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20 October 2020

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Warren Buffet is famously quoted as saying, If you don’t know jewels, know your jeweler. My mother said similar things regarding all sorts of professionals. From butchers to car mechanics, if you are not an expert, find someone who is, and put your trust in them. The true professionals have a great deal of pride in their work and take genuine pleasure in helping you—in educating you, really, in that beautiful intersection of your interest and their expertise. The charlatans who knowingly dupe you are especially vile, but the amateurs who accidentally mess you up, can be just as bad.

I see this on Ravelry all the time. As I often say, the wonderful things about Ravelry is that anyone can be a designer, but the really bad thing about Ravelry is that anyone continue reading about choosing a good knitting pattern

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Sharon s GlampingBlanket

Sharon, Casapinka's fierce feline Head of Security designed this cozy blanket in soft, washable Berroco Vintage for fun Glamping trips and also for happy time at home beside the fire. There are four colors and four sizes available

cat 18"x22"
Baby, small dog, portly cat 24"x36"
Dog/lap blanket 35"x44"
Sofa blanket for humans 46"x58"

For more details and to order, see Casapinka Glamping Kit Afghan

Glamping 4

Color 4

Copy of Sharon s GlampingBlanket

Meet Nancy, by Boo Knits. I love this shawl pattern, and I've been looking for a perfect partner for beautiful new Katia Infinity. I think Nancy is the one. A beautifully written pattern, both charted and written out, it is easy to follow, and deceptively easy to knit. I think it will be especially amazing in Inifinty Shawl's gradient colors.


Early this year I talked about starting a podcast. I was all in and ready to go. Then everything went all 2020 on me. I started doing the Crazy for Ewe Live events, to say hi and stay in touch. That turned into a regularly scheduled thing with guests and a format, and well, a video podcast! So look for it on the Crazy for Ewe Yarns Facebook Page and the Crazy for Ewe YouTube Channel Share it on Facebook with your friends, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and click the little bell icon so you can get a reminder when each episode is about to go live.

I'm so happy and proud to have been able to bring you great guests and patterns on the podcast, and I hope you enjoy getting a little inside scoop on the industry and more. Thanks for watching, and for being part of the community.

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Katia infinity review

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A comprehensive course that will have you wearing a beautiful top you made yourself. I'll be right there with you, every step of the way-- from working your gauge swatch to weaving in your ends. Detailed instruction, supportive guidance, and patient support will ensure you learn everything you need to make this cute top.

Sign up for knitting your first sweater class and then start thinking about your yarn.


I tend to reach for the same thing over and over. Ask me how many pairs of black pants I have! Someone I just wish someone else would reach out a hand and drab me out of my rut. Is that you? Nothing in your stash doing it for you? I hear you! That's why we're offering you a Crazy for Ewe Surprise Package! Give me two words to guide me, and I'll pull together an awesome project just for you. Each package will contain yarn for a particular project and a pattern. more

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