Good News for Recovery + Life (October 2016) When You Feel Lost, Let Nature Lead About a month and a half ago, I packed up all my stuff....and my pa

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Good News for Recovery + Life (October 2016)


When You Feel Lost, Let Nature Lead


The new double wide "his n hers" outdoor tort fort, where Malti and Bruce now spend whole blissful days quite literally covered in nature....mostly in the form of cool and comfy dirt. :-)

About a month and a half ago, I packed up all my stuff....and my parrot's stuff....and my turtles' stuff....and we moved to a new casa halfway across town.

It was very hard work - packing and unpacking all those boxes. What made it even harder was that a good portion of everything that came with us had to end up at Goodwill - our new space was literally half the size of the one we left behind.

The moment I finished unpacking the indoor stuff that made the cut, it was time to build two outdoor enclosures for my unbelievably patient shelled sidekicks. Malti had been waiting more than two years, and Bruce, my more recent rescue, several months, to return to the natural outdoor lifestyle (and the mounds of mud and dirt) they loved.

What I'm getting at with all this is that, while on the outside I was very busy, very focused, oh-so-goal oriented and productive and all that good stuff, on the inside I was a WRECK.

I was a mess. A hot, anxious mess. A depressed, mid life crisis-ing mess who was getting very good at freaking out.

Recently, when even my mentor stopped responding to my frantic emails, I decided it was time to take myself in hand.

What did I do? I went for a walk. I got on my bicycle and rode again. I sat in the sun and soaked up vitamin D. I looked - really LOOKED - at the intensely green, rain-soaked nature surrounding me, and I let it in.

Recently I was reading a book that offers me great and reliable comfort when I'm feeling totally unwound. One of the characters has a meltdown about halfway through, and the narrator's advice to her is to return to nature.

He says that nature has more light than anything else in this world and it can comfort us when nothing else can.

I truly, truly believe this.

My craving for nature - for wind, for sky, for waves, for birds, for turtles, for puppies and butterflies, for flowers and trees and grass and quiet, humble, natural life has never been greater than in this last month or so.

Wise, patient, strong, delicate yet resilient nature is reminding me once again that if it can survive the challenges of daily life and still have so much beauty and love and life to give, surely I can too.

With great respect and love,



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