Artistic Enrichment in the New Year

Education and Employment in the Arts

The year 2020 has now fully come into its own. February is here, and endless opportunities abound in our arts community. As lifelong students, we at the Lehigh Valley Arts Council believe that there is always room for growth and discovery in our personal and professional lives. Whether it is taking up a new hobby, honing a learned skill, or furthering an arts education, a wonderful abundance of artistic and cultural resources exist in in the Lehigh Valley area that can help us find our paths and fuel our passions.


Learning Never Ends

Get a jumpstart on the New Year with some local arts enrichment. Whether you're a curious newbie or an experienced professional ready for a new challenge, there are options in the Lehigh Valley. Take a look at the sampling of arts enrichment opportunities we've compiled to help you get started.



"Imagination is the source of every human achievement."

Sir Ken Robinson, author, speaker and international adviser on arts education


The Value of Being Young at Art

Charge Your Child's Creativity

Since 2016, we have helped families find opportunities for their children to get involved in the arts. Over 800 people attend each year to meet local producers from a wide range of cultural organizations, experience unique showcases and participate in hands-on activities.

Young at Art 2018-70

Free to attend, the fifth Young at Art expo will be on Saturday, March 14, 2020, at Penn State Lehigh Valley from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.


The Arts Can Pay Well


If you are considering majoring in art, this article might help assuage your parent’s anxiety about your earning potential. Each of these careers in the arts require higher education and expertise and dispel the myth about not making a living in the arts.

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