I must stop watching the news. Bellicose voices from different parts of the world are messing with my head. This energy is like the flu and just as contagious. It makes me feel crap and I want to castrate the perpetrators.

That’s it. That’s my solution. Just castrate the lot of them!
Instead we give them air time and print time and any kind of time they want. Don’t we get they are bullies? See them in the playground giving it large some decades ago. How do we allow them to do that in the international playground?

How corrupt or terrified is humanity that we choose bullies as leaders, male or otherwise?

And the divine feminine? Where is she right now? Chances are, like me, she’s exasperated and wants to wreak revenge on the bullies. Unlike me, she has the capacity to do it; to reign fire and brimstone on the lot of them for disrespecting her glory and that of the world.

In which case, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Universe and all the Positive Forces in the Universe… help us all.

She could, of course, just castrate them!

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