Dear fellow somatic journeyer,

September is our traditional time for leaving the promise of summer heat and leisure in order to return to learning. And yet this September is like no other that we can remember.

COVID-19 has changed us. For some, it brought very painful experiences: loss of loved ones, loss of income or reduced socializing options (to name a few).

All of us have made changes to our daily activities particularly when being in public - getting groceries, or being at the stylist. We find we have to change our habits, and continue to monitor the changes.
Who hasn't found themselves in the middle of a store, suddenly realizing you left your mask in the car?
More and more I read news article asking, "When will things go back (to normal)?"

One aspect of the systemic thinking underlying the Feldenkrais Method is curiosity about "normal". The intentional movements in the lessons show us that we have options, and thus choice.
Often we find that the time spent in individual or group lessons gives us time to reflect on how we feel as a result of the intentional movements suggested in the lesson. And in this time of reflection, we have freedom to form choices.

My colleague Kwan Wong of San Francisco started an online program of "Daily Improvement" Lessons at the end of May. Kwan believes that, through daily practice, our whole system will begin to organically change, as reflected by the Organic Learning proposed by Dr. Feldenkrais.

For many of us, the daily changes we have made for COVID-19 have undermined our health and wellness. We need to add more healthy aspects into our lives now: less computer time, and more walking outside; less couch time and ... you guessed it-- MORE FELDENKRAIS time!


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Who do you want to be?

I came across this graphic - and I really appreciate the idea of three zones:
Fear, Learning and Growth.
This gives us the possibilities for moving from Fear towards Learning, and from Learning towards Growth.

We are never "stuck" in a "zone" -- we always have choice in moving.

This is an excellent model for situations beyond COVID-19.

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In-Person Classes Resume at the Calgary Jewish Centre

In-person classes resume this fall, starting Tuesday September 15, and continuing for 14 classes to December 15.
There are changes, of course.

First, you must register online with the Centre. Their new online form should make this a real "snap". (Follow this link)
Second, the class size is limited to 10. So register early!
Third, for hygiene reasons, you will need to bring your own mat. I will have large Feldenkrais-type mats for sale ( $20) in the first two classes.

I'm looking forward to seeing you!


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Online Classes

If you prefer to participate online, please register on my website as soon as possible.

Once I have 4 online registrations, I will confirm the online options.

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How Loosening the Grip Allows Listening

Loosening the Grip of Stress: How Heeding My Body’s Signals Provided Sweet Relief

In this article on heeding the body's signals, author Jennifer Nash Ostermann writes, "At 36, I was in the midst of a life-impairing crisis. I had just gone through a traumatic divorce and my stress levels had skyrocketed. I poured myself into my work... I was plagued with so much pain that I couldn’t sit, stand, or lie down comfortably, nor sleep at night."
Then she began attending weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes and private sessions and "my pain was reduced by half."
Click to read her astonishing story.


Available as e-book or paperback. Click for info

Julie Peck's New Book and Webinar

Moving from the Inside Out shows us how to resolve complex movement issues, balance stability and instability, increase power and precision, and explore our own movement using innate learning strategies.
Click for more information about the book and the online webinar


A Simple Way to Think about the Brain

Three Parts of Your Brain

This infographic is based on the work of Paul D. MacLean, MD and Rick Hanson, PhD by NICABM
Thoughts, reasoning, imagination, language empathy -- all are generated by the cortex.
Emotions, Learning & memory, reward and basic motivation - subcortical area.
Heartbeat, safety, avoiding harm, balance - Brain Stem & Cerebellum.

What happens in each area when needs are not met?

Click to learn more.


Video: Improve Balance & Knee Stability

Improve Balance & Knee Stability

Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais Practitioner in Washington, has produced many short videos with great hints on improving ourselves.
In this video, Annie gives a number of ideas on how balance and knee stability can be improved.Click to view.


View similarly beautiful locations.

Pause, Reflect on Beauty

The photo is called, the "Angel of Violins"
There are many places that have been abandoned that retain their beauty -- or even have a new aspect of beauty as nature returns. To view more delightful such photos, visit "Deserted Places". Most are churches in France.


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