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WordPress Affiliate Manager Foster your WordPress affiliate community with Mad Mimi.

Use Mad Mimi to Connect with Your WordPress Affiliates

If you're involved in eCommerce or any type of online marketing, a referral program can be a key component of your long-term community growth.

Fortunately, for WordPress users looking to incentivize sales and expand that digital tribe, there's a simple-to-use plugin called WordPress Affiliate Manager.

WP Affiliate Manager alleviates the headache of tracking affiliate sales, integrating with numerous WordPress eCommerce plugins—including WooCommerce and Simple WP Shopping Cart—to automate affiliate signups and track their clicks and sales in real time.

Now, WordPress Affiliate Manager integrates with Mad Mimi, syncing your WP affiliates directly to your Mimi audience. With your affiliates consolidated into your email marketing platform, you'll be able to easily connect with them via email, tracking all sorts of useful stats along the way and even personalizing emails for each affiliate. There's never been a better way to maintain a personal connection with your sales team!

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Install the Addon: Download, install, and activate the Affiliates Manager Mad Mimi Integration addon.
  2. Go to the Settings Interface: Click on the Mad Mimi menu from the Affiliate Manager plugin's admin interface.
  3. Enter your Mad Mimi API details, along with the list name—then save the settings. If you need help finding your Mad Mimi API key, click here for instructions.

When your WordPress affiliates register for an account, they'll now be added to the Mad Mimi audience list you specified in your plugin settings.

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