Camping and 'Glamping' at Hoopcamp CAMPING AT HOOPCAMP Our HOOPS-GIVING retreat takes place within the magical Redwood forests of Northern CA. Our d

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Camping and 'Glamping' at Hoopcamp

Our HOOPS-GIVING retreat takes place within the magical Redwood forests of Northern CA. Our diverse coastal eco-system supports these majestic trees which are the world's tallest tree - growing to heights more than 370 feet - can live for literally thousands of years, and is characterized by its bright red bark and wood. The redwood is also the California State Tree. On the Pema Osel Ling property ( where we have outdoor massage and performances) you can look up to witness a Redwood Circle or Cathedral Grove which is a living example of trees expressing the spirit of their circular nature!

At Hoopcamp, you will get to pitch your tent and camp under this peaceful and shady forest with other Hoopcampers nearby in numbered and flat camping spaces.

Not only are you surrounded by natural beauty but you feel as if you have been transported to a hidden Tibetan Monestary as you walk the grounds filled with Tibetan sacred objects, prayer filled Stupas and the huge Golden Buddha within the Shrine adjacent to one of our Hoop Workshop spaces. Morning Pujas will delight you with the sounds of Tibetan Instruments and rituals that continue even while we are guests of this sacred and magical community.

Sleep under the majestic redwoods in your very own cozy personal space nearby to other Hoopcampers in tents. Both Camping area A and Camping area B are nearby to all the workshop areas, bathrooms and showers. The Redwoods give you shade all day and Luminarias light your path at night.
Package: $559.00

If you would like to roll into Hoopcamp, have your luggage shuttled nearby to your camping area, and walk over to your already set-up tent that has YOUR name on it, a camp mattress, sleeping bag and pillow awaiting you then this is the upgraded, GLAMP-ING package for you!
Package: $639.00

Get a Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and Hoopcamp Water Bottle!

Book a CAMPING PACKAGE, A GLAMPING ( Tent Camping with Tent Rental) Package or a GROUP CAMPING PACKAGE and you will receive a 2014 Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and A Hoopcamp Water Bottle! Gifts will be given out to new registered campers from August 1- August 15th at the Hoopcamp Info Booth.

We want YOU to experience the all the magic!'
DATES: Wed, Sept. 24th- Sun, Sept. 28th 2014
LOCATION: Pema Osel Ling Tibetan Retreat Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Get $50 off if you have 2 or more TENT CAMPERS that sign up together=$509 per person for the TENT CAMPING PACKAGE
EMAIL us at with your name and the names of at least ONE other person in your group.
We will EMAIL you a LINK to purchase your tickets.


The Hoopcamp 2014 Schedule is POSTED!


We put the flow together for our 2014 Hoops-Giving Celebration and this year we are circling in the magic from all directions and adding in a great balance of:

AM workshops that rotate so you can participate in all of them, PM intensives, transforming Hoopcircle Discussions, Hoopjams every afternoon followed by our EPIC receptions with a live Reggae Band on Sat, and evening LED HOOP DANCIN' to local DJ talent

PLUS all the MORE that YOU will bring to our family gathering

Please follow this link to the Sched. org online guide. You can use this to create your very own retreat schedule to print and bring with you. We will also have a printed program guide for you at check-in. There are no pre-sign ups for workshops ( only for PRIVATE INSTRUCTION ) just show up with a smile and ENJOY!


Performances and an AFTERPARTY!

Presenter 2 New

We are celebrating every night by sharing our talents and passions as the GIFTS of our gathering. Entertaining and inspiring people with your movement is a true gift of your time in preparation, your energy and your creative expression. Support, share and get ready to inspire and be inspired!

Here at Hoopcamp Headquarters we are also pulling together an AFTERPARTY on Sunday, Sept 28th at a nearby event venue, restaurant and bar with a great outdoor space to host fire dancing and hooping to our local DJ talent.
More details to come, but if you are staying until Monday- plan on the HOOPCAMP AFTERPARY!

Wed: The Presenter Performance Showcase

Thurs: The Vendor Showcase and Show Us Your Move
You get 5 min to show us your unique move and then teach it. This will be fast, fun and we all get to participate!

Fri- The Gala Performance Showcase

Sat- The Renegade Show

Other FUN activities this year:
Anah and Kate are hosting The Great Twearking Unicorn Race
Learn how to get your Hoop Tweark ON. See the preview here on youtube

An evening LED Hoop Workshop by Lauren of SPINFX followed by our LIGHT THE NIGHT PARADE down to the magical Tibetan Stupas where we will have an evening LED jam around these sacred temples housing prayers for world peace.

A Hoop TAPE OFF before the Renegade show. Do you think you can tape a hoop faster then the speed of light? If so, get your taping skills sharpened and enter the GREAT HOOP TAPE OFF.

Our Hoops-Giving DINNER FEAST- Saturday.
Come celebrate our Hoop Holiday in Sept with your Hoop Family. One long table, lots of Hoopers, comfort food- Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Turkey ( tofu, veggie options) cranberry sauce and YUM!
Get ready for TOASTS, ROASTS and lots of TRADITION!



Crop tent

As of AUGUST 1st all the Indoor Accommodation Packages are now sold out!

Now is the time to book your flights and SHUTTLE if needed and secure a CAMPING PACKAGE to the MAGIC.
If you are booking the shuttle, please send us your FULL FLIGHT details after confirming your flights and package to Hoopcamp. Email us at:

Under the magical Redwoods. See above for descriptions.

Have your tent set up for you with mattress pad, sleeping bag and pillow. Choose our tent rental package and drop your bags at your spot and be ready for all the fun!

Come for a full day of workshops, meals and fun!

Stay at an offsite hotel, Airbnb, or couch surf and travel back and forth to Hoopcamp every day. Look for hotels, etc in Watsonville, Aptos, Capitola- all about a 20 minute drive. Santa Cruz area is a bit farther- about 1/2 an hour to Hoopcamp.

We recommend the BEST WESTERN SEACLIFF INN. It is about 20 minute drive to Hoopcamp, walk to the ocean, a very nice hotel with a pool, bar and restaurant.

BUY TICKETS for any of these packages here:


Going to the BURN? Cruz the Wave with Us!

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DATE: Tuesday, AUG. 26th
TIME: 9:00pm -10:30pm
JOIN our Facebook Event Page for more details:

Bring your twinkling LED hoops and LED Flow tools and let's light up and spin through and around THE WAVE ART INSTALLATION ON THE PLAYA
Art Car music will inspire the jam!
Hoopcamp happens every year in the beautiful surf town of Santa Cruz, CA and this year we are bringing the SURF to the PLAYA!
Surf the wave and dance the night away with this beautiful glowing structure. Brought to you by a team of Santa Cruz Burners, Cruz the Wave is a 75 ft long, 18 ft high wave. Step into the surf, feel the ocean spray, meditate on the sounds of the sea around you. Come back at night for a stunning light show as thousands of LEDs light up the interior
of the curl.
The Wave will be be built so that people can walk on it, climb it, ride it even! The interior of the Wave will be framed out to provide a space for Wave Lovers to walk through it and really be IN the Wave.

And then...we BURN IT! Yes, that's right! We're going to Burn the Wave on Thursday Night!

Join our Hoopcamp Family


Purchase your Package to Hoopcamp and then join our family for SPECIAL PROMOTIONS and GIVEAWAYS leading up to our celebration,

This year everyone who registers for our Hoops-Giving Family celebration will have access to a Facebook 'family' secret group page for all attendees. Please use this page to meet, interact and share with your fellow Hoopcampers 2014. After you register, a link will be sent to you to join us as we co-create the 'gifts of the gathering.'


2014 Teacher Training Pre-Hoopcamp

Jocelyn HoopYogini BaliSpirit Festival 2913 by Chie

This year we’re excited to announce our second annual Pre-Hoopcamp Teacher Training with Jocelyn Gordon Creator of HoopYogini & Bhakti Boogie®

Wish to teach or are you looking for new ways to strengthen your abilities as a teacher and facilitator?

Feel shy about using your voice and standing in front of a classroom?

Desire to make an impact and money sharing what you love?

HoopYogini™ Teacher Training & Leadership Immersion with Jocelyn Gordon
September 21 - September 24, 2014 ~ Right Before Hoopcamp!
Register Here:

In this HoopYogini™ certification event, you will:

Learn how to teach the HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series a powerful movement flow perfect as a warm-up or a complete hoop dance practice
Experience daily movement meditations that provide a full body workout
Receive prompts and scripts for impactful instruction
Develop lesson plans and strategies for promoting your classes
Be coached to speak with authenticity and power

“I felt my body open, I felt my strength increase, and a deep relaxation permeate my mind as I moved through the HoopYogini™ – Spinal Awakening Series. I am a fan of Jocelyn, her work, and her fresh approach to integrating play and health!” Hope Medford, percussionist of Medicine for the People (
Register Here:

About Jocelyn:
Jocelyn Gordon is the creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga - programs that help you develop the fitness required to live the life of your dreams. Jocelyn has certified hundreds of instructors in hoop dance fitness and she trained the Master Training staff during her position as Director of Teacher Training for Hoopnotica. She travels the world teaching and currently calls Bali, Indonesia home. A lover of movement with a deep reverence for the path of teaching, Jocelyn feels called to mentor the next generation of group fitness instructors into their professional and profitable greatness.

Register Here:

No hoop dance experience required!
Bring a love of movement and an appreciation for the holistic and transformational benefits of dance.

Creator of HoopYoginiTM & Bhakti Boogie®
Skype: jocelyn9gordon