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hummingbird bench

To be or not to be... a perch?

To sit, to snooze.
To snooze, perchance to nap.
Ah, to nap.

But, there's the worry.
For in that wink of forty, what birds may come
to light upon our prone form
and make of our hair a nest?
There's the chagrin that makes mortification of our choice,
for who could stand the cheeps and tweets of tiny beaks,
the blackbird's claw, the robin's wing,
the splats of misplaced food, the morning's ablutions?

To roll and mutter under the busy family
but that the dread of dislodging prevents our release.

Thus conscience doth make prisoners of us all
and thus the native hue of realization
is mournful, with the sad but certain thought
we are better served to remain standing
and maintain our human posture
and lose the chance to rest

upon the bench.


R&R (relax and READ!)

It's time for our lazy summer day specials

buy one book (new or used)

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So come in from the blessed heat, browse our eclectic selection, and do something without breaking a sweat!

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IMG 0448

Premier Psychic

Connie Stahl, Spirit Wise' owner, is a hereditary clairvoyant and clairaudient reader, as well as High Priestess in her local coven.

Connie is currently available at Spirit Wise Thursday through Monday, from 1pm - 5pm. She is also available for private functions and private tarot tutoring.

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Tim Christner


Brennan Healing

Tim Christner completed 4 years of training at the Barbara Brennan* School of healing, a world famous college in Miami with locations also in Europe and Japan.

Going beyond Reiki, this system of healing

can help to relieve pain, clear stagnant energy and past life debris, and give you back more of your “authentic” self.

The Human Energy Field contains 7 levels and 4 dimensions; the Physical, the Aura, the Hara (your level of intention) and the Core Star (your Divine Essence). "My education and innate ability allows me to bring all of these into balance for a total healing experience. This work can help you feel refreshed and more like yourself again!"

Feeling Tired? Feeling Stuck?

Do you have pain in your body?

Why not try a powerful Energy Healing?

To schedule a session, call Tim Christner at 720-254-0815 or email: tclighthealing@gmail.com (Rates are $75.00 per hour)

Morning and evening appointments are available to meet your scheduling needs.

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sampson 617 1

Sampson - Energy Work

Sampson is available for adoration during most business hours, and sometimes provides assistance in finding that perfect item. (When he feels like it, of course.)

And yes, he will root through your purse to learn all about you. If you are abuzz, he could help ground you. And of course, he can tell you all the secrets of the universe.

He won't. But he could.

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julie k 2

Julie K - Past Life Regression

▪ Wish you could have the answers to life's most important questions?
▪ Curious about Past Life Regression (PLR?)
▪ Want to experience hypnosis first-hand?
Wish you could have the answers to life's most important questions?
Curious about Past Life Regression (PLR?)
Want to experience hypnosis first-hand?

Try the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by renowned metaphysical author Dolores Cannon.

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, the conscious mind is asked to step aside and observe, without interfering, while the Subconscious steps forward. The Subconscious acknowledges a problem, identifies its source, and provides ways to overcome it.

contact Julie K to set your appointment!

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Tree: Ur / Heather
Letter: U
Bird: Uiseog / Skylark
Color: Usgdha / Resinous

heather ogham

So, what do you see? The barren or the beauty? Or the beauty of the barren?

With the Ogham Ur (Heather) we are directed to see the beauty. In everything. In every moment.

Because, Heather says, now is the time to find that new perspective. Now is the time to look at something from a different angle, to apply inspiriation, to move forward when we were stuck before.

And in order to allow something to be different, to be healed, to be changed, to progress, musn't we see it with the love of possibility?

Ur - Heather. Beauty is in everything. If we have but the will to see.

I hope you have a great month,

*information from Ogham, the Celtic Oracle, Peter Pracownik & Andy Baggott

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July 12 (Thur): New Moon - 8:49 pm *
JULY 15 (Sun): DIVINATION EXCHANGE 12:30 - 2:30 pm
July 22 (Sun): sun enters Leo - 3 pm *+
July 27 (Fri) : Full Moon - 2:22 pm *

Please connect with us on FB or Twitter for updates on events, and store hours!

Most astrological information is from Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner (Paulie Rainbow). some info from cafeastrology.com

divination exchange

Divination Exchange

Sunday, July 15
12:30 - 2:30 pm

Let's Play with the Future!

Come and exchange energy work with other practitioners. Readings usually last 15 - 30 minutes each, so please arrive by 2 to give and receive.

Any modality, any experience level.

All Welcome

hosted by Lila please bring your own tools


Connect with Your Guides

July 15 3 - 5 pm

Create more in your life and spiritual practice with a unique set of tools to connect with your guides!

Have you ever felt like there’s so much more you could be doing with your guides if you just knew how? In this workshop, you’ll experience a fun, easy way of being and communing with your own team. This workshop is for everyone! Whether you’ve been communing with them for years and want to try something new, or you’re just beginning to get a sense that your guides are tapping you on the shoulder. The only requirement is curiosity.

Join Amber Zeta, healer of healers, and Willow Rush, shaman of the wild ones, for this co-creative experience to tap into your own gifts among the spirit world.

$15 per person


Willow's initiation onto the shamanic path began 13 years ago deep within the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. Since then, she has practiced with many teachers, and in communion with the spirit world, developed her own unique tradition along this path. Empowering others to acknowledge and expand their own gifts is the cornerstone of her tradition.


Amber Zeta is a mythologist, change agent, and healer to the hearers. She has been a practicing witch for eighteen years, devoting herself the eclectic pagan path. Open to all healing and energy modalities, she comes from a rich background in metaphysics. She enjoys teaching all things related to Goddess mythology and is the creatrix of the annual Dark Goddess Festival.


Crafting with the Moon

July 21 12 - 3 pm

What can this moon do for you? And what can you do to connect with the energies of this unique moon? Come find out - with Amber Zeta.

$25 per person (crafts included)


Are you hosting an event at Spirit Wise? Make sure we all get the news - send the information to lilaallen@unicallen.com.


Super 7

Super 7 is a combination of 7 stones and minerals: amethyst, cacoxenite, clear quartz, rutile, lepidocrosite, geothite, smokey quartz

Naturally, Super 7 has all the qualities of its parts - power, protection, positivity, centering, communication in this realm and the next, and relationships.

Super 7 is super helpful with the 7 chakras - cleansing, balancing, and energizing.

Super 7 is also an amazing stone for helping the psychic abilities to develop.

And if you are feeling called to help the Earth with her healing, this is the stone to assist you.

It doesn't need cleaning, and it is fun to see all the different colors meld and flare.

Ready to be Super?

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We have a collection of rare, out of print, and HIGHLY collectable cards. Because of their high value, these cards are not on display. All cards are in wonderful condition! Please call Connie at 303-790-2974 for more information or to view a specific deck.

We're getting new used books (ha ha) out every week.

We'll even take a look at yours!

Books on magic and complete Divination decks always welcome!

20160622 181148

Ask us about our rare and collectible used books, too!

IMG 0707
IMG 0708

Are you looking for a comforting place for your yoga class, drum circle, or workshop? Have the people but need the room?

We have the perfect rental space for you. Clean and cool, this lovely space is available any time you need it - not just store hours - at an unbeatable price. We charge only a small percentage of your event earnings (or a $30 minimum) regardless of the length of your event, and your price includes free advertising in our monthly newsletter.

Contact us at 303-730-2974 to reserve your space today!

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