In the Gallery in May The Enduring Still Life Featuring the work of Michael McChesney Opening Friday, May 5th from 5 to 8 pm Exhibition runs throu

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In the Gallery in May

The Enduring Still Life
Featuring the work of Michael McChesney
Opening Friday, May 5th from 5 to 8 pm
Exhibition runs through May 27th, 2017

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A collection of contemporary and classic still life images as interpreted by Michael McChesney and a number of our gallery artists including Scott Duce, Shelley Jordon, Robert Hunter Douglas and others. Michael is relatively new to the gallery but has been teaching and painting his entire life. Having recently moved to the area, we are excited to show his work in the gallery this month.

“Observing the world around me, I select everyday objects to provide me with a powerful image. Using photographs and Photoshop, I refine the image, and then I draw the image on canvas using a projector. This gives me the opportunity to adjust the scale of the image.

My artwork is a reflection of the world as I see it and I want the viewer to see that also. I see sensuousness and beauty in everyday objects and I want to immediately catch the attention of the viewer so that they can see that too. All objects and images have beauty, value and impact.

With each painting I complete, I continue to explore line, mass volume, shape, and composition while using color and color theories. These theories and techniques enable me to push the viewer to scrutinize the world in which he lives. Hopefully, the viewer will return home after seeing one of my paintings with a desire to examine and look more closely at the world around him.

As to the place in the development of my artwork, I cannot comment. I have found that over the forty years of making works of art, each piece is a step. Sometimes a step forward, sometimes a step sideways, and sometimes a step backwards, in my development as an artist. Being an artist is a journey. Each work is part of the progression of what I learn along the way. The world opens and closes doors; each event brings challenges and rewards.”
—Michael McChesney


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