League Director's Note Wow, I just returned from the NICA National Conference in Eagle, CO (file under tough job, but someone has to do it (-; ). The

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Day 2 of riding, at 9,500' on Wolverton trail. I'm sporting the slick new NICA kit.

League Director's Note

Wow, I just returned from the NICA National Conference in Eagle, CO (file under tough job, but someone has to do it (-; ). The riding was indeed epic, but even more inspiring was the passion and energy in the room, all focused on getting #morekidsonbikes and continuing to grow NICA as a sustainable youth development organization. New initiatives introduced at the conference include a revised MTB101 curriculum to train our coaches, an online incident reporting system that’s tied into a risk management study being conducted by the Center for Sports Medicine at the University of Utah, and so much more!

Things are definitely heating up for us in New Jersey, with our September 24-25 Leaders’ Summit (NICA-speak for coaches’ training) less than three months away, our Charter Member campaign in full swing, conversations with awesome potential sponsors underway, teams forming, recruiting of our core race staff in full swing, and a mentoring and recruiting program for female student-athletes being developed.

Also, we're holding our monthly group ride for NJ coaches, volunteers and friends of the league next Monday, July 18, at Six Mile Run. For more info, and an overview all NJICL events, check out our events page.

Interested in getting involved but not sure how - drop me a line or give me a ring at 908-872-7940 anytime. Keep the rubber side down, and thanks for your support. Regards, Tom


Summer Dirt Tour

We will be holding information sessions over the summer months months throughout New Jersey, to continue to create awareness around NICA coming to New Jersey. The target audience are potential coaches / ride leaders, volunteers, parents, and student-athletes; check out our Tour Schedule. The presentations will be similar to the information session many of you attended at the Grain House back in March. Let us know if you would like to help organize a Dirt Tour Stop in your area - if you're a coach, it's a great way to help you recruit assistant coaches, ride leaders and student athletes.

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What's a Leaders' Summit?

The NICA Leaders' Summit is a two day training seminar that prepares coaches, assistant coaches and ride leaders to run a team, teach basic mountain biking skills, and provide a safe experience to their student-athletes. It includes a half-day MTB 101 on-the-bike session during which you will learn the NICA-endorsed training method, which includes the progressive steps needed to teach anyone (even yourself) both basic and advanced mountain biking skills. You will also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders.
Click here to register for the September 24-25 NJ Leaders' Summit.

charter campaign

Charter Member T-Shirt

Charter Member Campaign

We have a challenge for you - while following our progress, have you ever found yourself saying or thinking “I wish they had this when we were in school”? If you did (and even if you didn’t), we hope you will consider a financial donation and help us make interscholastic cycling a reality for today’s NJ teens by becoming a charter member! A donation of $100 or more will earn you our Charter Member t-shirt, to wear with pride and help spread the word. Our goal is to recruit at least 80 NJ Charter Members, and we're a quarter of the way to reaching our goal. We are an all volunteer organization, so every penny you donate will go towards creating the NJ league, and your contributions are tax deductible (to the extent allowed by law). We hope you will join us and donate now.
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Ski Training in the Summer

Can ski training actually be productive in the summer without heading to a prestigious summer camp at Mount Hood, Chile or Europe? While those destinations provide the obvious on snow experience, there are other ways to improve fitness, strength, tactics and FUN without ever carving a turn on the snow.

Traditional “dryland training” incorporates weight, agility and interval training that can provide a stable base foundation for your upcoming season. Still, next season is a LONG time to wait to feel the thrill of speed or hear the wind in your helmet as you rip your favorite descent, or weave through some of the best glade sections. Unless…you ride a mountain bike!

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