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Late October 2014 || issue #27
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Cross-Country: Championship Races

[For xc runners, it's the World Series, Super Bowl, and Marathon -- all wrapped into a single race. After almost 2 months of dual and tri meets, we have the League meets and state meets. Here are some results from the League meets on the last weekend in October and some meets earlier in the month. We apologize if we've missed any graduates of the GTD XC Program. To be included in the next issue, please send your results to]

AJ Ernst (Marblehead) dominated the Northeast Conference XC Championship with a winning time of 16:04 over the Bradley Palmer course in Topsfield on Oct. 25. Riley Dowd (Peabody) was a great 3rd in 16:26, Jared Kokinos (Marblehead) was 6th in 16:33, Adam Linsky (Marblehead) 10th in 17:05, and Michael Weidenbruch (Marblehead) 24th in 18:06.

In the JV race, Peabody’s Anthony Pizzo was 4th in 18:15, Marc Alperan 6th in 18:39, and Shane Braz 7th in 18:46. Ryan Mullen ran 20:24, Ryan Calnan 21:39, Tyler Conrad 22:15, Kyle Alves 22:37, and Felipe Camelo 22:39.

Sarah Oliver (Marblehead) captured the NEC girls championship with a sparkling 19:54. Julia Curtin (Beverly) was 2nd in 19:59 and Abby Walsh (Beverly) 6th in 20:31. Sheehan Gotch (Beverly) was 14th in 22:08 and Cynthia Aroke (Peabody) 16th in 22:16.

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In the Cape Ann League meet, also at the Bradley Palmer course, GTD xc “graduates” dominated the girls varsity race, taking the following finishing spots – 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 31, 39, and 41.

Emily DeMarco (Ipswich) was 2nd in a strong 18:42PR. Tia Patterson (Lynnfield) was 5th in a quick 19:21PR. Olivia Horgan (Hamilton-Wenham) was 6th in an excellent 19:29, and Meghan Stone (Hamilton-Wenham) was 9th in 19:43. Jeanine Zheng (Hamilton-Wenham) was 12th in 20:18 and Caitlyn Scola (Ipswich) 16th in 20:49. Niamh Dalton (Manchester Essex) was 19th in 21:04. Annie Zampitella (Ipswich) was 31st in 22 flat, Maggie Brown (Ipswich) 39th in 22:17, and Amanda Burnett (Hamilton-Wenham 41st in 22:26.

In the girls JV race, Bailey Wallick (Hamilton-Wenham) was 4th in 21:39, Maddie Dixon (Hamilton-Wenham) 15th in 22:58, Lilly Kallman (Ipswich) 19th in 23:11, Aislin Wallick (Hamilton-Wenham) 28th in 23:23, Courtney Cayer (Ipswich) 27:50, and Marin Lannon (Lynnfield) a tough 35:38.

In the Cape Ann boys race, Jack Blatchford (Hamilton-Wenham) was 18th in 17:11 and Chip Cring (Hamilton-Wenham) 19th in 17:15. Reed Dolan (Ipswich) ran 18:05. In the JV race, Connor Fauske (Ipswich) ran 21:24.

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At the Merrimack Valley Conference XC Championship in Chelmsford on Oct. 25, Tiffany Simione (Central Catholic) continued her great season with a 3rd finish in 19:36. Avery Hayes (Central Catholic) was 22nd in 21:13 and Katie Freeman (Central Catholic) 26th in 21:19. Katie Anne Hayes (Central Catholic) ran 23:31. In the JV race, Deryn St. James (Central Catholic) ran 28:24 and Lexi Lowrie (Central Catholic) 29:57.

In the boys race, Mike Famiglietti (Tewksbury) was 3rd in 16:19.

At the Middlesex League XC Championship over the 2.5 mile course in Woburn on Oct. 27, Abigail Harrington (Wakefield) was 35th in 17:21, Reilly McNamara (Wakefield) 39th in 17:34, and Catherine Urbano (Wakefield) 74th in 19:29.
In the boys race, Matt Dimauro (Woburn) was 32nd 14:09.

patrick finocchiaro


Patrick Finocchiaro (Derryfield) ran a 17:08PR on Oct. 25 at the New Hampshire XC Divisional Championship at Derryfield Park in Manchester. Patrick reports that “the course was comprised of grass, many hills with rocks and gravel (but dry), and some pavement. I ran this course September 27 at 17:49.9.” His 17:08 sets a new school record for that course. Patrick and his team move on the Meet of Champions on Nov. 1.

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At the NSCESCCL League Meet on Oct. 27 at Bishop Fenwick over a 1.7 mile course, Kathryn White was 2nd overall in 10:51, with Lea Bettencourt 3rd in 11:18 and Victoria Holleran 4th in 11:21. Elani Gikas was 6th in 11:26, Sarah Enes 14th in 12:09, and Ali Pais 19th in 12:20. Molly Jenkins was 24th in 12:39.

In the boys race, Jonah Carlson was the overall winner in 9:51. Sam Jenkins was 15th in 10:56 and Nick Gubitose 43rd in 11:54.

In the NEC Middle School XC meet in Gloucester on Oct. 27, Cassia Picardy ran 11:27 and Carly Calnan 12:13. In the boys race, Billy Beauregard was the overall winner in 9:08. Patrick Carbone ran 10:10, Ryan Buchanan 11:01, and Ryan Nagy 12:43.

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AJ Ernst was 1st overall 16:01 at the Div. 2 Twilight XC Invitational Meet (5k) in Falmouth on Oct. 18. Jared Kokinos ran 17:01, Adam Linsky 17:23, and Michael Weidenbruch 17:41.

In the girls Div. 2 race, Sarah Oliver ran 19:30. In the Div. 1 race, Abby Walsh ran 19:01 and Julia Curtin 19:42.

Emily DeMarco held her pace for the first 2 miles and surged in the last mile to win the Catholic Memorial Invitational at Franklin Park in Boston on Oct. 18. Emily's time was 19:27. Tiffany Simione was 2nd in 19:41, Tia Patterson 3rd in 20:06, Avery Hayes 4th in 20:27, Sydney Packard 7th in 20:39, and Katie Freeman 8th in 20:44. Six of the top 8 were GTD graduates. Katie Anne Hayes ran 22:26 and Mary Pasquale 22:49.

In the boys race, Riley Dowd was 12th in 16:46.

Tristan Shelgren won the freshman race (3k) in 10:13. Jack Keenan ran 12:01, and Zach Mizioch 13:26.

On Oct. 21, Tia Patterson led her Lynnfield team to victory over N. Reading with a winning time of 18:39 over her 2.89 mile home course.

On Oct. 15 over the very hilly Lawrence Reservoir 3.05 mile course, Tiffany Simione took 1st in a dual meet in 20:06. Avery Hayes was 6th in 21:34 and Katie Freeman 7th in 21:44. Katie Anne Hayes ran 23:14, Deryn St. James 28:44, and Lexi Lowrie 29:09. Central’s JV team is undefeated this season – great depth.

Abby Walsh led Beverly on Peabodys 2.89 mile course at Brooksby Farms with a 17:19 winning time. Julia Curtin was 2nd overall in 17:23 and Sheehan Gotsch 7th in 18:59.

Tia Patterson (Lynnfield) was first in 18:24 on Oct. 8 against Amesbury.

On Central Catholic’s home course (Lawrence Reservoir, 3.05 miles), Tiffany Simione’ was 2nd in 19:36 (5 seconds from 1st), ending her 7-meet winning streak. Avery Hayes ran 21:29, Katie Freeman 21:41, Katie Anne Hayes 22:46, Lauren Donald 24:18, and Deryn St. James 27:48.


Tia Foglietta

Tia Foglietta won the 24th Annual Woods Trail Run in Thetford, VT, in 21:33.

On Oct. 4 at the Bay State XC Invitational at Franklin Park (5k), Tiffany Simione ran 19:32, Meghan Stone 20:10, Olivia Horgan 20:27, Jeanine Zheng 20:35, Avery Hayes 20:41, Katie Freeman 20:52, Bailey Wallick 22:37, and Katie Anne Hayes 23:05.

Jared Kokinos ran 17:18, Chip Cring 17:26, Jack Blatchford 17:26, and Mike Weidenbruch 17:41.

Tia Patterson ran an 18:20 PR at a tri-meet on Oct. 1.

In a tri-meet over Methuen’s 3.0 course on Oct. 1, Central Catholic’s Tiffany Simione remained undefeated in 7 races, winning in 18:39. Avery Hayes ran 19:50, Katie Freeman 20:24, Katie Anne Hayes 21:18, and Deryn St. James 26:16.

At the 8th Annual Ocean State Cross Country Invitational in Warwick, RI, on Sep. 27, Tiffany Simione covered the 5k course in 19:50. Olivia Horgan ran 20:03, Meghan Stone 20:28, Jeanine Zheng 20:45, Katie Freeman 21:14, Avery Hayes 21:56, Bailey Wallick 22:45, Katie Anne Hayes 22:46, Lauren Donald 24:04, Aislin Wallick 24:10, and Maddie Dixon 24:26.

In the boys race, Jack Blatchford ran 17:08 and Chip Cring 18:10.


XC Updates and Thanks

Results from the November XC meets will be available in the next Little Things newsletter.
The results posted in the GTD Little Things newsletter this fall have been possible only by the excellent reporting from the following student/athletes: Tia Patterson (Lynnfield), Emily Demarco (Ipswich), Abby Walsh (Beverly), and Sarah Oliver (Marblehead). We also are grateful for the generous support from Central Catholic''s Head Coach, Colette Madore.

Interested in training for XC next summer? It's the base and the basis for your 2015 xc season. For information about the program and dates, go here.

To see photos of some of the 2014 xc training sessions, go to these links --
July 7, July 9, July 11, July 18, July 25, July 30, August 1


Marathons and More

Matt Pimentel ran 2:53:11 at the Bay State Marathon in Lowell on Oct. 19. Don Chapelle ran 2:58:47 and Michele Gorham 4:27:15. In the Half-Marathon, Lori Colella ran 1:21:33 for 2nd woman overall, and Sharon Yu 2:05:40.

At the Toronto Marathon on Oct. 19, Tina Dowling ran 3:30:46, Bob Whirty 3:36, and Glenn Simm 3:38:34. All Boston qualifiers for 2016.

Carmela Taveras won her age group (50-54) in the BAA Distance Medley. With a 5k of 21:08, 10k of 44:30, and half-marathon of 1:45:27, her combined time of 2:51:05 was almost 5 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor. Carmela is an inspiration on the track each Tuesday evening – and she’s hard to beat on the weekends.

At the BAA Half-Marathon on Oct. 12, Holly Madden ran 1:28:53 and Linda Jennings 1:40:05.

At the Tufts 10k in Boston on Oct. 12, Erin Flynn ran a great 37:54 and Karen Durante won her age group in 43:38. Martha O’Brien ran a fine 58:03.

Peter Durgin ran an excellent 3:17 at the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 12.

Sharon Yu ran 43:39 at the Bobby Bell 5 miler in Haverhill on Oct. 12. Michele Gorham ran 39:20.

Tom Kinneman qualified for and competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on Oct. 11. After a good swim and a mechanical-disaster plagued bike, Tom rolled to a tremendous 3:53 marathon to finish strong and become (yes) an Ironman in 12:58:45.

At the Smuttynose Half-Marathon at Hampton Beach on Oct. 5, Michael Day ran an excellent 1:26:23 and Mike Furlong – representing “Team Sharon Yu” – a very proud 1:52:30.


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