What the ----! I’m writing this on Sunday, the morning after the barbaric insanity of the London Bridge attack. It’s enough and I’m done with political correctness.

Shooting was too good for the murderers who also committed the blasphemy of proclaiming their actions ‘for Allah.’ Indeed, an eye for an eye looks very appealing from where I am right now.

And if you think me deranged, think on. When the divine feminine is disrespected, she rises in wrath and wreaks revenge. And I’m ‘wrathing!’ How dare those men have ascribed holiness to their actions when they committed the most unholy of acts?

I’ve written before that when you point a finger at someone three of your fingers point back at you. And yes, there’s a part of me that carries murderous rage and a desire to wreak revenge, particularly about social injustice AND those who abuse our welfare state. But that’s it. Swearing profusely, raising my voice and some stomping is the extent of my violence.

You might say I’m being facile. That my example pales into insignificance compared with the hatred of the ‘other’ seen as oppressor or ‘unbeliever’ or whatever ‘danger stranger’ projections have been dumped on them. But it’s a continuum, guys. And that’s how indoctrination/radicalisation works, one little step at a time from the facile to the psychotic.

One last thing. Jihad against the infidel was never meant to be waged against others although it’s come to mean that. I understand that Jihad is intended as part of personal and spiritual development; an internal holy war against the infidel within.

That’s absolutely in line with the divine feminine. That she embraces, guides and supports in you always.

So, when you reach the point of wrath, let yourself experience it. You’re not being politically incorrect. You’re being human. Honour your murderous rage and let it fuel your revenge. And let your oh so sweet revenge be living but living extraordinarily well!

Love to you…

Sharon Eden Signature

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