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Sun Prairie Team Gather for their Pre-Race Huddle | 2014


November 2014

2014 Statistics & 2015 Goals
Media Attention
Coaches Meeting after Awards
2015 Preliminary Race Dates
Spring Leaders Summit Dates
Wilderness First Aid Class
NICA Webinar Series
Recruitment Aids
WI League Core Staff & 2015 NICA Rulebook

Thanks again for all of your efforts - without your help we would not have had such a successful inaugural season! Each and every one of you made it happen.

Thank you.

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Pit Zone and Tent Village | Race #3 Nordic Mountain


▪ 16 teams
▪ 155 student-athletes
▪ 64 coaches
▪ 350+parents
▪ 4 races

▪ 25 teams
▪ 250 student-athletes
▪ 85 coaches
▪ 500+ parents
▪ 5 races
▪ 2 Summer Camps
▪ 6 Try It Out Sessions

Together, we can make it happen.

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Wausau TV Station Runs Story on WI League | 2014


We have received a number of excellent news and television stories during the season.

TV Stories in Wausau and Madison.
Newspaper Feature Articles in Milwaukee, Madison and numerous local papers.

See WI League Media News

Working with the media to help spread the word about the WI League and your team is very important and can help with recruitment for your team!

Kathy Coaches

Kathy Mock - Pre-Race Coaches Meeting Race #2


After the race at Cascade, we gathered to discuss the season. Below are the items identified as successes and things to work on.

▪ NICA's assistance was AWESOME.
▪ Great preparation for race day led to organized races.
▪ Great Venues and Courses
▪ Friendly Staff
▪ Great general and EMT support

Things we need to look at adding/changing:
▪ Easier access to administer Pitzone - I will connect with NICA
▪ Pitzone being closed on Tuesday evening - I will connect with NICA
▪ JV and Varsity races may be too long - We will continue to get your feedback.
▪ Adding an on-line coaching forum - I'm sure other League's are doing this.
▪ Food vendors on site at races.
▪ If we get close to 250 athletes we will need to utilize Division 1 and Division 2 team standards.
▪ We will be naming "host teams" to each of the race venues. They will be responsible to supply 6 volunteers to work Saturday's Set-up from 9:00 until 2:30.

boysPodium race2600

Podium from Race #2


Below are the preliminary race dates for 2015. Please be aware these dates are subject to change.

Race #1 - Sun. Aug 30
Race #2 - Sun. Sept 13
Race #3 - Sun. Sept 20
Race #4 - Sun. Oct 4
Race #5 - Sun. Oct 18

Venues for next year will be the same, plus we are looking at a possible Border-Battle with MN.

leaders summit

WI League Spring Leaders' Summit 2014


Save the Date

Sat. March 28 - 29, 2015 will be the next Leaders' Summit for WI League. We only have the date finalized, more information will be coming re location.

Why attend?
The summit brings together Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Ride Leaders, and General Volunteers — both new and experienced — to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community.

Attending a NICA Leaders’ Summit is a requirement for obtaining a NICA Coaches License at the level of Head Coach or Assistant Coach.

Note from Bruce Martens, Coaching Director for MN League and NICA:
You only "need" to attend once, however, it is really through attending a Leaders Summit AGAIN, after having gotten the information and gone out and experienced working with a high school mountain bike team, that they get the full value of what is presented in the Leaders Summit.

You and I both know that we can't possibly imagine all of the nuances that are experienced as a first year coach, and the information we present to prepare these coaches for those nuances can't really be embraced until there is an experiential relationship with the material.

It's in the second time around, after working with the kids, parents, and administrators, that the material actually takes meaning. They then bring back their questions and stories and receive supervision and guidance.

Heck, I am on my fifth Leaders Summit and there are many things I have seen four times over that I am only just now connecting with :)

The other reason I believe it is important for folks to come back is that there is no substitute for peer mentorship. Coaches who have been in these seats, gone out and worked in these positions, who come back and share their experience, strength, and hope with the new group are a priceless contribution to the newcomer's experience. And nothing solidifies a commitment to position more than teaching someone else what has been learned. Returning coaches are essential to an optimal Leaders Summit and it cannot be over emphasized or the value in their participation over estimated.

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Do you still need to get your Wilderness First Aid or CPR certification?

UPCOMING CLASSES: We will be offering two classes this Spring. Please email Kathy Mock, Co-Director for the WI League, if you are interested in attending or have further questions.

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NICA Webinar Series


NICA is excited to offer the following free webinars to develop coaching skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. All webinars provide 1.5 Continuing Education Units. While new coaches and volunteers are encouraged to participate, these webinars are not intended to be a substitute for attending a Leaders’ Summit, which are held annually by each League. Registration is required to participate in a webinar.


▪ An Overview of Periodization Training - November 13th, 2014 5:00 PST

▪ Registration and the NICA Rule Book 101 - December. 2, 2014

More Seminars will be coming online in January.


Example: Shorewood MTB Team held a Single Track High Screening


Please keep in mind that now is the perfect time to recruit new student/athletes for your existing teams.

Please feel free to plan informational meetings at middle and high schools that you are already pulling from as well as those that are in the same school district. Or, if you are a composite team, from schools within 20 minutes or so from your practices.

Here are just a few tools to assist you in recruiting:

Show the Single-Track High video. Let Kathy know if you need a copy.
Log onto the WI League Team Starter Kit page. This page has all the tools you need to start and manage a team. Powerpoint presentations, editable posters, links to inspiring videos and more!

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Come on - these guys need your help!


As you all know, we were looking to fill a few more Core Staff Positions.

However, we were able to fill a big one!

Matt Keon will be our 2015 Chief Referee, he'll be spending this winter reading the 2015 NICA rulebook!

Positions we are still looking to fill:
▪ Race Reporter
▪ Operations Assistant
▪ Assistant to the Race Director

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please email Kathy!

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