously placed in the environment, others actively seeking an audience, whether ethereal, physical, electronic, or performed.

BroadCast 2016, organized by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno for Keystone Gallery in Los Angeles, includes a large collection of artworks from a series of exhibitions curated by Abeles in the 1990s. This iteration of BroadCast includes over fifty artists, and takes into account advances in technology, including virtual solutions and social media, as well as recent tangible expressions.

The curators are also creating a data base of broadcasted art. The website will be accessible during the Keystone Gallery exhibition and will be ongoing.

Examples of BroadCast art in the exhibition include Karen Atkinson’s talking parking meters, Dana Fritz’s tagged tumbleweeds that are returned to the desert; and, Michael Yamamoto's pogs and José Lozano's paper-doll, Victorina (career woman, mother and masked wrestler) were distributed through kids. New media works include Dennis Keeley’s Facebook postings; Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa’s Ear Meal; the app, In Still Life 2001-2010, by John Baldessari; and, Elaine McMillion Sheldon. Artworks as interventions include Barbie Liberation Organization, Freewaves, and xtine Burrough’s On The Web.

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