Directors Note Let me begin with immense gratitude to all of you who are either a veteran coach this year or considering becoming a coach. Thank you


Directors Note

Let me begin with immense gratitude to all of you who are either a veteran coach this year or considering becoming a coach. Thank you so much for your gift of service. I often say, "Coaches are gold." You are a mentor and a true gift to our communities.

I am here to support you as you get prepared for the 2017 season! Please read below for the latest information. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting all youth to shine,

Kate Rau, Executive Director

Sophomore Boys Eagle 2017
Freshman Girls Eagle

Contents March 2017

1. Team Recruitment Tools
2. Team Evergreen Fundraising Opportunity
3. Coach Licensing Updates Explanation
4. Jersey Design Guidelines
5. Primal Official Apparel Sponsor
6. Annual Spring Coach Summit April 21 - 23, Eagle
7. Feedback Sports - Repair Stands, Tools, and More
8. Athletic Events Supply - Team Tents 9. Sponsor Discounts

2016 D2 Team Podium Leadville

Team Recruitment Tools

Starting a new team? Want to share this opportunity with more riders in your community? Consider hosting an informational meeting to gauge interest in your area.

Here are links to coach resources that provide an overview of the program.

Fall Season Timeline
Recruit Flyer – Example Girls (PDF) - this can be customized
Recruit Flyer – Example Boys (PDF) - this can be customized
Community Outreach Presentation
What to Expect on Race Day

• Colorado League promotional video - less than 5 minutes
More than a Sport - less than 5 minutes
• Single Track High, a documentary about NICA - 1 hour, good for a fundraising event

Many events and summer programs, some of which are specifically oriented to girls, are listed HERE.

TEC Vertical

Team Evergreen Fundraising Opportunity

Through its annual Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride, Team Evergreen has been able to contribute nearly 2 million dollars to charities throughout the state of Colorado. They seek groups that align with their mission of supporting the safe enjoyment of cycling, though all non-profits are welcome to apply. This year they are incorporating teams from the Colorado High School League as volunteers. Team Evergreen Cycling generously donates to the Colorado League scholarship fund and distributes grants to many volunteer groups.

Below is the link to volunteer information.

Triple Bypass 2017: Evergreen, CO & Avon, CO

Deadline Thursday March 30th.

For more information about 2017 Triple Bypass volunteer opportunities, please contact Ride Director, Nat Ross at


Coach Licensing Updates

NICA updated the coach licensing levels and requirements. Please visit coach licensing. These updates make it easier to understand the various different license levels. More online training webinars are available to support your education. We are extremely grateful to all the coaches who are dedicated to providing safe, fun adventures for all riders regardless of their level of expertise.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.48.05 PM

Many coach resources are available on the Colorado League website.

Why three levels?

There are many activities and roles for a team, that require various levels of skill and knowledge. Coaches work toward the education level that best suits the role they choose to fill for the team.

A detailed video explanation of the license levels, background check process and more is HERE.

Level 1
Level 1 is the minimum necessary to ride with the team. A Level 1 coach is a general helper to the Level 2 and 3 veteran coaches. You will learn the ropes and can make a meaningful contribution to the team. This experience will help you determine if you would like to pursue the other coaching levels.

The Level 1 requirements listed above provide a basic understanding of the core principles and goals of the league, the safety and protection of the riders, and the basic paperwork for insurance.

Highly recommended:
NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy

Level 2
Level 2 coaches really get in the game. Level 2 coaches lead rides, run drills, teach skills and actively coach kids. Roles include:

• Ride Leader: This literally means you ride at the front of the group, and exemplify good riding skills and ensure proper safety while fulfilling the objectives of that day’s training plan. Excellent ride leading establishes the teaching environment that promotes our core values: strong mind, strong bodies and strong character through cycling. The student-athletes will literally be looking at you to show them what these core values mean.

• Assistant Coach: This aspect includes developing skills and drills, and organizing and running portions of the team. For instance, you may be organizing and leading a group of more advanced riders throughout the season. Another assistant coach may be focused on coordinating skills instruction. And last but not least, the assistance coach will assist the head coach with administrative activities related to your specialty.

Highly recommended:
Wilderness First Aid Training

Level 3
Level 3 is the most intensive training offered and required by the league. Those desiring the role of head coach will likely seek and draw upon applicable training and experience from related fields and organizations, due to personal interest and commitment.

The Head Coach/Team Director:
• Exemplifies the pursuit of personal growth, the betterment of one's self, and is the embodiment of strength of mind, body, and character
• Sets and demonstrates cultural norms and expectations for everyone in the organization
• Coordinates of every aspect of the team
• Leads strategically for all activities, but typically delegates throughout the team
• Sets team objectives and designs team programs

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 1.12.42 PM

Jersey Design Guidelines

We encourage teams to show their community pride! Please limit team sponsor logos to these areas:

▪ shoulders
▪ side panels
▪ back pockets

If you are a composite team that represents several schools OR have 2 or more scoring units, create designs that distinguish and identify school affiliation. This example shows Lyons and Silver Creek representing each school with different colors.

An example of two distinct jersey designs reflecting the respective schools is in the jersey design guidelines HERE.

Primal Color Logo 2015 New

Connect with Primal to start your design process.

Primal Official Apparel Sponsor

Primal has supported of the Colorado League as a Gold Level partner since 2010. Primal has once again stepped up as the Colorado League's official apparel partner for 2017.

Primal has developed a fantastic custom program for teams. They provide excellent customer service, free design work, and manage your apparel project from conception through delivery making the experience fun and easy. Primal offers preferred pricing as well as low minimum order quantities to accommodate teams of any size.

Custom design and information is summarized HERE.

Products and prices are listed HERE.

For more information please contact your Account Executive or Custom Account Specialist at Primal. If you have not partnered with Primal for your team's custom apparel in the past, please submit your quote request HERE or call 1.800.275.6953.

Colorado League Member Discount Code 25% Off for Online orders. Discount Does Not Apply To Custom Orders: CLHSMTB

Thank you for supporting those that support your Colorado League!

2015 Coaches Summit

Annual Spring Coach Summit April 21- 23, Eagle

Mark your calendar! The annual Coach Summit will kick-off Friday evening April 21 in Eagle, Colorado. Classes cover the nuts and bolts of working with high school student athletes in the context of a high school mountain bike club and provide the basic knowledge and guidance for Coaches.

Event and registration information HERE.

We are planning NEW sessions including Managing Team Growth, Recruiting Females, and more! Join us Friday evening April 21, from 5:00 - 8:00 PM for a discussion on recent developments and share your ideas to shape our future.

Learn about:

▪ CO League structure and processes
▪ How to start a mountain bike team
▪ Prepare for race day
▪ Fundraising and recruitment ideas
▪ Issues related to liability
▪ Unique intricacies of working with high school student-athletes

Complete agenda HERE.

Please limit attendees to 3 per team.

A limited number of scholarships are available. Big thanks to Yeti Cycles, Team Evergreen, and many individual donors. The application deadline is April 1st.

First Aid, CPR and Wilderness First Aid recertification training costs are reduced thanks to the 2nd Chance Fund.

Red White Wedge

Feedback Sports - Repair Stands Tools and More

Feedback Sports stepped up to support locally the Colorado League in 2017. Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback Sports has been dedicated to creating products that support cyclists and mechanics around the globe since 2004. They have supported NICA since 2010.

Keep your team Pit organized with A-frames, work stands, tools and more.

Colorado League Member Discount Code 30% Off Online Orders (Valid 2x Per User): COMTB2017


Athletic Event Supply - Team Tents

Athletic Event Supply has been a Colorado League and NICA partner for many years. Athletic Event Supply offers team packages for custom tents and wind blades to make sure your team school and culture are represented.

Team packages are available for Colorado League teams. Contact Athletic Event Supply today to get started on your custom equipment:, 801-872-4055.


Sponsor Discounts

Companies that support Colorado League programming offer special discounts HERE.

Discounts are available from:
* Honey Stinger
* Primal
* Yeti
* Rocky Mounts
* Optic Nerve
* Osprey
* Feedback Sports
* Cateye

Check out offers provided by NICA sponsors HERE.



We are filling the calendar with numerous events for 2017.

Upcoming Events:
April 21-23 Colorado League Coaches Summit, Eagle registration is OPEN
May 4 Women's Night Out at Wheat Ridge Cyclery
May 19-20 Colorado Bike Expo

June 8-10, Granite Girls Mountain Bike Camp, Curt Gowdy, Laramie, WY
June 17 Bailey HUNDO/HUNDitO
June 12-16 Stone Temple Coed Camp Curt Gowdy, WY
June 17-21 Ciclismo Race Camp, Curt Gowdy, WY
June 18-21 Leadville High Altitude Race Camp, Leadville, CO
June 19-24 Fort Lewis Mountain Bike Camp, Durango, CO
June 26 - July 2 Adams State University Mountain Bike Training Camp, Alamosa & Del Norte

July 27 Guest Bartender with Luis Benitez, RockyMounts, Boulder

August 2-6 Western State CU - Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Camp, CO

2017 Race Schedule:
Race #1 August 26 (North) -27 (South) Frisco Peninsula
Race #2 September 10 (South) - Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
Race #2 September 10 (North) - Howelsen Hill, Steamboat Springs
Race #3 September 23 (North) -24 (South), Granby Ranch
Race #4 October 7 (South) -8 (North) McMurry Ranch, Nathrop
Race #5 October 22 State Championships, Eagle, pending approval



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