WEEK #3: BY THE NUMBERS Happy Monday, CruzFit'ers! We're now beginning week #3 of of the 2015 CruzFit Team Fitness Challenge. Two weeks down, six to



Happy Monday, CruzFit'ers!

We're now beginning week #3 of of the 2015 CruzFit Team Fitness Challenge. Two weeks down, six to go! Registration for this year's challenge is now closed (as are team change requests), and we're excited to see how many members of our UCSC campus community value fitness enough to commit to maintaining or increasing their exercise levels this winter. There are officially 2365 participants registered for this year's CruzFit challenge, divided among 756 teams! That's amazing, and KUDOS to all of you who reached out to your friends and co-workers to encourage them to join the program. I guess we're going to be ordering a LOT of t-shirts for all of you who complete the challenge!


We're 25% done, stay on pace!

We hope you're all getting well established into your new CruzFit exercise routines, and building momentum towards accumulating your goal number of minutes be the end of the 8 weeks (March 13th). In order to help you gauge your pace towards completing the challenge, we added the "Percent Complete" tally for each member (and a team average) to the Team Tracker summary page of your exercise-tracker files. We're now 25% of the way through the 8-week challenge, so if you're not at 25% complete in your exercise-tracker yet, you've got some catching up to do (if you are, then don't lose your momentum!). Don't stress, though, we'll be giving you plenty of tips and opportunities for finding fun and enjoyable ways to earn those exercise minutes over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for future newsletters, and never be afraid to ask us or your fellow CruzFit'ers for help!



Motivation by the Masses

exercise with a friend 1

Now that you're getting into a rhythm with your new years routine, try finding someone who needs a boost of encouragement and invite them to exercise with you. It can be motivating for both of you to have someone you know is depending on you to be present and it makes any activity more fun. Remember, it may take more than one request to motivate some people, but keep trying - eventually you'll wear them down!

Making this effort to find new and/or additional exercise-buddies won't only benefit your fitness, but it may benefit other areas of your health, as well. One interesting study showed that exercising with others reduced stress levels in college students. Who doesn't wan't lower stress-levels, right?


At least once this week invite someone who is not active or is currently less active than they would like to be to do an activity with you. If they come, try to set up another activity date before you leaving.




If you jumped on the CruzFit bandwagon a little late into the game, you may need to catch-up on some of the useful info you missed. Please take a moment to read through these emails that were sent out earlier in the program:
* "Exercise-Tracker Tips & Info"
* "Introducing Team Leaderboards!"
* "Weekly Newsletter #1"
* "Weekly Newsletter #2"
* "Free Nutrition Class (w/Prizes)"
* "Last Chance to Sign-up for CruzFit"
* "A Special Offer from UCSC Recreation"


Make sure you start tracking your daily exercise in your Exercise-Tracker in Google Docs. If you don't yet have one, talk to your team captain, who was given instructions on how to create and share it with you. (If you're a team captain and you didn't receive your instructions for creating the Exercise-Tracker file, please email us to request we re-send it to you.)

3) Team Leaderboards

Keep track of your team's progress in comparison with that of the other 750+ teams taking part in this year's challenge. Challenge friends to a friendly competition to reach your goals (100%) first or accumulate the highest average minutes per team member. You can view the Leaderboard file on Google Docs.

4) FAQ's

Check out the FAQ pages in the CruzFit Section of our FitLife Website for answers to all your questions about CruzFit!


Keep up to date on CruzFit news & happenings by following UCSC FitLife on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and by joining our newsletter mailing list!


THANK YOU to all of this year's CruzFit sponsors:

UCSC Employee Wellness, Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz, Whole Foods Market, The Print Gallery

College 8 Student Senate - College 9 Student Senate - College 10 Student Senate - Cowell Student Senate - Crown Student Senate - Kresge Parliament, Merrill Student Government - Oakes Student Senate - Stevenson Student Council


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