SUMMER Greetings !


And... YES! It IS right back where I started from!

In the spirit of THE MOVE - here is the recently finished painting:

“Happy California Poppy”

Happy California Poppy1XLG

"Happy California Poppy", original oil on canvas, 4 1/2'W x 5 1/2'H (not on website yet)

The color orange is one of my favorites!

Orange is vibrant and is associated with health, joy and sunshine.

This painting was created as a result of being asked to come up with a number of possible images for the new Prebys Cardiovascular wing at Scripps in La Jolla. The image chosen was a different one but I liked this one so much I painted it!

Coincidentally - while waiting the arrival of the moving trucks from Oregon, I have been asked to be at a Power of Art, Power of Healing event at Scripps (along with other artists) - with a ‘representative’ piece of art. The artists will talk with patrons about the project and their work.

A BIG THANK YOU to a friend and Collector in Carlsbad who is allowing me to borrow a painting that is a perfect ‘fit’ for the occassion to bring as the requested ‘representative' artwork as all of my available works will be in transit from Oregon!

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Moves are not particularly fun..... but, for your amusement what do you think about THIS?

I do not enjoy packing and moving a full system of art and print storage that is a vision by itself, but for your MAX amusement and empathy for the movers .....

We have some ridiculously heavy things to move!
My "favorites" are FIVE 9' to10' tall carved rain drums!
Here is a picture of a couple of them sitting in Oregon!

Obviously not something fun (nor smart) - to be moving with!


Having FAITH and an Update on the New “Inspirational Reminders”


"Faith" - 12" x 12" mixed media acrylic original (not on website yet)


In keeping with THE MOVE, the adventures ahead and so much in life, I am thinking FAITH!

In addition to the written MESSAGES on this piece, some of the things collaged and layered behind the scenes of this image and what I was thinking when including them:

▪ 4 leaf clovers - may the future bring all good and lucky things
▪ cherry blossoms- symbolize the beauty of life
▪ butterflies- represent endurance along with change, hope and life
▪ eggs in a nest beginning to hatch - represent new adventure, promise, possibility and creation
4 leaf clovers - may the future bring all good and lucky things
cherry blossoms- symbolize the beauty of life
butterflies- represent endurance along with change, hope and life
eggs in a nest beginning to hatch - represent new adventure, promise, possibility and creation

Not hidden is my favorite Bluebird again! The Bluebird of Happiness of course!


to those who reached out to me (and made purchases!) after last months Newsletter where I featured the image “Every Challenge Offers a Gift” and mentioned that I would be offering prints coming up!

The formal offerings are not yet up on my web-site (THE MOVE!)— but that is COMING SOON!

All prints will be printed using archival quality inks and paper. This image is approx 12” sq.
I believe that I will be able to offer them at $50 - print only and $65.00 - signed, matted and ready to pop in to a standard 16” frame.

If you are interested in being the among the first to purchase "FAITH"* - CONTACT ME ;0)

Mercedes at easel-cropped

Signing off and wishing you all a HAPPY 4th of July holiday and FABULOUS, FUN and HEALTHY summer months ahead!

Me? - As I write this....Back to packing! COUNTDOWN!!

Gail / Mercedes!

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