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We are pumped for another season of creating magical memories in the dirt. Coaches are pivotal in providing the structure and opportunity for youth to shine!

A list of many ideas for playful drills to develop skills compiled by Elke Brutsaert, Fort Lewis College is HERE. Mix it up and have FUN while developing a purposeful practice session.

The Impact Zone is an informative article that sheds light on the latest research related to concussions associated with impact sports. Remember your duty of care and legal obligation to require medical clearance before returning to activity. Protect the precious brain!

Thank you for reviewing the information below to stay informed on the upcoming season.

Keep the rubber side down,

Kate Rau, Executive Director

Contents July 2017

1. 2017 Rules Update
2. Category Petitions Due August 14th
3. Team Division Determination - August 21st
4. Confirm Legacy Riders and Team Contact Information
5. Race Weekend Volunteer Team Assignments
6. Weekend Contests - Fire Up Your Team Spirit
7. Team and Racer Pit Zone Registration
8. Last Call - Personal Number Plate

2017 Rules Update

The primary intent of rules is to ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all participants. Providing a format that is predictable, consistent and transparent supports a community environment that fosters a positive sporting attitude regardless of the level of competitiveness and promotes the core principles of building strong minds, bodies, and characters in a welcoming inclusive environment that respectfully treats all members equally.

The 2017 Rule updates are HERE.

NEW changes include:

2.11 Leave no Trace - updated to add Yellow Level Consequence for intentional littering

First offense: Warning

Subsequent offenses; 5-minute penalty

Rule 2.22 Eligibility - NEW Rule

At a minimum, all student-athletes who participate in any Colorado League event must meet the academic and conduct criteria established by their respective school districts and schools for participation in interscholastic athletics. Coaches may establish reasonable participation and/or lettering criteria stricter than the school’s or school district’s criteria unless prohibited by the school or school district from doing so. Coaches may also establish reasonable rules applicable to the functioning of the team. Any participation criteria or other rules which are stricter than or in addition to those established by the school or school district must be effectively communicated to the team members at the beginning of and periodically throughout the season.

Updates communicated earlier include:

▪ Racer Category Placement Criteria
▪ State Championship Critieria
▪ Slingshot Award - The male and female racers, who make the largest advancement in individual standings within their category after the first race of the series. This will be based on the percentage of their field size. They will be awarded the “Slingshot” jersey during the podium ceremony.
Racer Category Placement Criteria
State Championship Critieria
Slingshot Award - The male and female racers, who make the largest advancement in individual standings within their category after the first race of the series. This will be based on the percentage of their field size. They will be awarded the “Slingshot” jersey during the podium ceremony.

Category Petitions Due August 14th

Please check the following racer category information:

North 2017 Categories

South 2017 Categories

If you have questions regarding a rider category placement or wish to submit a petition please review and submit the following information.

Racer Category Placement Criteria
Category Petition Guidelines
Category Placement Petition

Petitions are due August 14th.


Team Division Determination

Will your team compete as D1 or D2? Division size and scoring units need to be defined to allow for accurate scoring. The deadline for this determination is Monday, August 21st.

Division 1 = 16 or more members who attend the same school or less than 5 riders from any 2 schools.
Division 2 = 15 or fewer members who attend the same school or less than 5 riders from any 2 schools.

Please inform Kate Rau of team division size changes or updates in scoring units within a composite team for the season.

Please note that once the season begins, teams do not change divisions. It may not be clear which division a team should compete. This requires coaches to know their team members and, if they're on the cusp, make their best honest prediction. Feel free to welcome new student athletes once the season commences if the are adequately skilled and fit to race.

In the context of this rule, a "member" is a student-athlete who does at least one race during the season. It does NOT mean the number of racers at any given race. It also does NOT mean your total number of student-athletes if there are student-athletes who will absolutely not be racing. Here are a few examples of how this might play out:

▪ A team has 10 total student-athletes and does not know of any other potential student-athletes are ready to join the team. This team is clearly a D2 team.

▪ A team has 20 total student-athletes and 16 are stoked to do every race. This team is clearly a D1 team.

▪ A team has 14 total student-athletes and they are all ready to race. Coaches have heard of, and maybe talked to, 4-5 additional students who think they might join the team and race. This team should probably register as a D1 team as they are on the border and will likely end up with more than 15 racing student-athletes.

▪ A team has 11 total student-athletes. Coaches have heard of, and maybe talked to, 4-5 additional students who think they may join the team and race. This team should probably register as a D2 team as they will likely not have all of the potential students join. Even if they all did, the most would be 13 members, which is within the "bubble" of 12-15 riders.

Please contact League Director Kate Rau if you have any questions or need guidance on determining your team status.

Zoe Legacy Belt Buckle

Confirm Legacy Riders and Team Contact Information

Legacy riders are those who have competed in at least 1 race every year of their high school career. We want to acknowledge these committed student athletes. Please double check the list HERE.

If anyone is missed please contact John "Hutch" Hutchinson.

A list and map of current teams with contact information and website links are HERE. Please contact Kate Rau with updates.


Race Weekend Volunteer Team Assignments

Teams are assigned to "host" a race weekend. We ask teams to contribute at least 1 volunteer per 4 athletes for each race AND 2 volunteers per 4 race athletes to your "host" race. A list of the 2016 Team Volunteer Assignments season is HERE.

Below is a list of the teams assigned to step "out of the saddle" and rally for Race #1 in Frisco.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.55.08 AM
Cherry Creek Comp Tattoos

Cherry Creek Composite racer sporting her ink.

Weekend Contests - Fire Up Your Team Spirit

It is more than a sport and racing! Whip up some creative ideas for the race weekend contests listed here:

Race #1 - Team Chant
Race #2 - Temporary Tattoos
Race #3 - Posh Your Team Pit
Race #4 - Handcrafted Noise Maker
Race #5 - Socks

We look forward to recognizing innovative teams with some sweet prizes from our sponsors!


Team and Racer Pit Zone Registration

Registration is open! It is very easy with electronic registration forms! Team Directors for all returning teams login to register in the NICA Online Pit Zone and invite riders.

Deadline for Team and Coach registration is August 19th. Late fees will be applied starting August 20th.

Login to invite coaches and riders to join your team. If you forgot your login password, type in your email and reset instructions will be sent to that email address.

Team Directors and Head Coaches can invite new and returning members via the Pit Zone. A Pit Zone registration link will be sent to team members.

Re-invite riders as a reminder to have them register for the season.

Please de-activate members who are graduated or no longer on your team.

Riders who wish to join a team and not race must pay the $65 Colorado League/NICA membership and complete the registration process.

All race registration is online ONLY. Race registration closes on Monday, 11:59 PM before each race weekend.

Many questions regarding Pit Zone registration can be answered HERE.

If you need an invitation to register a new or existing team, or independent racer please contact Kate Rau.

Family Dashboard - Now families can have all of their riders registration and one coach registration associated with just one email address. No more logging into separate accounts for each rider and coach. Parents can register their riders, pay for races, update personal information, download coach and rider licenses, and access their order history all on their family dashboard.

A new rider family dashboard is set up immediately upon being invited into the Pit Zone registration system.

Returning riders will be prompted to set up a parent login as the first step of registration. This step creates the family dashboard. For a complete walkthrough of the how a returning rider establishes their family dashboard watch this short video: Navigating-the-Pit-Zone-Returning-Riders

2017 North Conference Legacy Plates Mockup

Add your name to your number plate. Register for at least 1 race by August 1st!

Last Call - Personalize Number Plate

Sign up for any race of the 2017 Conference Series by August 1st and your name will be included on your number plate.

Race Flyers and Schedule
The race flyers and race calendar are located on the website HERE.



August 2-6 Western State CU - Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Camp, Gunnison, CO - SOLD OUT

November 4th Annual Shift Primal Art Party Fundraiser, Denver, CO

2017 Race Schedule:
Race #1 August 26 (North) -27 (South) Frisco Peninsula
Race #2 - South September 10 - Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
Race #2 - North September 10 Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Springs
Race #3 September 23 (North) - 24 (South), Granby Ranch
Race #4 October 7 (South) - 8 (North) McMurry Ranch, Nathrop
Race #5 October 22 State Championships, Eagle

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