Mad Mimi

Get audience members

GET /audience_members.xml

Returns audience members paged in XML format.

Sample Output

    <audience count="1" page="1" total_pages="1" per_page="30">
  <member suppressed="false">
    <created_at>Tue Mar 08 21:52:33 -0500 2011</created_at>
      <list>Test List</list>
      <list>Test List 2</list>

Optional Parameters

per_page to set the number of audience members returned per page. Must be between 1 and 100
page to set the current page to fetch
order to set the ordering. Must be one of: email, first_name, last_name or created_at
raw, when set, will include suppressed audience members in results. Valid values: true or 1, false or 0.
suppressed_only, when set, will only return suppressed audience members. Valid values: true or 1, false or 0.