WEEK #6: ... Happy Monday, CruzFit'ers! There are three weeks remaining! Please be sure to log your minutes of activity. Team averages should be at


WEEK #6: ...

Happy Monday, CruzFit'ers!

There are three weeks remaining! Please be sure to log your minutes of activity. Team averages should be at 62.5% to be on pace to finish. Make sure your team finishes strong and gets the tee!

Please refer to the important reminders and resources section at the bottom of the newsletter if you have any questions.



Tabata Training

Tabata training is a type of High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workout. It was developed to challenge and improve both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Tabata is great to get an efficient workout, to switch up your normal routine, or if you need to improve power and endurance.

It is a workout that lasts 4 minutes and is broken up into 8 rounds. Each round consists of 20 seconds of activity and 10 seconds of rest. Each round of activity should be performed to maximal effort. It can be performed with any exercise utilizing barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, or just body weight. It is recommended to perform exercises that include large muscle groups. Tabata timers can be found in any app store for your phone or tablet.

Try one session before attempting to complete a series of exercises. Have fun and be safe!

Our FitLife GX programs offers a few weekly classes that include TABATA-style training, such as our Mon/Wed/Fri "Fitness Xpress" (12:30p-1:10p), Tue/Fri/Sun "Cardio Kickboxing" (7:30a-8:30a/10:15a-11:15a), Thursday "Total Body Conditioning" (5:30p-6:30p), and Saturday "BodyShred" (10:15a-11:15a) classes. Any of these will be a great way for you to try out high-intensity interval training in a fun, safe, and social environment under the guidance of a certified fitness professional. You can read more about these classes and our weekly schedule on our website.

Tabata watch
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Free Wellness Workshop @ OPERS East Gym

"Self Trigger Point Therapy" w/Kirsten


This Wednesday afternoon, from 12:10p-12:50p in the OPERS East Gym, UCSC FitLife will be offering a free workshop on the topic of "Self Trigger Point Therapy".

This will be an activity-based workshop (though only low-intensity, and participation is optional) covering the basics self-administered trigger point therapy modalities for easing and reducing muscle pain and tension. The workshop will be taught by UCSC FitLife personal trainer Kirsten Olshan.

All participants will have the opportunity to win some great prizes, provided by UCSC FitLife and Whole Foods Market. Prizes include:

- All Participants = Raffle Ticket for Self-Massage Kit ($60 value)

- All Participants = Raffle Ticket for Whole Foods Gift Cards ($20 value)

- First 20 Participants = Whole Foods Goody Bag ($15 value)




If you jumped on the CruzFit bandwagon a little late into the game, you may need to catch-up on some of the useful info you missed. Please take a moment to read through these emails that were sent out earlier in the program:
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Make sure you start tracking your daily exercise in your Exercise-Tracker in Google Docs. If you don't yet have one, talk to your team captain, who was given instructions on how to create and share it with you. (If you're a team captain and you didn't receive your instructions for creating the Exercise-Tracker file, please email us to request we re-send it to you.)

3) Team Leaderboards

Keep track of your team's progress in comparison with that of the other 750+ teams taking part in this year's challenge. Challenge friends to a friendly competition to reach your goals (100%) first or accumulate the highest average minutes per team member. You can view the Leaderboard file on Google Docs.

4) FAQ's

Check out the FAQ pages in the CruzFit Section of our FitLife Website for answers to all your questions about CruzFit!


Keep up to date on CruzFit news & happenings by following UCSC FitLife on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and by joining our newsletter mailing list!


THANK YOU to all of this year's CruzFit sponsors:

UCSC Employee Wellness, Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz, Whole Foods Market, The Print Gallery

College 8 Student Senate - College 9 Student Senate - College 10 Student Senate - Cowell Student Senate - Crown Student Senate - Kresge Parliament, Merrill Student Government - Oakes Student Senate - Stevenson Student Council


FitLife is a program of the Office of P.E., Recreation, & Sports (OPERS)