Good News for Recovery + Life (February 2015) NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It) Sometimes I look back with awe - and, frankly, horror - to r

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Good News for Recovery + Life (February 2015)


NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It)


Every time I look in my baby tortoise's eyes, I can feel our bond growing stronger. I'm so glad I didn't wait to bring Malti home!!

Sometimes I look back with awe - and, frankly, horror - to remember all the years I spent "waiting."

I was waiting to recover later (after the eating disorder had delivered on all of its [false] promises).

I was waiting until I had more friends, a better personality, more money, a boyfriend.

I used to go out shopping, buying clothes for a person I wasn't who had a life I didn't have.

I would think "Well, I'd better buy this bikini/party dress/lingerie set - just in case."

Finally, one day I asked myself, "Just in case of WHAT?"

Somehow, that particular day, something in me woke up and realized my life was happening - even right as I waited for it to happen!

In that moment, I realized two key truths:

My life is MINE to live - it can be any way I want it to be (no matter what others think or say).
My life is getting shorter each day, which means "now" is not just the right time, but the ONLY time, to live it!

And then I realized even more key truths:

* NOW is the right time to recover - to dig in and give EVERYTHING of myself to it, to sweat and burn and dig and climb until nothing remains but "recovered me."
* NOW is the right time to love, to reach out, to take myself to the movies, to write that book, to start a nonprofit, to bring home a baby tortoise....
* NOW is the right time to say "I'm sorry," "I love you," "I miss you."
* NOW is the right time to enjoy being me.

And then I realized one more key truth:

I won't have "more" of what I need later to live successfully as "me" - so I must have everything I need to do that already, right now!

Having shared that, here are the 2 key truths I want to share with you this month:

* Now is the right time for you - to say and do whatever is on your mind and in your heart.
* You have whatever you need - everything you need - right now.

I absolutely, positively, promise you do.

Will you trust me and JOIN me - in going for it (whatever your "it" is) right NOW?

I hope you will!! :-)

With great respect and love,



This month in Good News:

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Inspiration for Recovery & Life from "Beating Ana"

AnaCover 3DBorder

Here is the secret to your success, the secret I learned during the years I spent working toward my own successful recovery, and the powerful secret I now pass along to you.

Through the years when I was doing the bulk of my recovery work, and in the years since then, it has been and continues to be my experience today that even with all that we now know about eating disorders that we did not know then, and even with all of the resources we have now that I did not have when I first became ill, our most powerful resource for healing, survival, and revival of life continues to be each other.

Today, even as the work I do at times takes me into some complicated territory, the credo I live by remains simple, direct, profound.

Relationships replace eating disorders. Period. The end.

This is my life’s work. This is who I am. This is how I live—and stay alive.

From "Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back"


NEDAwareness Week 2015 - Be a Part!

NEDAwareness 2015 Shareable Diversity

Invite Me to Speak!

BU logo color320

I battled an eating disorder, anxiety, and deep depression starting at age 11.

As I progressed through high school and then college, my life just got harder and harder.


Like most of my peers, I knew how to study and get good grades.

But it was what I didn't know - how to fix the pain inside - that nearly killed me.


Now I live a life I love, filled with relationships I cherish (including my relationship with me!)

I am happy, healthy, having FUN and pursuing my dreams.


How did I get from there - a terrified, hopeless anorexic - to here?

Experience "Beauty Undressed" and find out!




Animal Mentors: "Voyage of the Turtle"


"Voyage of the Turtle: Pursuit of the World's Last Dinosaur" by Carl Safina

I definitely have a fascination with dinosaurs.

After all, I have two of their modern-day descendants living in my house with me (parrot, tortoise).

Yet there is still SO much I don't know!!

For instance, did you realize the leatherback sea turtle is the last of its kind on Earth today: a warm-blooded reptile (yes, a total contradiction in terms!)

Oh, and that leatherbacks can dive down deep - up to one mile or more (even though they breathe air just like we do!)

Leatherbacks use the Earth's magnetic field as a worldwide GPS system so they can return to their own birthplace to lay a new generation of turtles.

And leatherbacks, unlike most other turtles, cannot retract their head and limbs for protection.

There is so much to learn and marvel at in this book!

But most of all, there is the hope that with shared understanding, we will all fight harder to ensure these modern miracles survive and thrive!

==> To learn more about Carl Safina & his books: CLICK HERE

LoveandFeathersLogoFull crop

The Crazy Love Hawk


Above, Pedro from "Rio." Below, Pearl (here, notice how the model’s cool and swaggering demeanor complements his “Crazy Love Hawk” crest feathers as they lift sharply up and away from the neck line).

As everyone who has watched the movie “Rio” knows, the "Crazy Love Hawk" always gets the ladybird.

It is all about confidence.

And fierce featheriness.

And (of course) tail feathers.

Basically, you want to look like this ==>

While it is great to project a confident swagger every day, it is especially ideal on the “Day O’ Love,” when ladybirds everywhere are eager to be wooed.

In celebration of February's Valentine’s Day, Wet Bird Couture is proud to unveil its latest must-have look, the “Crazy Love Hawk!”

==> To read the full post click HERE

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ReserveMyCopy wbird

Fighting for Happiness


Happiness is everywhere – if it isn’t standing in front of me wearing a sign, sometimes I just need to make it (here, mom and I show off our “extra-fancy” spring hat accessories!)

If there is one realization I would say is both persistent and perfectly-timed for the start of my “Year of Living Intuitively,” it is this:

If I want to be happy, I have to fight for it.

I say this because life IS hard.

It is hard for all of us. And if I choose to, I can always find hardships – mine or others’ – to focus on.

In fact, without even breathing hard, I could keep myself miserable 24/7 just thinking about the incredibly painful, awful things happening all over the world right at this very minute to people, animals, and the Earth.

With all that grimness so visible and readily available, I have to make a conscious, intentional, and absolutely consistent effort to find the bright bits and hold on tight.

I have decide that every glass that looks half-empty at first glance must also have a less easily seen twin that is half-full….and then I have to muster up the guts to walk over and introduce myself and make a new friend.

I have to decide to push chin-up through a bad day (or a bad year)….and then actually do it.

I have to dig up the extra oomph of focus and energy it takes to remember there are hard lives going on all around me, and often what we each and all need most is not a big group sob session (although sometimes that can also help!) but a shared round of laughs and the courage to smile and pay it forward.

I have to – I want to – make it easier and easier for myself to wake up with gratitude and a hopeful attitude …. and climb back into bed at night feeling more of the same.

Perhaps most importantly, I have to choose the kind of mentoring company that is also striving towards this same goal so we can encourage each other at challenging moments and celebrate each others’ successes.

So that means I have to fight for my happiness – fight with all the fight I have in me, and use all of the same amount of determination and courage I used to overcome an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety in their turn.

When this gets particularly tough to do (some days it is), I remind myself I didn’t do all that hard recovery work so I could stay miserable......

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Me. Pearl.

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My newest book-in-progress focuses on how wonderfully our pets can mentor us! This new book is full of feathers, fur, shells, fins, and more!

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See you next month with more Good News!

With all my best,


p.s. There is always a reason to have hope! If I could beat my eating disorder and build a beautiful, happy, love-filled life for myself, YOU CAN TOO.


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