Welcome to our Newsletter!The first in our weekly newsletter series. Each week we will send you tips, recipes, seasonal fun and of course the latest

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Welcome to our Newsletter!

The first in our weekly newsletter series. Each week we will send you tips, recipes, seasonal fun and of course the latest on the garden. Thank you so much for subscribing and I hope you enjoy and find much usefulness in the Sunny Simple Life Newsletter.


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how to soften stale bread

Did you see our Kitchen Quick Tip of the week? And it is a frugal one too.

How To Soften Stale Bread and 7 Ways To Use Stale Bread




Indoor Container Gardens

Are you dying to get your hands in the soil even though the ground outdoors may be covered in white stuff? How about doing some indoor container gardening. Not only are indoor gardens lovely to look at and allow to play in soil, they also help to clean the indoor air in your home. This time of year that is perfect considering you can't always have your windows open. Try your hand at growing some herbs or starting some spring veggies early. Here are some great tips on indoor container gardens.


Recipe Of The Week

Creamy Chicken And Rice Soup

Recipe by Elaine Lewis
This recipe is my best guess at what you would need given I usually make it from leftovers. Add or subtract liquid as needed based on the amount of leftovers you have. This makes a large pot of soup and I freeze the leftovers for another meal or lunches.
Total time: 30 minutes
1 box or 2 cans low sodium chicken broth
1 can low sodium cream of chicken soup
2 tablespoons diced onion
2 diced carrots
2 cups cooked rice
1/2 cup frozen peas frozen peas
1 cup frozen corn
Any extra leftover vegetables
leftover shredded chicken
to taste salt and pepper
1 teaspoon dried parsley
to taste extra chicken bullion (optional)
One to two cups water
2 tablespoons corn starch
Cooking Directions
Saute onion in a tablespoon or so of oil. Add chicken stock, cream of chicken soup with one can of water and one cup of water to pan. Heat to bubbly then add frozen or leftover vegetables and shredded chicken. If you are using any raw vegetables you will need to simmer those until tender before this step.
Add seasoning and taste. Add extra chicken bullion if you need more flavor. Add also another cup or so of water if you do not have enough liquid. Add cornstarch dissolved in a bit of water and let thicken. Add rice and heat through.

creamy chicken rice soup  1

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Seasonal Goodies

green shamrock pancakes 01

Valentines day is over so we are onto St. Patrick's in our house. We love to celebrate all the holidays if even just with a meal. I love this darlinghow to video on making these cute shamrock pancakes. Wouldn't your family love these on March 17th?


Things We Recommend

61BP-2V9SKL. SL1000

This black chopper is one of my FAVORITE kitchen tools. I bought mine from Pampered Chef for over $20 if I remember correctly but I use it all the time. I even bought one and put it in my daughter's Christmas stocking for her house.
This tool is my go to and breaks up ground meat so easily. I use it to mash everything like potatoes, tomatoes, whatever.
The masher makes guacamole in seconds. I love it.

You can find one on Amazon for about $9.


Frugal Tips

Free Treat for Your Dog
When you have an empty peanut butter jar, plastic of course, give it you your dog to enjoy. Our dogs love the peanut butter jar. When we had our big dog Sandy, it was a special treat for her. I would let her work on the jar, clean all the peanut butter out and then toss the plastic container in the recycle bin.
If you think your dog might try to eat the jar, I would supervise the treat. I never had to with Sandy, but you know your own dog so you decide.**


On The Homefront

sunny kitchen

I snapped this picture the other morning in the kitchen as I was sitting down to do a little blogging. Hubby already had the Valentine decor put away and placed a few St. Patrick's decor on the kitchen shelf.

We have enjoyed some rain this week and this time of year finds me in the garden almost everyday. Our really warm temps have confused our fruit trees which have begun to bloom a little early.

I am really looking forward to peaches from our new tree. Growing a small mini orchard is one of my goals. I just have to convince hubby to let me plant more trees. So far we have three orange trees, one lemon, two apple and a peach. I really want to add an apricot this year.

Did you know even in drought, fruit trees are a good choice. They provide not only fruit but much needed shade and you really don't have to water them that much. Commercial fruit trees are given way too much water in order to make the fruit heavier because it is sold by weight. This over watering results in a lower sugar count and low quality fruit from growers. The last two years, despite our drought, we have had the sweetest oranges ever.

peach tree blossoms

Peach Tree Blossoms In Our Front Yard


Thank you so much for reading.
Elaine @ sunnysimplelife.com
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