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Unveiling the Journey of Our Talent Coordinator, Andi, in the Fashion Industry

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At the heart of every great success story lies passion, determination, and an unwavering spirit. Andi's journey epitomizes these qualities as she carved her path from the local fashion scene to international acclaim.

Her story begins with an unyielding love for fashion, a desire so profound that she is willing to pursue it without agency or pay. It was at the Urban League fashion show in Chicago back in 1996, hosted at the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue that fate took a hand. Susan Glick's discovery transformed Andi's life, propelling her into the limelight.

Susan Glick, the fashion department lead at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago recognized Andi's raw potential and recommended her to a modeling agency, David and Lee. It was this pivotal moment that jumpstarted Andi's modeling career. Despite minimal industry knowledge beyond sporadic fashion shows, Andi's dedication and David and Lee's guidance molded her into a sought-after model.

Her ascent began with captivating shows for Susan and eventually led to runway appearances for iconic venues like Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago, catapulting her from local fame to international travels.

Andi's success story is a testament to resilience in an industry once hesitant toward diversity. Standing at 5'9" and in a time when being a person of color posed barriers, she tirelessly advocated for herself, confronting biases and limitations. Rejections in Milan, citing her height and race, only fueled her determination.

Her unwavering spirit in the face of adversity mirrors the challenges many talented individuals of diverse backgrounds endure in America's competitive landscape. Yet, Andi's relentless pursuit and leaps of faith forged her unique identity in an evolving industry that now embraces diversity in shapes, colors, and sizes.

Beyond her success, Andi's heart beats for aiding others in the industry. As the Talent Coordinator at Black Menagerie PR, she extends her support to models, actresses, actors, voiceovers, and narrators, creating a space where talent knows no boundaries.

If you wish to say hello or have some questions, feel free to reach Andi at​.

You can also follow Andi on her Facebook Andi Parsons, Model, SAG AFTRA and Instagram @a_parsons_passmore accounts.

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