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Coaches News November 2014

TMB 3365

Celebration | Photo Credit: Todd Bauer


▪ Thankful
▪ Coach License & Waivers
▪ Team Training Limits
▪ Category Placements
▪ Holiday Gift Ideas - MN League Apparel
▪ 2015 Rulebook
▪ NICA Education
▪ Online Incident Form


Here are a few tid-bits to help prepare for next season.

mtka boy social

Dylan Kiefer (513) Soph D1 Minnetonka Racer



Without your efforts, this smile would not be possible.

Imagine over 500 kids with this ear to ear grin. You made it happen.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday knowing you have brought something special to Minnesota kids.

Thank you.

TMB 7462

Annie Perkins, Stillwater MTB, Mankato Race | Photo credit: Todd Bauer


Wondering when your coaching license expires?

Let's answer that in two parts since your license involves criteria and waivers.

Part of the coach license process includes a waiver. After the race season concludes, this waiver becomes obsolete, and therefore the clearance to do "coaching activities" is void as well.

The license is earned by taking specific criteria courses and if any of these credentials expire, the license becomes invalid.

Once you recertify yourself for a certification (ie: CPR) you are reactivated as a current coach.

Any coach who would like to do a "coaching activity" in the off season, should contact Bruce Martens and gain written permission and discuss a renewed waiver.


NICA has strict training limits for NICA Teams. These limits protect student-athletes and create a supportive environment, as well as reduce exposure to physical risk and burnout. While NICA is 100% committed to supporting its student-athletes and coaches who suffer injuries, insurance coverage applies only to the allowable activities described below.

League teams are limited to the number of weeks in which they can participate in, and conduct the allowable activities described below. Insurance coverage is not provided for any activities outside of these time limits.

Each year is divided into a pre-season, a regular season, and an off-season.


Start Date. April 1. Teams and clubs can commence limited pre-season team activities after April 1.

Allowable Activities
The team, club, and coaches must be registered with NICA to participate in, and conduct activities. Only the following pre-season activities are permitted and must be pre-approved by the MN League director.

1. Bike checks and bike fit;
2. Mechanical workshops;
3. All-inclusive fun rides; and
4. Skills clinics

Pre-Season Activities Limit.
The maximum number of pre-season activities is 6.


Start Date. July 1. Regular training, to include up to four practices per week, may commence after July 1.

Racing Limits. Teams and clubs may participate in races only during the regular season.

End of Season. No team or club rides, or any other training activities, may take place following the 14th consecutive day after the final NICA league race of the season. Special summer or post-season activities and rides after this two-week period may be approved and allowed by the MN league director.


The off-season is defined as periods not within the applicable pre-season and regular season periods. Organized team rides and races are strictly prohibited during the off-season. The following activities during the off-season will jeopardize a team or club’s eligibility:

1. A league team racing under the school name;
2. Using the school jersey at races as a team;
3. Having practices that meet on school grounds;
4. Having regular meetings at school that organize activity for off-season training and racing;
5. Using any league team property without a letter of permission from school administration; and
6. Using the same league team website as an outlet for organizing off- season practices or racing.

NICA respects off-season non-league related racing activities. However, all off- season coaching activity must be done under a separately organized, insured, and named team. Teams found to be racing as a high school team during the off-season will be ineligible to compete in NICA league races the following season.

Questions on this matter, please direct them to Bruce Martens.

1094 mankato ms

Mankato MS Brady Olsen | Photo Credit: Todd Bauer


Categories are the different racing levels that a racer is assigned to based on their year in school and their racing history.

Category placement and division rules are designed to facilitate and promote fair, safe, and challenging competition. Student-athletes seeking an alternative placement
may petition to the MN league director for an exception.

Additional Questions on Category Placement?
Please review the 2015 NICA Rulebook, please go to Page 15 for Category Placement Rules.

Category Placements for Fall Leagues are published in the Pre-Season time period on the NICA website.

All athletes are allowed to submit a petition to move up or down in category. The petition must be completed and signed by the athlete, coach and parent before being submitted to MN League Director.

Questions, please direct them to Tim Walsh.

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Each year, the NICA Rules Committee meets to discuss issues that came up during the course of a season and brainstorm updates to the rulebook that benefit all leagues.

The 2015 Rulebook has now been released. Please take the time to review the new rulebook.


Reminder: The link to the rulebook can also be found on the MN League Coaches Resource Page on the website.

For a review of the changes, please review the NICA Rulebook Updates.


The NICA Coaches License Program strives to ensure that coaches are sufficiently knowledgable so as to have a positive impact on NICA student-athletes.

During the off-season, please take advantage of the educational resources gathered by the NICA group.


Reminder: The link to education resources can also be found on the MN League Coaches Resource Page on the website.

Questions, please direct them to Bruce Martens.


NICA has developed an online form which can be used to quickly and easily submit an incident report.

See the form below. It can also be found on the MN League Coaches Resource Page on the website.


There is a PDF file which can be downloaded as well.

Questions, please direct them to Tim Walsh.

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