Hello !

It's GREAT to be back in California and enjoying the SUMMER!

....which got me thinking of swimming, beaches and memories of tropical water snorkeling...

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'Underwater World" - available as beautiful Limited Edition Prints

Why I wanted to share 'Underwater World' -

One reason I wanted to share this painting is to honor sunny Southern California and its beaches that I am enjoying being close to again while another is my fond memories of warm tropical water snorkeling and the other-worldly feeling of quiet and escape of the 'Underwater World' and beautiful tropical fish.

With a big smile on my face, I also wanted to share the fun Oregon send off I had when this original painting was purchased, along with other works, by collectors whom I so enjoyed my time with when they visited my studio before THE MOVE with Gail Shaffer of Shaffer Fine Art Gallery in Portland.

I am VERY happy to be back in California but will miss the growing friendships with Gail Shaffer of Shaffer Fine Art Gallery and Marilyn Affolter of Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery in McMinnville. My work will continue to be represented by these galleries, so if you are in those areas make sure to stop in!

'Underwater World' is one of a handful of underwater paintings I challenged myself to create to see if I could pull it off successfully like popular artists 'known' for that genre. The Limited Edition Prints of 'Underwater World' are beautiful. For information and pricing click HERE.

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The Healing Arts Program at Scripps

In my last 'newsletter' I mentioned that I would be attending an event at Scripps, La Jolla with my work that would be about the benefits of art in healing environments.

The presentation and dinner that followed where very well done and I enjoyed talking about my work and meeting many of the attendees, mostly donors and prospective supporters of Scripps.

An image to be painted by me has been chosen for a specific area in the new Prebys Cardiovascular Institute at Scripps, La Jolla. The works of other artists have been chosen for other areas of the building as well.

The 'take away' from the presentation is that there is substantial evidence of the HUGE VALUE in having art - the right type of art - in any healing environment. It also leads one to conclude that art is just as valuable in our own homes to benefit our own health and well being.

Click HERE to learn more about the Healing Arts Program at Scripps and how one can give a fully tax deductible contribution to fund specific pieces of art while also supporting an area of interest at Scripps.
Click HERE to see the page specifically about my work for the project.


'HOPE' and the New “Inspirational Reminders” Coming Soon!

I will continue to say COMING SOON as I work on this new area of my web-site— AND - THANK YOU - this month - to those who placed the first orders of “FAITH” - the work I featured in last months newsletter!

I present to you 'HOPE' - AND - back by popular demand, the location of the 'hidden' images

Hope adj XLG

'HOPE' - Mixed Media Acrylic 12"h x 12"w (not on website yet!)

Hope copy.adj XLG withHiddenImageNumbers

To help you with your 'Where's Waldo' style fun -

Collaged behind the main messages are symbolic 'hidden' images I have chosen for different reasons.

Enjoy reading about them:

1) Rainbows - are a symbol of hope and bring promise that the troubles of today will pass and that the rainbow will bring new beginnings and new prosperity. Rainbows guide us to hold on to HOPE.

2) Sprouts - represent new beginnings and new growth. I thought of sprouts to symbolize the growth of new possibilities one is hoping for.

3) Eggs in a nest beginning to hatch - represent new adventure & beginnings, promise, possibility and creation.

4) Maya Angelou with quote “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” -a wise quote for thought from respected, influential American poet and author who I admire who was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during her life.

Not hidden is a White Dove - a classic symbol of Hope that is flying in for a landing!

THANK YOU for Patience.....

To those who placed the first orders for 'FAITH' featured in last months Newsletter. Thank you for your patience in getting those.. as I am setting up my 'system' to fulfill those from this location most efficiently.

All prints will use archival inks and paper. This image is approx 12” sq. and I believe I will be able to offer them at $50 for print only and $65.00 - signed, matted and ready to pop in to a standard 16” frame.

If you are interested in being among the first to purchase "HOPE"* - CONTACT ME ;0)

Mercedes at easel-cropped

Wishing you all good times in the summer days still ahead!

Gail / Mercedes!

contact me: gail@mercedesfineart.com
cell: 760-420-6618
Visit my website: www.MercedesFineArt.com

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