January 20, 2017 IN THIS EDITION 1. 2017 Season Countdown2. Registration update - 6 weeks to race #13. Custom Race Plates4. 2017 Race Squad5. NI

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January 20, 2017


1. 2017 Season Countdown
2. Registration update - 6 weeks to race #1
3. Custom Race Plates
4. 2017 Race Squad
5. NICA Code of conduct
6. Social Media Fun
7. Race Details
8. Call Out for League Sponsors
9. Treeline Expeditions Spring Break Trip



Dust off those cowbells the Alabama League's 3rd season is almost here! Now that football season and holiday season are behind us, it's time for the NICA race season. So get ready for an awesome spring of races, events and comradery.

I can hardly believe that we are only weeks away from the third race season of the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League. When I first started this journey over 3 years ago, I had no idea just how amazing this league would become. We have exceeded all expectations when it comes to participant numbers, community support, rider enthusiasm and volunteer turnout. But for me what resonates the most is the impact we have made on students and families in all corners of our state. During the off season I heard countless stories from students and parents alike how their involvement in the league has changed everything from their confidence to their relationships with family, friends and teammates. It's amazing that this league has the power to do all of that while at the same time providing a great racing opportunity for middle school and high school students from all walks of life. As our league continues to grow, so will the positive impact we have on our state.

Eddie Freyer
League Director



2017 Team Line Up

Auburn High School (2016 State Champion Team)
Benjamin Russell High School
Birminghan City Composite
Buckhorn High School
Cheaha Mountain Composite
The Donoho School
Etowah County Composite
Fort Payne
Gulf Coast Composite
Hewitt Trussville High School
Hoover High School
Huntsville Rockets Composite
Huntsville High School
Jacksonville High School
Lee County Composite
Madison Trail Blazers Composite
Mississippi Blues Composite
Northridge High School
Northwest Alabama Composite
Oak Mountain High School
Pelham High School
Red Mountain Composite
Shelby County Composite
Spain Park High School
Tuscaloosa Mountain Flyers Composite
Vestavia Hill High School

Current Category Registration Numbers

6th Grade Boys - 36
7th Grade Boys - 45
8th Grade Boys - 52
Freshman Boys - 51
Sophomore Boys - 36
JV Boys - 68
Varsity Boys - 13
6th Grade Girls - 10
7th Grade Girls - 12
8th Grade Girls - 10
Freshman Girls - 12
Sophomore Girls - 8
JV Girls - 13
Varsity Girls - 1

By now you should have received an "invitation to register" via email from the NICA Pit Zone. Click on the link to begin the rider registration process. Be sure to complete the rider profile online, sign the electronic waivers and pay your league fees to complete the entire registration process. If you have not received your Pit Zone email invitation, check with your coach to make sure you were invited.

Remember, the first race is March 6th in Tuscaloosa. We look forward to seeing everyone then.

Let the fun begin!



Student-athletes and coaches - Do you want to get a little bling to add to your ride? Well, complete your league registration and at least 1 race registration prior to 2/1/17 and we will hook you up with one of these awesome custom number plates. Coaches must have registration complete and all requirements for at least their Level 1 license to qualify for a custom plate by the same date.

Plate 1
Plate 2


Volunteers, we could not do this without you, and we appreciate you showing up to make race day a success. So come be part of our "RACE SQUAD" and get a t-shirt, lunch and the satisfaction of being a part of a great NICA weekend.

HERE you will find a summary of the volunteer positions, as well as brief (4 minutes or less) videos describing what you will do on race day. Please do take time to watch your respective video. Not only will it prepare you for the day, but it will get you really excited! Click HERE to go directly to our sign up page.



Rules Reminder:

Coaches and parents are the motivating force that encourages NICA student-athletes to do their very best to attain their race goals at every race. They also serve as ambassadors and role models who are expected to abide to a code of conduct that serves as an example to all student-athletes. In addition, all NICA student-athletes must abide by Trail Etiquette & Code of Conduct which covers the aspects of safety and respect. Here are the rules as outlined in the NICA Rule Book:


NICA league coaches and team assistants are expected to comply with helmet Rule 4 at all team practices, team events, and league races. In the event a coach is seen riding without a helmet, a 25-point penalty will be applied to his or her team's score for noncompliance.

Coaches have a duty of care to their student-athletes at every event. This duty of care begins at the time designated by the team for student-athlete arrival. It ends at the very end of the event. The Head Coach, or someone acting as interim head coach, must remain at the venue until the last student-athlete from his/her team has departed, except in the case that a student-athlete's parent or legal guardian is present.

A Head Coach must attend each race. If the Head Coach cannot attend a race, an interim Head Coach shall be appointed and the NICA league must be notified as to who is serving as interim Head Coach.

It is expected that all coaches will display mature and positive behavior during every event and in all interactions at all times with student-athletes, parents, other coaches, and league officials. Coaches must serve as role models to student-athletes, thereby demonstrating fair and calm response in the event of protests, complaints, conflicts, or emergencies. Coaches are expected to be focused not only on winning, but on helping student-athletes develop positive character traits, learn life lessons, and grow into healthy young adults.


Parents shall comply with the helmet rule at all races (Rule 4). Parents riding bicycles without helmets shall be given two warnings. After a third infraction, the parent’s student-athlete will be penalized 25 points at the race where the infraction occurred. Parents are also expected to wear helmets for the following reasons:
• To set an example for the student-athletes
• There are limited emergency services on site
• All spectators at a NICA event are on the NICA permit/insurance and contribute to the overall liability
• It is not always possible for race officials to differentiate between parents and coaches
• NICA is concerned about the safety of all our participants and spectators
Parents must handle protests, complaints, and/or conflicts with a positive and respectful attitude

During a race, parents must not ride (or run) on the course in the proximity (within 200 meters) of any competitors. Parents cannot run along the course with a student-athlete for more than 50 meters.

It is expected that all parents will display a mature and positive sporting attitude during every event.
What parents can do to encourage positive sporting behavior:

• Keep your comments positive. Don’t bad-mouth coaches, student-athletes, or officials. If you have a serious concern, discuss it privately with your child’s coach or a NICA league official.
• Commend good effort and performance, no matter who it comes from—especially when it’s student- athletes from a “rival” team
• Remember that you are the parent, not the coach (unless you are both). Shout encouragement, not directions, from the sidelines
• Set a good example with your courteous behavior towards the parents, coaches, and student-athletes from other teams
• Look for examples of good sporting behavior in professional student-athletes and point them out to your child. Talk about the bad examples, too, and why they upset you
• Emphasize values like teamwork, responsibility, and discipline. Winning comes and goes, but values should be ever-present.



Whether you're on Instagram, Twitteror Facebook, be sure to follow @NationalMTB for program updates, industry news, photos, videos, contests and more! Tag @nationalmtb and in addition to using hashtags such as #morekidsonbikes, and #nicabama



The Race Series page of the Alabama League website is being updated daily with race flyers, maps and other important information for our upcoming season. All the information you'll need for a safe and enjoyable race weekend will be posted on this page. Check back often for new information and announcements.



Our league relies on strategic partnerships with sponsors in order to provide high quality events throughout the year. We have lined up some new sponsors for the 2017 season (watch for an announcement soon), but if you know of any business that would like to get involved with this great program, please have them check out the How To Become a Sponsor page on the league website: CLICK HERE



We hope your season is off to a great start! Treeline Expeditions LLC is proud to be one of the founding sponsors of the Alabama league and are excited to continue that relationship with the league and all of the amazing teams and riders.

This Spring Break, March 27-31, we are offering an unforgettable mountain biking adventure in Utah and Colorado where we will explore the trails in Moab and Fruita. The Treeline crew will be driving out that way which means we can transport your bike to ride during the week. No rentals or packing up a bike needed. The riders will fly out to Colorado where they will be greeted by their ride leaders. Ryan Dye, head coach of the Pelham team and assistant director at Treeline Expeditions, will be the lead guide for this journey. We are fortunate to have an outstanding assistant guide, Lon Cullen with SingletrackSkills.Bike, who can share his expertise along the journey. Sign-up soon at www.treeline-expeditions.com as space is limited to 6 riders. See you on the trails

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