Directors Note The snow has melted and cycling season is in full swing! Here are some testaments that reiterate the importance of our efforts to enga


Directors Note

The snow has melted and cycling season is in full swing! Here are some testaments that reiterate the importance of our efforts to engage youth and families:

Rediscover Nature
10 Ways Mountain Biking Prepares You for Life

There are lots of summer races and camps listed on our calendar HERE. Get out and enjoy!

Connect with your local IMBA chapter or local public land manager to find a volunteer trail day near you. It is an excellent team building activity and an opportunity to meet other recreational advocates. NEW for 2017 is a TEAM Golden Pick Award for the team that logs the most hours of trail work.

Information regarding team registration is HERE. Note that teams must register by August 20th to avoid a late fee.

Read below for more details about upcoming events and the 2017 season including:

Level 2 Coach License
First Aid Trainings
Category Placements for 2017

Keep spreading the joy of riding and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

With immense gratitude for your service to youth and families,

Kate Rau, Executive Director

CB female

Olivia Gordon, Crested Butte.

Soph Boulder High

Ian Eechelmeir, Boulder High.


Contents May 2017

1. Level 2 Coach License Summit July 15, Golden
2. First Aid Trainings June 10-11, Curt Gowdy, WY
3. Category Placement for 2017 Season
4. Team Golden Pick Award
5. Race Schedule and Flyers
6. Team Recruitment Tools
7. Jersey Design Guidelines
8. Primal Official Apparel Sponsor
9. Feedback Sports - Repair Stands, Tools, and More
10. Athletic Events Supply - Team Tents
11. Sponsor Discounts


Level 2 Coach License Summit July 15th, Golden

Spend the day in Golden with your peers and obtain the professional development units to meet the Level 2 Coach License. Educational sessions include:

How to Start and Manage a Team
Building a Positive Team Culture
Mountain Bike Skills - MTB 101

Details HERE.

Register HERE by July 10th.

A limited number of scholarships are available. Please submit your scholarship application by July 1st.

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First Aid Trainings June 10-11, Curt Gowdy, WY

The Laramie Enduro, Wyoming State Parks, and the Colorado League 2nd Chance Fund are offering several classes June 10-11. All WFA and CPR training will be taught by Front Range CPR. Colorado League coaches pay only for the cost of the certification card. The education training is sponsored by the 2nd Chance Fund.

The following classes are available:

Wilderness First Aid: 16-hour course, June 10-11, 8 AM to 5 PM at the Curt Gowdy State Park Visitor Center Conference-Meeting Room. Register HERE.

Wilderness First Aid - Recertification: - 4-hour course, June 11, 8 AM to Noon at the Curt Gowdy State Park Hynds Lodge. Register HERE

CPR and CPR Recertification: 1 hour course from 5:15 to 6:15 PM on Saturday, June 10th or Sunday June 11th at the Curt Gowdy State Park Visitor Center Conference-Meeting Room.

Saturday CPR/Recert session register HERE.

Sunday CPR/Recert session register HERE.

2017 South Conference Legacy Plates Mockup

Category Placement for 2017 Season

Registration for the 2017 season is open! Returning riders are placed according to their previous season results.

Please check the category placements of your team members for accuracy.

2017 Race Season NORTH Category Placement Table
2017 Race Season SOUTH Category Placement Table

New riders race the category associated with their grade, except 11th and 12th graders race JV. The Racer Category Placement Criteria Summary Rules are HERE.

If you believe a rider needs to change their assigned category please review the
Category Petition Guidelines.

Petitions for exceptions must be submitted by August 14th for Race #1 and August 21 for Race #2. Submit Category Placement Petitions to

All of these references can be found on the Coach Resources page of the website.

RHG Logo 2017

Roadhouse Hospitality Group Sponsors Golden Pick Award

John Shipp of Roadhouse Hospitality Group is expanding the Golden Pick Award. He established this award many years ago to participating teams in the Vail Recreation District race series. In 2017, the Colorado League team that logs the most hours of trail work will receive the Golden Pick Award and a $500 donation to their team. Team members log hours HERE.

There are many Roadhouse Hospitality Group restaurants to choose from whether you are in the mountains or Denver metro area. Check out their many dining options HERE.

Steamboat Springs vert Red-01

Race Schedule and Flyers

The race flyers and race calendar are located on the website HERE.

The vision is to transition into a parallel conference race series by 2020. This will be accomplished gradually as we are able to garner the necessary resources and we are confident that we are providing an exceptional experience where safety is a priority.

CMC logo web 5.20.16

Race #2 September 10th includes two locations:

North Conference - Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Springs.

South Conference - Colorado Mountain College, Leadville

Tattoo Contest

Your team will have lots of time to whip up some creative ideas for the race weekend contests listed here:

Race #1 - Team Chant
Race #2 - Temporary Tattoos
Race #3 - Posh Your Team Pit
Race #4 - Handcrafted Noise Maker
Race #5 - Socks

2016 D2 Team Podium Leadville

Team Recruitment Tools

Starting a new team? Want to share this opportunity with more riders in your community? Consider hosting an informational meeting to gauge interest in your area.

Here are links to coach resources that provide an overview of the program.

Fall Season Timeline
Recruit Flyer – Example Girls (PDF) - this can be customized
Recruit Flyer – Example Boys (PDF) - this can be customized
Community Outreach Presentation
What to Expect on Race Day

• Colorado League promotional video - less than 5 minutes
More than a Sport - less than 5 minutes
• Single Track High, a documentary about NICA - 1 hour, good for a fundraising event

Many events and summer programs, some of which are specifically oriented to girls, are listed HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 1.12.42 PM

Jersey Design Guidelines

We encourage teams to show their community pride! Please limit team sponsor logos to these areas:

▪ shoulders
▪ side panels
▪ back pockets

If you are a composite team that represents several schools OR have 2 or more scoring units, create designs that distinguish and identify school affiliation. This example shows Lyons and Silver Creek representing each school with different colors.

An example of two distinct jersey designs reflecting the respective schools is in the jersey design guidelines HERE.

Primal Color Logo 2015 New

Connect with Primal to start your design process.

Primal Official Apparel Sponsor

Primal has supported of the Colorado League as a Gold Level partner since 2010. Primal has once again stepped up as the Colorado League's official apparel partner for 2017.

Primal has developed a fantastic custom program for teams. They provide excellent customer service, free design work, and manage your apparel project from conception through delivery making the experience fun and easy. Primal offers preferred pricing as well as low minimum order quantities to accommodate teams of any size.

Custom design and information is summarized HERE.

Products and prices are listed HERE.

For more information please contact your Account Executive or Custom Account Specialist at Primal. If you have not partnered with Primal for your team's custom apparel in the past, please submit your quote request HERE or call 1.800.275.6953.

Colorado League Member Discount Code 25% Off for Online orders. Discount Does Not Apply To Custom Orders: CLHSMTB

Thank you for supporting those that support your Colorado League!

Red White Wedge

Feedback Sports - Repair Stands Tools and More

Feedback Sports stepped up to support locally the Colorado League in 2017. Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback Sports has been dedicated to creating products that support cyclists and mechanics around the globe since 2004. They have supported NICA since 2010.

Keep your team Pit organized with A-frames, work stands, tools and more.

Colorado League Member Discount Code 30% Off Online Orders (Valid 2x Per User): COMTB2017


Athletic Event Supply - Team Tents

Athletic Event Supply has been a Colorado League and NICA partner for many years. Athletic Event Supply offers team packages for custom tents and wind blades to make sure your team school and culture are represented.

Team packages are available for Colorado League teams. Contact Athletic Event Supply today to get started on your custom equipment:, 801-872-4055.


Sponsor Discounts

Companies that support Colorado League programming offer special discounts from our loyal sponsors. Details are HERE.

Discounts are available from:
* Honey Stinger
* Primal
* Yeti
* Rocky Mounts
* Optic Nerve
* Osprey
* Feedback Sports
* CatEye
* Today's Plan Training

Offers provided by NICA sponsors are HERE.



We are filling the calendar with numerous events for 2017.

Upcoming Events:
June 8-10, Granite Girls Mountain Bike Camp, Curt Gowdy, WY
June 17 Bailey HUNDO/HUNDitO, Bailey, CO
June 12-16 Stone Temple Coed Camp Curt Gowdy, WY
June 17-21 Ciclismo Race Camp, Curt Gowdy, WY
June 18-21 Leadville High Altitude Race Camp, Leadville, CO
June 19-24 Fort Lewis Mountain Bike Camp, Durango, CO
June 26 - July 2 Adams State University Mountain Bike Training Camp, Alamosa & Del Norte, CO

July 8th Denver Cycling Collective 2nd Saturday, Alchemy Bicycle Co, Denver, CO
July 15th Level 2 Coach Summit, Golden, CO
July 27th Guest Bartender with Luis Benitez, RockyMounts, Boulder, CO

August 2-6 Western State CU - Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Camp, Gunnison, CO

2017 Race Schedule:
Race #1 August 26 (North) - 27 (South) Frisco Peninsula
Race #2 September 10 (South) - Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
Race #2 September 10 (North) - Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Springs
Race #3 September 23 (North) - 24 (South), Granby Ranch
Race #4 October 7 (South) - 8 (North) McMurry Ranch, Nathrop
Race #5 October 22 State Championships, Eagle



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