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Ambassador An easy to create social referral program

Use Email Marketing To Boost Customer Referrals

With Ambassador you'll be able to encourage and reward users who promote your brand, track social ROI and much more.

Ambassador's email marketing integration with Mad Mimi makes it easy to encourage referrals. You'll be able to stay connected with your ambassadors through Mad Mimi, and encourage them to further share your brand and content.

Even cooler: You can include a unique referral link for your ambassadors in every email.

Sync Your Email List

  1. In your Ambassador account, click on General Settings under your account name.
  2. Click on the integrations tab and select Mad Mimi.
  3. Enter your Mad Mimi API key and list info.

Add A Unique Referral Code To Emails

  1. When composing a promotion, type in (share_url) anywhere you'd like that ambassador's unique referral link to appear.
  2. Send your email promotion.

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