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Wishpond Quickly and easily add your Wishpond leads to your Mad Mimi audience.

Export Your Wishpond Leads Straight to Mad Mimi

From landing pages and popups to lead-generation forms and robust A/B testing, the folks at Wishpond are always looking for clever new ways to automate your marketing strategy. Much like Mad Mimi's composer, Wishpond uses a super-simple drag-and-drop system to help you build landing pages with the speed of a thousand digital stallions.

Now, Wishpond's integration with Mad Mimi makes it an absolute snap to export your Wishpond leads directly into your Mad Mimi audience. From there, you'll be able to use Mad Mimi and Wishpond together to not only gather leads, but follow up with them in style by sending beautiful emails to your new contacts.

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Log into your Wishpond account and navigate to your campaign dashboard.
  2. Using the Campaigns link at the top of the page, select the campaign from which you'd like to export your leads. On the left sidebar, click the Export Leads option and select Integrated Apps as your method of export.
  3. Select Mad Mimi as your integrated app of choice, and click the blue button that says Connect with Mad Mimi.
  4. After selecting Mad Mimi, you will be prompted to log in and connect to your Mimi account by providing your login email address and API key. (For more information on locating your Mimi API key, click here.) Enter your Mad Mimi login email and API key, and click Connect.

Simple as that! Wishpond's integration with Mad Mimi helps you skip the step of exporting a CSV file and re-importing it, letting you export leads straight to your Mimi audience instead.

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